Same-Sex Marriage Around the World

We’re all aware of the wonderful news that came out of Australia just recently in relation to the “yes” result in their postal vote for same-sex marriage. The hope is that the Australian politicians will now enact the will of the people into legislation and the talk is that it might even happen before Christmas. What a fantastic Christmas gift for the people of all orientations in Australia!

Achieving the same marriage rights as straight couples is a journey that has been hard fought and not without its conflicts for many countries all over the world. People have gone out and canvassed, marched, protested in their droves in order for this issue to even be brought to the polls in many countries around the globe. Being legally allowed to marry in a country gives couples of the same sex equality in relation to many important issues like inheritance, tax and lots more and it’s just more of a point of principle too of course.

The people at Carvaka have put together this extensive video which details the timeline of these same-sex marriage votes around the globe. Watch the video and marvel at the joy and the struggle that it has taken to achieve this result in all of those countries.

Same-Sex Marriage Around the World

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