Russell Brand Destroys Conservative Ben Carson Over Gay Marriage

British Comic Russell Brand has taken to his video blog, Trews to get to the bottom of a maths/anti-gay marriage problem that Ben Carson has...

by Newsdesk | 2nd July 2014

In the 3rd episode of Russell Brand's web series called Trews, he takes on conservative Ben Carson, a columnist and retired neurosurgeon, who recently compared same-sex marriage to the mathematical sum of 2+2 = 5. Carson also compared abortion to human sacrifice.

When Carson said that he wasn't trying to stop gays from marrying, Brand said he 'liked how people want a pat on the back for not trying to stop it.

'Cheers, mate,” Brand said. 'Thanks for not breaking into my house, coming into my bedroom, and pulling me off my partner. I really appreciate that.'

When Carson began talking about maths and marriage Brand rounded the video up by saying, 'This shows you how far away he is from the correct frequency of thought,' Brand said. “He’s comparing a social and civil idea, like sexuality, to an objective system of signs like arithmetic.'

Watch the video here

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