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Rainbow Toastmasters

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Recently, I was invited to The SF Rainbow Toastmasters.  It was a fun-filled evening as members presented and critiqued three speeches.  In addition, there was a round of table topics where members stand up and have 1-2 minutes to offer their best to response to impromptu topics.

We sat down with Rainbow Toastmaster, Michael Platania to learn more.

Rainbow Toastmasters

How did the Rainbow Toastmasters begin?

Ken Stram was the founder. He started the club about six or seven years ago. He was the Economic Development Director at the SF LGBT Center and thought this would be a good program to have. He eventually left the center and Rainbow, but we are very excited that he has recently rejoined Rainbow!

Why an LGBT chapter?

To give us a safe space to speak and share our stories without fear or worry about what we say.

I’ve been to a lot of other toastmaster clubs, many are very good, but none quite like the group at Rainbow. We have had many guests visit us from other clubs, who also say Rainbow is unique in Toastmasters.

What does a member experience in Toastmasters?

You learn how to be a better communicator and how to be a better leader. It is a self-paced program, so everyone gets to learn and progress at their own pace. One of the unique parts of the toastmaster experience is the supportive, encouraging atmosphere. It’s all about building people up, focusing on their strengths.

Is Toastmaster a level like a black belt? Does one earn their Toastmaster status?

Yes, there are various levels. The first in “Competent Communicator” which is achieved after giving your first 10 speeches. There is also a “Competent Leader”, after filling a certain number of roles at meetings. (every meeting has a variety or roles – speakers, times, evaluators, etc) From there, you go on to a Bronze level, Silver Level, and ultimately DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) – the top level. Many people, once they achieve their DTM, then start all over and go through the process again. Some people are working on their 2nd or 3rd DTM.

Sounds like grad school

hehe – for some it can be. The people who are on their DTM are very motivated. Some people just do a few speeches.

What about the contests?

We have contests twice a year – one in the spring and one in the fall. The fall contest is a humorous speech contest, and an evaluation contest (evaluating a speech). When someone wins at the club level, they proceed to the Area Contest (an area is 4-5 clubs). From there is the Division Contest (a division is 4-5 areas) and from there to the district contest. We are in District D – from SF to Monterey.

In the spring is the International speech contest which involves winning speakers from around the world competing. This year, it will the International contest will be held in August, at the international convention in Orlando.

Have you had Rainbow members go onto upper-level contests and how have they done?

In 2010, I made it to the District Humorous Speech contest. There were eight competitors from the District – I did not make it into the final three. We’ve had others get to Area and Division levels, but I think I am the only one that made it to the District.

Rainbow Toastmaster Mike Barsul was the 2010-2011 (our calendar year is July 1 to June 30) District Governor. He is now running to be on the Toastmaster International Board of Directors, representing Region 2 – the Pacific Northwest). The election will take place at the International Convention in Orlando, in August.

If someone is interested but afraid of public speaking, what advice would you offer?

Come check us out. You can just sit and watch, have a fun night, maybe learn something, without any pressure or obligation.

If someone wants to learn more?

They should come check out a meeting. It’s free and all they have to do is show up – no prior registration is needed. They can observe how the club work and have some fun without any obligation or commitment or need to speak. If they have questions, they can email to us info@rainbowtoastmasters.org

Are there any other LGBT Toastmaster Chapters?

I know there is a LGBT chapter in New York Pride Toastmasters www.pridetoastmasters.com/– probably a few others but not sure. Also, people can check out our website rainbowtoastmaster.org, or for more general info – toastmasters.org website.

Rainbow Toastmasters San Francisco

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Rallying the LGBTQ Community

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The SF LGBT Center Convenes Economic Justice Week Town Hall

A weeklong series of events will focus on rallying the LGBTQ community to help those most in need, address pressing issues and map out solutions with key stakeholders 

SAN FRANCISCO, October 07, 2014 – The challenging economic landscape in the San Francisco Bay Area continues to impact the LGBTQ community, creating a set of unique obstacles when it comes to issues like employment and housing. It’s a problem that requires the right programs, education and public policy, but it also requires that we talk about it as a community.

Themed “Beyond Survival,” the LGBTQ Economic Justice Week will foster the dialogue needed to map the road ahead, while providing comprehensive workshops, services and key resources.

Rallying the LGBTQ Community

Rallying the LGBTQ Community

“The stereotype of LGBT affluence is quickly dispelled when we observe that 29% of the homeless in SF identify as LGBTQ, one of many sobering statistics. Despite great need, there’s a gap in access to resources,” said Clair Farley, Associate Director of Economic Development. “Asset building services with linkage to city partners are the base of the solution; dialogue and community engagement is what will help get us there.”

Running from October 19-25, the week of events will include a Town Hall to voice the community’s most pressing needs and collectively strategize on how we move forward. Conversations will include voices from every facet of the community, with focus on both local and national issues.

Other event highlights include a kickoff award reception (10/21 from 6-8pm) and a LGBT Career Fair (10/22 from 12-3pm). For a full list of the week’s events, visit here.

Established in 2004, the SF LGBT Center’s Economic Development Department was the first initiative nationally to comprehensively address the barriers faced by low- and moderate-income LGBT individuals and families. Services range from employment to financial and business development programs. Economic Justice Week will not only help inform what we do, but will also rally the community around a common cause.

The SF LGBT Center is a welcoming place for our diverse LGBT community and its supporters to find innovative services and fabulous cultural programs that lead to a stronger and healthier community.  The Center serves over 9,000 visitors and hosts more than 200 events per month. The Center is located at 1800 Market St. in San Francisco. Learn more about the Center at www.sfcenter.org, or (415) 865-5555.

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Events Coordinator SF LGBT Center

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Purpose: The SF LGBT Center is seeking request for proposal to provide event planning and coordination for the organization’s largest annual fundraiser, Soiree.

Events Coordinator SF LGBT Center

Events Coordinator SF LGBT CenterBackground: Held in the spring, Soiree is the SF LGBT Center’s largest fundraising event of the year. Soiree 2015 celebrates the thirteenth anniversary of the Center opening its doors to provide innovative services and programs to the community. The Center is looking to build from Soiree 2014, which had a 1,100 guests in attendance and raised just over $150,000.00. The current event consist of a VIP reception followed by a general admission party featuring food and beverage stations, live entertainment and a silent auction. The Center is committed to creating an event that showcases and highlights the vibrant diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area and the members of our community.

General Scope of Work: The contractor will work closely with the Center’s Development Department, Development Events Coordinator and the Soiree Planning Committee throughout the planning and implementation process. While we understand that there are no guarantees on attendance or financial results, we strive to produce a seamless and lucrative event. Upon contacting, the Center will provide information to you from previous years and current year factors. In order to successfully deliver the project the contractor will hold the following responsibilities:
  • Provide input into the design and curation of visuals (both décor and audio visual) tied to the theme
  • Work with the Development Events Coordinator to identify vendors, generate quotes and ensure that they fall within budget and payment is processed in a timely manner
  • Work with the Development team to create a functional venue layout
  • Work with the Development Events Coordinator to develop logistics and operations plans to include production and staffing timelines
  • Hold relationship with vendors in relation to quotes, agreements, contracts and permits
  • Participate in planning committee meetings provide event updates
  • Provide input on promotional materials and marketing strategies
  • Work with the Development Events Coordinator to establish volunteer needs and work with volunteers as needed
  • Assist in sourcing and contracting entertainment and ensuring performance riders are fulfilled

Information Requests: At minimum, the proposal should address the following items, as applicable:

  1. Background and experience with similar events. Specific examples and/or website are preferred
  1. References, including contact information, of at least 2 events
  1. Overview of how you would contribute to raise attendance, public awareness and net income for the event

Deadline: Proposals should be received in our offices no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, September 8 2014. The anticipated start date for this project is anticipated for October 1, 2014.

Submission Details: Please provide an electronic copy of the proposal to: JimmyA@sfcenter.org

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