You Can Add Our News To Your Print or Internet Publication!

We have RSS Feeds / HTML Code and Many Other Ways To Add Our News To Your Publication or Web Site.  It’s free to use our news, however you must let us know your using it and must always credit the author.  We normally link back to publishers using our news.  Just make an account and contact us here to let us know you’re using it. If You Need Help, Just Ask! 

You’re welcome to use this RSS Feed To Our Most Recent Content:

You will find more tools such as html code to add our gay news to your web site here:

As we already said.. please message us and let us know you’re using it.  We will link back.

If you have a print publication or wish to republish an entire article into your publication it is permitted.

Please list us as the source by starting the post with ( – then start the post

And please include this under the post:

Media Provided by the – Gay Media and Press Network.

After the above “Include A link to the post or a link to the authors profile page on our site”.

Example of link to authors page; Posted by:

Please add a link to the authors page on GayWebSource as we did above.  You can get this address by simply going to the authors profile page and copying it from your browser.

If you are putting this in a web publication then it must link to our site.

You must reprint the post in full and not change any part of it.  You must give the author credit for the post and add a link to their their page on

It is permitted to post a summery of the post and link it back the the original page on our site.

If you use our content without giving and the author credit you are breaking copyrights.

Would You Like To See Some Of The Publications That Use Our News?


 You’re welcome to Leave us a comment below with the url address where you’re using our rss feed at, however you must also contact us an let us know at

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