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Shanghai Pride 2013

June 14, 2013toJune 22, 2013

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Pride

Shanghai 1st June, 2013 – This year’s Shanghai Pride Week, titled Pride5 in recognition of its fifth anniversary, will take place from 14th to 22nd June. A week-long string of events has been planned to boost the LGBT’s community position in China and raise awareness around LGBT themes including marriage equality, sexual health and societal acceptance. Run by volunteers from the not-for-profit group, ShanghaiLGBT and other NGOs, Pride5 is expected to bring thousands of people together at a multitude of fun social and advocacy events.

以往骄傲周的各种派对让骄傲节在大家眼中成为了“派对周”的代名词。今年的骄傲周,组织者精心纳入了更多严谨的话题元素。例如,探讨婚姻平等就是其中之一。当前,北京和上海地区支持同性婚姻的人数比例仅占接受调研人士的30%左右,Pride 5决定以此话题为契机,探讨如何在更广泛的公众群体中提升对于同性婚姻平等问题的关注。届时,Pride5将举行两场座谈会,关注同志人群在工作场所遭遇的歧视问题和同性婚姻权利。

While retaining many of the activities that have made Pride Week a synonym for ‘Party Week’ among the LGBT and friends community, organisers are determined to incorporate more serious elements into this year’s Pride. Marriage equality will be one of these elements; with support for gay marriage hovering at around 30% in Beijing and Shanghai,Pride5 will discuss ways to raise and promote the issue among the wider public and politicians. To that end Pride5 will feature two panel discussions on workplace discrimination and gay marriage.

骄傲周中的“上海同志电影节”也被寄予厚望,组织者们希望通过几年的努力,让这一活动成为内地最大规模的同志电影节。此次骄傲节展映的作品,已从本地制作的电影中甄选出。在骄傲节的开幕与闭幕之际,都分别有LGBT主题的戏剧表演前后呼应,而在骄傲周临近尾声时,也将有一场本地新生代LGBT艺术家的作品展览。开幕与闭幕派对预计将一如既往地吸引到最多的参与者;去年,超过800人参加了在Mi Tierra餐厅举行的闭幕派对。组织者期望今年将有更多的人士参与其中。

Organisers are also hoping to boost interest in Shanghai’s Gay Film Festival which will be held during Pride Week. Their aim is to make it the largest gay film festival in the region within a few years and they are already reviewing locally produced films to screen. Sandwiching the week at both the beginning and end will be LGBT-themed theatre performances and then towards the end of the week there will be an art exhibition featuring work by local up-and-coming LGBT artists. As usual, the opening and closing parties are expected to draw the biggest crowds; last year over 800 people attended the closing party which was held at Mi Tierra and organisers are hoping for an even bigger turnout this year.

“与往届相比,今年的骄傲节将会是规模最大也最具趣味的,我们对此非常乐观。更为重要的是,它也会成为迄今内容最充实的一届。”志愿者之一Dylan Chen说,“我们更进一步地关注平等、社会支持与性健康等议题,并希望能以比以往更富意义的方式让人们聚集到一起。我们需要勇敢地直面那些困扰我们已久的问题,并齐心协力,为社会公益分享我们的经验与知识。”

“We’re very optimistic that this year will be the biggest and most fun Pride yet, but more importantly it will be the most significant in terms of content,” said Dylan Chen. “With a greater focus on equality, advocacy and sexual health we hope that we can bring together people in a more meaningful way than we have done in the past. It’s time to stop being afraid of confronting the issues that seemed daunting to us before, it’s time for us to come together as a community and share our experiences and knowledge for the benefit of our society.”


ShanghaiPRIDE is a non-profit event run entirely by volunteers. The organizers would be delighted to hear from anyone with time, donations or something to auction for the raffles. If you are able to help, please email with your details.



The first ShanghaiPRIDE came into being with a bang in 2009, thanks to the tireless commitment of a small group of volunteers. Their hope was, and still remains, that ShanghaiPRIDE can raise the awareness and visibility of the LGBT community in China and thereby increase acceptance and tolerance.


ShanghaiPRIDE is a diverse and colorful celebration of all that’s great about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. In a country where only a tiny slice of the estimated 50 million LGBT people are out to themselves and others, ShanghaiPRIDE is a poignant reminder that a lot of progress still needs to be made in Chinese society to help people feel comfortable with the way they were born.

This year proceeds from ShanghaiPRIDE goes to support Beijing Zuo You Information Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of violence and discrimination against MSM/transgender sex workers in the Beijing area because of their profession and the promotion of their equal rights. Its work also includes areas such as LGBT cultural development, gender/sexuality culture education, rights advocacy within the LGBT community and HIV/AIDS education and care services.

For more info, go to


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Bisbee Pride 2013

June 14, 2013toJune 16, 2013

Bisbee, AZ

Bisbee Pride

Bisbee’s first real Pride Festival occurred Father’s Day Weekend in 2005. It began when a small group of people got together and started discussing what could be done to bring people to town in the summer. As most of the organizers were gay, they thought that a Pride celebration in Bisbee would be a great way to show off the town, the town’s diversity and its acceptance of others. They chose Father’s Day weekend since at the time there were no conflicting Pride celebrations in the state. What started as a small celebration of mostly local gay men and lesbians has today grown into a gay pride festival bringing hundreds of people from around the country with some attendees even coming from other countries. When they arrive they find that small town of Bisbee (population 6,000) is not only accepting of gay people, but the city council has passed the first and only civil union ordinance in the state of Arizona.

An important aspect of the work done by Bisbee Pride centers around support of our community. A primary goal of Bisbee Pride is to operate as a community service organization, supporting various needs in our community. Bisbee has always been a city of great diversity, and Bisbee Pride is committed to working both exclusively and in conjunction with other organizations to continue this legacy. Over the years Bisbee Pride has provided community support in various ways – through direct donations, volunteer labor, and other kinds of support.

Bisbee Pride also works to encourage, celebrate, champion, and support the rights and freedoms of the southeastern Arizona Pride Community (meaning gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, other same sex attracted people and those that support them), as well as provide educational outreach to the community at large.

One of the ways that Bisbee Pride contributes to the community is by providing funds to clients of The Ryan White Program. The Ryan White Program is federally funded to provide services to people infected with HIV/AIDS. Their scope of services include; Medical Case Management, Emergency Housing and Utility Assistance, Nutrition Assistance, Mental Health Services, Oral Health Care and Medical Transportation Assistance. However, due to the fact that they are a federally funded program they have strict guidelines as to how they can assist people. Bisbee Pride donations have allowed them to help in non-traditional ways such as buying a bicycle for a client so he could get to work and paying a veterinarian bill for a cherished pet. We have also purchased a set of used tires so a single mother could get to her doctor appointments. Twice we have purchased kitchen utensils for someone moving into their own apartments for the first time.


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Baltimore Pride 2013

June 14, 2013toJune 16, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Pride

The Baltimore Pride Celebration is a program of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore, a community-based nonprofit organization founded in 1977, whose mission is to provide support, education, outreach and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) individuals and their allies, through programs, services and resources.

Baltimore Pride has celebrated the diversity of our community in Maryland and throughout the Mid-Atlantic for more than 35 years. Attended annually by an estimated 30,000 people, Baltimore Pride is recognized not only as the premier LGBTQ event in Maryland, but also one of the largest festivals in Baltimore City. The Parade and Block Party are held in Mount Vernon, one of the most historic areas of the city and one of the centers of LGBTQ life in Baltimore. The Festival takes place in a lakeside setting in beautiful Druid Hill Park, which provides a pleasant and casual environment for the festivities of the day.

The origins of Baltimore Pride date back to 1975. In the decades since, Baltimore Pride has grown to become Maryland’s largest LGBTQ visibility event, providing an opportunity for the greater Maryland community to experience and learn more about the LGBTQ community through a weekend of wonderful events and exhibitions.

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NEWS: Naked For Tigers

Zookeeper at ZSL London Zoo challenges others to sign up to Streak for Tigers

by Newsdesk | 14th May 2013

It's not everyday that you see a naked man with a tiger, but here we are.

On Thursday 15 August ZSL London Zoo will be encouraging fearless fundraisers to unleash their inner animal in a one-off chance to run as nature intended through the heart of the Zoo.

Show off..

With only 300 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is hoping courageous streakers will rise to the challenge and raise funds to help the charity continue its vital conservation work.

Lucy Osman, Challenge Events Manager, said: “We’re thrilled to be holding such a daring and unusual event after hours at ZSL London Zoo. We’re hoping that by taking on this outrageous challenge, streakers’ friends and families will dig deep to show their support and help protect tigers around the world.”

There are only 300 places available which are filling up fast, so sign up now to secure your chance to get your kit off for big cats at

BOOK REVIEW: Handling Edna The Unauthorised Biography by Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries has been with Edna Everage since the very beginning. In Handling Edna: The Unauthorised Biography by Barry Humphries he describes how they met, and the adventure she’s dragged him along for ever since.

by Antony Simpson | 14th May 2013

Before the book even begins there is a “Note to the Reader” alluding to the fact that some people have come to believe that Barry Humphries and Dame Edna are essentially the same person. Humphries writes that he hopes to shed some light on where this belief came from, so that the reader can make their own decision about what they believe.

The first chapter starts in Moonee Ponds, Australia and describes how Barry and Edna met. Humphries writes in the first person, and throughout the book uses description to indicate the decade and location of events he describes.

Each chapter gives an entertaining and fascinating insight into Barry’s life and career (or lack of), Edna and her family’s life and careers, her rise to stardom (and Barry’s lack of understanding as to why) and the problems that it brought her – all in a chronological order.

A few highlights (in no particular order) include Barry being the warm up act for Dame Edna – for various shows; Edna’s time in Hollywood; Barry’s stint in hospital with alcoholism and Edna being his only visitor; Barry’s love life; Barry’s impersonation of Edna on two occasions – the first for his benefit and the second trying to help her; Edna’s poor mental health – in particular in relation to the death of Norm (her husband).

Towards the end of the book you start to get a fictional feel to the book especially in the final few chapters. Early in the book Madge hands Barry a letter for Edna. Madge instructs Barry to only give the letter to Edna when she dies. In the final chapter Madge finally dies in hospital. Barry remembers the letter and it reveals that Madge took Edna’s missing daughter Lois in a moment of madness (which explains why Madge tolerated Edna over the decades). There’s a predictable twist that leaves the reader feeling oddly satisfied.

Having read the book do I believe that Barry Humphries and Edna Everage are the same person?

Yes, but that only makes Humphries even cleverer. The factual parts about Barry’s life are interesting to read, but the fiction about Edna is even more enjoyable. The book is a throughly entertaining read and it gives an insight into the psyche of Humphries. As you’d expect from a bibliography it has several glossy photo pages throughout the book.

You can purchase this book on

BOOK REVIEW: Older, Younger By Michael John

BOOK REVIEW: Into The Flames by Mel Bossa

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