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Hey.. Welcome To GayWebSource.com!

So you are now a new member.  What now?

We have made a list of things you should do as a new member.


For Personal Accounts:


Complete Your Profile – You need to upload a profile photo.  All new accounts must have a profile photo.  It does not have to be one of you.  It can be your dog, cat or your back yard.  We don’t care.  Just make it something that represents you.  To Add your photo Go To Howdy, On The Top Right Corner Of The Site.  A box will open and you will find a link for your profile.  Follow it to edit your avatar.  There are additional questions in the profile question area that you have to complete for them to show up.  When filling out your profile questions look for the categories tabs about the questions.  There are more questions.  You can add your stats or if you have a web site you can add info about it.  If you’re a music recording artist or a business you will find a space for that to.  If you’re visiting someone elses profile you can see their info by clicking on the Profile link on their page.


Make New Freinds – Follow the connect members link in the top menu.  Send some friend request to the people you would like to interact with.  Do not spam our members or you will be suspended.  No link sending.  Please report people who do.  Don’t forget to thank them after they accept.


Post A Blog – All blogs posted by Members are featured on our Connect home page.   They also show up in our rss feeds and gets published in other areas of our site and are even available for syndication.  Would you like to be heard?  Post Your Blog Now.


Join Some Groups – Follow the link in the main menu to our “Groups” under Topics.  Join the ones that are of interest to you.


Social –  The Social Wire is our version of a combination of a twitter.com and facebook.com stream.  You can post status message like you would on Twitter and Fackbook.  You can even @ message people like you can on twitter.  You will find a link in the top menu to “The Wire”.  There is also a public message button on all members profile pages so you can @ message them.  In addition there is private messaging via their profile page.


Do You need help with the site?  Check out our Help / How To Group.


Help and Rules For Artist /Band Music Accounts please go here:



Help and Rules For Business Accounts please go here:



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