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Glasgow Pride 2014

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July 19, 2014toAugust 3, 2014
Glasgow Pride – Glasgow, Scotland Pride Glasgow is Glasgow’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Pride Festival celebrating the diversity of the LGBT community.

Glasgow Pride 2014

Pride Glasgow 2014 – a 16 Day celebration for the LGBT community. Pride Glasgow 2014 main event will take place from 12pm on the 19th of July. Formed in 1996 as Pride Scotland, then name changed to Pride Scotia Glasgow and finally to Pride Glasgow.

Funfair – This debuted in 2013 and proved to be a huge success and will be back in 2014.

Youth Zone – The youth zone has been part of Pride for the past few years and provides a safe space for young people to be who they are

Cabaret Stage – Take time out from the main stage and check out the cabaret stage a new addition for 2014 adding a few extra laughs for the day.

Community Expo – This area is the improved stall area full of community organisations providing a range of information and freebies on the day

The Marketplace – The marketplace area is the place to shop with Pride, here you will find a range of market stalls selling all sort of wonderful accessories.

Trans Safe Space – This is a new addition to the 2014 space providing a safe area for the transgender community with changing facilities and other activities

Gold Area – This is our new VIP area with tickets on sale at £35 providing its own bar, luxury toilets and seating allowing you to do Pride in Style! (note this area is over 18 only)

Much More – We are adding to the day constantly so check back nearer to the time to see what else is planned.

Glasgow Pride 2014

Pride Glasgow is Scotland’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Festival which will return on July 19th for a 16 day festival.

The main event takes place on July 19th. Due to the commonwealth games and the availability of free space in Glasgow during the time we have had to move the event to a new venue. The event will take place at King Street Car Park. A 3 acre site right in the heart of the City Centre which will allow us to dramatically expand the offering of the event. The event will feature live music and entertainment, separate community expo and marketplace stall area, new zones including a transgender safe space with changing facilities. The funfair will return again and we are looking to (with the exception of the youth space and family area) licence the entire area (subject to Glasgow City Council Licensing requirements). Unfortunately due to not being able to secure Creative Scotland Funding and with Glasgow City Council funding closed to new applications we face a financial shortfall and in order to to ensure the sustainability of the festival we have had to make the hard decision to introduce a ticket charge to the main event. The Parade and majority of fringe festival events will remain free of charge to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved. Tickets are priced at £5 (plus booking fee) and be available online and within selected venues. As part of this move towards ticketing the event we will establish The Pride Fund which will see a minimum of £1 per ticket sold going back into the LGBT community through a community grant scheme which will launch in August 2014. We will also be offering volunteering opportunities and by volunteering a minimum of 4 hours with Pride either on the run up to the event or on the day itself will allow you to attend the event at no charge. We are also committed to continuing the LGBT Youth Safe Space for young people and will be putting measures into place to ensure that young people who attend LGBT Youth Youth Groups can enjoy the event without a financial barrier. The post Glasgow Pride 2014 appeared first on Seasons of Pride. Media Provided by the GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network.
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CSD Frankfurt 2014

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July 18, 2014toJuly 20, 2014
CSD Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany One of the largest community events in the Rhine-Main area.

CSD Frankfurt 2014

Christopher Street Day in Frankfurt   CSD Frankfurt 2014

“Transcend boundaries – building bridges”


We want to point out that we particularly want to look at the both within our community, and externally, that have not yet arrived so in the midst of society, as there are many gays and lesbians already and who are often forgotten.

Not only within the community, these are the Trans people who are still discriminated against and prevented by rigid legislation on acting out your personality. Many perceive the rules to answer a different sex than humiliating.

Likewise, older people who have just also experienced the times in which gay people were punished under § 175 solely for their sexual orientation. The fear is still deep and there are also general problems of aging, such as illness, Pflegebdürftigkeit and the loss of friends. This meet gay people in particular.

Still affected are HIV-positive people who continue to face many resentments see their status communicate even among friends and family are very cautious and therefore often have to live alone with a positive test result. Not infrequently, this leads not only to the actual disease to loneliness and psychological comorbidities.

Outside of our community are the other countries. The most recent example is Russia, with its laws and regulations to prevent the spread of homosexual content. But in Europe, we see by recurring homophobia. Finally, the statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, these include for adoption.

But we also want to look at the positives depend on lesbian, gay and trans people in other countries live their, their culture. What we aim for a gradual exchange and getting to know you.

In future, we want to move every year a theme particularly in the foreground and this also organize actions and bring guests to our CSD stage. The theme for 2014 applies to set yet, but we are now confident that we can fill with the CSD also political content with this concept even more and become.

In this sense, we call on all to actively participate in the Christopher Street Day and fill it with life.

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Visual Database for LGBT Rights

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Equaldex is a crowdsourced visual database for LGBT rights. The site aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and global view of the LGBT rights movement.

Visual Database for LGBT Rights

Equaldex, a collaborative LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights website launched today, aimed at crowdsourcing every LGBT-related law around the world. The site provides users an accurate and comprehensive global view of LGBT rights, with the use of maps, timelines, statistics, and historical data in each country and region.

Visual Database for LGBT Rights

Equaldex Launches, Aims To Crowdsource Global LGBT Rights Movement Data

Equaldex is completely collaborative; as LGBT laws change, users update the database, citing reputable sources for accuracy. Other users are encouraged to authenticate the accuracy of each update and the information becomes verified as site usage increases.

The site’s growing database includes a variety of LGBT-related issues for each region: gay marriage, serving in the military, housing and employment discrimination protection, donating blood, same-sex adoption, the ability to legally change gender, and more.

Data on Equaldex is structured in a consistent format, which is displayed in the form of maps, visualizations, and statistics about the LGBT rights movement. The site’s founder, Dan Leveille, is confident that Equaldex will become an invaluable educational resource and provide a comprehensive insight into how the LGBT rights movement is progressing and which areas of the world are falling behind.

Equaldex is creating an innovative and comprehensive view of the LGBT rights movement through user-contributed data.

Users are credited for contributing information to Equaldex, giving them an extra incentive to continuously update the site. Each user has a profile that shows contributions they’ve made, the amount of “accurate” votes their contributions received, and the regions to which they’ve contributed.

Leveille wanted to build a system that anyone can contribute knowledge to. Using a “discussion” page on each region, users can collaborate by sharing resources, discussing the status of the region’s laws, and helping each other research missing or ambiguous information.

Equaldex has already attracted over 300,000 unique visitors, even before launching. More than 4,000 users signed up for early access, many of whom are already contributing information to the site.

“Not many people realize that there are over 75 countries where homosexual activity is illegal,” says Leveille, “and in quite a few of those countries, the consequence can be life in prison, or even the death penalty. There are a lot of surprising facts regarding LGBT rights that most people are unaware of, and Equaldex will shine light in that area in a visual and compelling way.”

The site also pulls public opinion data from reputable global LGBT surveys and will soon give even more insight to the public’s stance on these issues and LGBT people in general.

Laws are just the tip of the iceberg for Equaldex. Leveille hopes to expand the site, and include more information about how the general public of each region feels about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues, “I have plans to eventually make Equaldex a resource for everything related LGBT rights,” Leveille adds.

Equaldex is being built by Dan Leveille, a developer and marketer based in Los Angeles, California, who started planning the site in 2009. Last August, Equaldex was launched to a group of Alpha Testers, which has grown to around 500 people.

About Equaldex: Equaldex is a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT movement launched in February of 2014. The site is being built and managed by Dan Leveille in Los Angeles, California. Equaldex has gained over 28,000 followers on Tumblr and 25,000 followers on Google+, and several thousand followers on Twitter and Facebook. Visit Equaldex.com.

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Tacoma Pride 2014

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July 11, 2014toJuly 16, 2014

Tacoma Pride – Tacoma, WA

The Tacoma Pride Festival is a multi-day Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Allied (LGBTQA) event that takes place during the second week in July

Tacoma Pride 2014

Tacoma Pride Festival was conceptualized as a multi-day, community sponsored and produced event. The first TPF took place in 2011, with Rainbow Center operating as the lead organization for the festival. Prior to 2011, there had been, and still is, a one-day PRIDE celebration called Out in the Park, which has been in existence for well over 20 years.
Tacoma Pride 2014


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CSD Leipzig 2014

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July 11, 2014toJuly 19, 2014

CSD Leipzig – Leipzig, Germany

CSD Leipzig 2014CSD Leipzig 2014

Love has no label

Love is one of the strongest emotions that people can not help showing one another. Still can not live out every man his love freely. Insults, contempt, violence, are unfortunately still common practice, particularly in many countries of Eastern Europe and Asia where same-sex love is even sporadically illegal. But in our country there is still far from complete acceptance.

Here we would like to make it clear that there should be no label for the feelings of a people, no evaluation, which provides a kind of loving another. Therefore, the CSD should be 2014 in Leipzig under the motto: “Love has no label” stand.

With this motto, wants the Leipzig CSD – movement once again rise up and show how important it is to see love without label and rating, but merely as a feeling that connects people deep her word against outdated ideologies and worldviews.

The mission of the Christopher Street Day Leipzig

What is the CSD in LE?

The Leipzig CSD is a cultural-political event series, which is supported, planned and carried out by the volunteer work of associations, self-help groups, individuals, artists. This takes the form of a community of interest, in contrast to the club perceives itself as an open organizational structure.

Call to the CSD in Leipzig 2014

Twelve years ago, the Bundestag, the Civil Partnership Act decided to end discrimination against same-sex partnerships. But the legal equality with marriage was won only step by step against fierce political resistance legally. Twelve years have dedicated jurist * inside one needed to enforce the constitutional right to equal treatment in the survivor’s pension, inheritance tax, income tax and many other gestzliche regulations.

And yet lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex people still experience injustices and violations of their privacy rights by authorities, institutions or medical facilities. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for the CSD movement to take to the streets to demonstrate.

The dignity of man is inviolable! Everyone has the right to free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others. Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity. Personal liberty is inviolable. All persons are equal before the law.

We demand that every man, homo-bi-trans inter-lesbian-gay-hetero, freely and safely in Leipzig and elsewhere can move. No one should have to worry about physical, psychological, verbal and / or structural violence!

That is, inter alia, in the constitution, but the reality is often more like this:

The fulfillment of the wish for children of same-sex couples through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization is denied as compared to married couples by the directive of the Federal and State Medical Association, on the grounds that there is no positive right to non-marital fertility. With regard to the child prohibits to fulfill a single woman or same-sex couples want to have children; sperm donation is seen as a form of therapy for the treatment of sterility of the marriage, it says.

Without legal basis lesbian couples be excluded in access to reproductive health measures. The cost of artificial insemination must therefore be borne in full themselves. The Free State of Saxony is the first and only country nationwide that since March 2009 pays government subsidies for artificial insemination to heterosexual couples. (Married couples who want to fulfill a desire to have children through artificial insemination, only need to have their own share for the first treatment completely yourself. For a second or third treatment you received a grant of 900 euro. The fourth treatment is even with 1600-1800 Euro subsidized.)

Children who are born into a registered civil partnership, in principle, have only one mother. The life partner can obtain only through a stepchild adoption parenthood law. For married couples no adoption of the father is necessary, even if the child is created via a sperm donation by reproductive health measures. Children who are born into a rainbow family, sometimes have two mothers and a father or two fathers who take care of them. In our pluralistic society it must be possible to secure the social parenthood legally.

We therefore call for the equality of the registered civil partnership and marriage in adoption law and personal status law and the full legal recognition of rainbow families as well as the limited custody for more than one person.

Almost all types of companies in the world have structures that can be characterized as “heteronormative”. Heteronormativity, so the unquestioning acquiescence held to be natural system consisting of man and woman facing each other and desire exclusively, leads to far-reaching exclusions for those who do not fit into this system: homosexuality and bisexuality as another form of desire are equally marginalized, that is counted as a deviation from the norm and sanctioned wieTransgender * and intersex than other forms of sexuality. The resulting heterosexism is an unacceptable condition.

Heteronormativity, it is to deconstruct and overcome! The equality and equality of all living, loving, and family forms and all changes of sex should be the goal. With the equality of the registered civil partnership and marriage the goal is not reached. Rather, it comes to putting more copies to create dheinen legal status that is open to people and thus, for example, multiple relationships do not withhold these legal status. Furthermore, we demand the abolition of income splitting, but the introduction of “family splitting” because family takes place there, where people for children and each other to take responsibility.

We call for the recognition of and respectful treatment of genders and orientations beyond heteronormativity.

Ignorance and prejudice against lesbians, inter-sex people, gay, bisexual and transgender *, are a major driving force for discrimination to violent offenses dar. These can only be combat by not only structural changes, such as zBdie legal equality, be claimed. Decisive attitudes must be changed, which is possible, among other things through comprehensive reconnaissance, education and anti-discrimination work. In research and teaching experiences of the topic of “sexual identities” little attention. A modern, enlightened and lifeworld-related sex education is neither students at Saxon universities available nor has its counterpart in the curricula of the Saxon schools and pre-school education.

We therefore call to assign the gender and sex education greater attention in the higher education and education policy!

Intersex, thus exhibiting physical characteristics of both sexes or an ambiguous sexuality, is considered by medicine as a “sexual differentiation disorder” and “treated” usually without medical necessity. Also intersex people have a right to physical integrity, so it is unacceptable that the legislature necessarily have a legal status in the gender “man” or “woman” provides. The German legal system has to accept the existence intergeschlechtlicher people.

The pathologizing of intersex and, consequently, the need to bisexuality has the consequence that children with ambiguous genitalia in the rule (eg castration, clitoral reduction, creating a neovagina) are subjected to a short time after birth, sex reassignment surgery, which in many cases associated with complications are and often have life-long hormonal therapies by themselves. Many of those affected will be described in retrospect as an extremely traumatizing.

We demand the legal prohibition of medical interventions as well as the immediate stop of the current medical practice of intersex.

We also call for intersex people and their guardians a comprehensive, neutral education, the recognition of intersex as a natural variant of sexuality and a corresponding civil sex designation.

Transgender * must have the right to determine their own way of life – in their identity, shaping their gender role as well as in their partners * inside either. Transgender * previously had to prove to a court’s finding of a change of gender that you are not married, are permanently reproductive incapable and one of their external sex characteristics have undergone changing surgical procedure by which a distinct approach to the appearance of the opposite sex has been reached. With the operation of the law, “the seriousness and permanence” of transsexuality should be demonstrated after. This constraint have the judges of the Federal Constitutional Court now declared incompatible with human dignity and the right to physical integrity and thus the Transsexuellengesetz be gesetzt.Trotzdem override transgender * often desired of them hormone treatment and surgery – especially in adolescence – withheld or only allows a long legal and psychopathological way. This is in stark contrast to operations that are performed on intersex people seemingly self-evident and usually without their consent. Furthermore, the daily discrimination they have to face, solid.

We call for correspondingly equality and full social recognition of sexual and gender identities and how intersex corporeality and transgender identity.

We call for a new definition of the legal requirements of a change of sex in official registers.

Lesbians and gay men are persecuted worldwide criminal in some 80 states, in particular transgender are exposed in many countries, massive assaults – to torture and murder. Followers prevent States have long known that this untenable situation is recognized at the UN level as grounds for asylum. We therefore call for the recognition of persecution on grounds of sexual orientation or identity as grounds for asylum and immigration regulations for life partner / inside!

We demand that the people who describe themselves as asexual, social visibility and political advocacy is created.

We demand that the diversity of sexual identities in old age can be lived free from discrimination. particularly in care and / or residential facilities for the elderly should be dealing with it, of course.


We demand that the problems listed here, be understood as a societal problems! This means that it is not to problems of individuals or social groups in part ausgrenzendem and discriminatory behavior, but to something that is found in all environments and runs like a structure by the company!

Homo-, bi-, trans-and inter-phobia may also not considered in isolation from other inequalities, and are certainly not changed! We also criticize other social power relations as expressed for example in sexism, racism, classism, discrimination based on appearance and hostility towards people with disabilities! A emancipation of a group can not and must not be at the expense of others!

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Essex Pride 2014

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July 6, 2014

Essex Pride – Chelmsford, England

Essex Pride is an annual celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender life in Essex and beyond.

Essex Pride 2014

Essex Pride 2014Essex Pride is more than just a huge party. It inspires our community to embrace equality. It demonstrates that local organizations and businesses, along with thousands of friends, can join together to celebrate diversity.

2014 marks the eleventh year for Essex Pride.

Essex is a special place because of the communities and people that live and work in the county. Our event showcases diversity, encourages acceptance and brings together thousands of new friends.

There are also lots of other national organizations that support the LGBT community:

Age UK

Working to improve later life for everyone, including LGBT people

Albert Kennedy Trust

Working to ensure that LGBT young people can live in accepting, supportive and caring homes, by providing services to those who would otherwise be homeless or living in a hostile environment

Beaumont Society

National support group for the transgender, transvestite, transsexual and cross-dressing community


The UK national organisation for bisexual research and activism

Broken Rainbow

Domestic violence helpline providing confidential support to LGBT individuals along with their families, friends, and supporting agencies

Crown Prosecution Service

Government department responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales

Educate & Celebrate

Giving teachers the confidence and resources to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in schools

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

LGB staff network

Essex Police – Reporting Hate Crime

Hate crime is an incident that may constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate because of a person’s race, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or diability

FLAGS Scouts Active Support Unit

A national unit for recruitment, retention and ongoing support of LGBT adults within The Scout Association

Fire Brigades Union – Gay and Lesbian Members

Ensuring LGBT members have a voice within the FBU, providing support and networking opportunities

Gay Outdoor Club

Providing a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports and recreational activities for LGBT men and women


Gay and Lesbian association of doctors and dentists


Gay and Lesbian organisation for racing and yachting

Health with Pride

Resource for LGBT patients and health professionals

Kings Cross Steelers RFC

First open membership Gay and Bisexual rugby union club in the world

LGBT History Month

Events take place every year in February to celebrate the lives and achievements of the LGBT community

London Gay Men’s Chorus

Performing as an identifiable Gay group to challenge preconceptions, and demonstrate that diverse minorities can contribute to the enrichment of society as a whole

London Spikers

Volleyball club in London for men of any sexual orientation

National Union of Students – LGBT

Support for LGBT students

Naz Project London

Sexual health, HIV prevention and support services to selected Black and Minority Ethnic communities in London

NHS Sexual Health Clinics in Essex

01245 315901 – Chelmsford, Braintree & Maldon

01206 744459 – Colchester, Clacton-on-Sea, Halstead & Harwich

01279 694901 – Harlow

01268 592214 – Orsett

01702 385120 – Southend-on-Sea (male patients)

01702 385121 – Southend-on-Sea (female patients)

Opening Doors London

Providing information and services to and with older LGBT people

Outdoor Lads

Social group for Gay and Bisexual men who love the great outdoors

Press for Change

UK’s leading experts in transgender law

Proud 2 Serve

LGBT Network for the British Armed Forces

Queer Youth Network

National LGBT youth organisation


Working with black LGBT artists, activists and cultural producers to create events, theatre performances, debates and exhibitions

Sailing & Cruising Association

LGBT sailing and powerboat club – open to boat owners or those who just want to get afloat

Schools Out

Network to raise issues of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in education.  Campaigning on LGBT issues affecting those in education. Researching, debating and stimulating curriculum development on LGBT issues


International organisation working for equality in all aspects of LGB life

True Vision

Providing information about hate crimes or hate incidents and how to report them, and links to support groups for victims

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Lethbridge Pride Fest 2014

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July 2, 2014toJuly 5, 2014

Lethbridge Pride Fest – Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge Pride Fest Society is a community based organization providing events for the acceptance & inclusion of our diverse community.

Lethbridge Pride Fest Society recognizes & celebrates the history, courage, & future of Southern Alberta’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two–Spirited, Queer, Questioning, & Inter-sexed (LGBTTQ QIA) individuals and communities & our Allies

Lethbridge Pride Fest 2014

Lethbridge Pride Fest 2014

JULY 2ND: Flag Raising at Lethbridge City Hall

JULY 5TH: The Parade, Pride in the Park and of course the Pride Dance!




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Yellow Springs Pride 2014

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June 28, 2014

Yellow Springs Pride – Yellow Springs, OH

Pride this year will be June 28, with a “tea”on June 27 at The Winds 5:30-7:30pm (yet to confirm); June 28 daytime activities – family pride picnic, followed by pride parade, The Rubi Girls movie at the Little Art Theatre followed by The Rubi Girls at Peaches.

Yellow Springs Pride 2014

Yellow Springs Pride 2014

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Bologna Pride 2014

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June 28, 2014

Bologna Pride – Bologna, Italy

The history of the LGBTQ Community has a strong presence in Bologna and in particular in some specific key sites that have represented over the years and in some cases still represent the necessary space to meet, learn, discuss, and exist in a visible manner.

Bologna PrideBologna Pride 2014 2014

Bologna has always been considered the LGBTQ Italian capital, the city more welcoming to our country and it shows every day, allowing us to walk hand in hand, putting on the same pitch differences and smile, the main character of the “Bolognese”, meetings , the demonstrations, the claims of their own.

Bologna Pride 2014What we propose in this section are the possible versions of the city where the Pride is taking place: both shops, to choose the most interesting categories; both cultural points that the LGBTQ community has created and still shares with the people in a spirit of collaboration and cross-perhaps unique in Italy – the choice is yours to go, to see, to live what you prefer.

Because the LGBTQ community has long been present and active in the city of Bologna there are many commercial realities that unfold in key gay, lesbian, transgender and queer or LGBTQ clients who live with serenity and openness defining Friendly. This feature distinguishes commercial entities cozy Bologna of the Italian cities and makes the pearl rainbow that we love so much.

Associations, Festivals & Disco 
Days & Nights in Bologna 
Hotel and Restaurant 
Friendly Shopping in Bologna

Contest “PIMP your PRIDE”

Colorful, Recycled, ECO, glitter, shaped, linear, baroque, essential, pedal, push, crawlers, taccodotato, of rubber, with eyelashes, chrome, air, solar, wind, arms, rowing is like … your ideal vehicle to participate in PRIDE BOLOGNA 2014?

As part of the LGBT pride event, to be held in Bologna, June 28, 2014, is called a citizen of the notice to the vehicle by Pride more fun.

The only limit is the environmental impact, which must be low, in fact, will not be allowed motorized vehicles of any kind.

Put your pride on stage with a slogan, mount it on an environmentally friendly vehicle (which is not too bulky, I recommend the height limit should be 2 and a half meters in width and 3 meters) and tell us your idea by giving spigandoci a title and how you intend to achieve it. Send it all to parata@bolognapride.it by June 21, 2014 and will participate in the competition.

During concentration, the park Cavaticcio, the vehicle will be elected winner who will win a bicycle three free tickets to the party pride.

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Pride in London 2014

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June 24, 2014toJune 29, 2014

London Pride – London, UK

Pride in London will encompass people of every race and faith, whether disabled or able-bodied, and all sexualities and genders including lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer, questioning, intersex, trans*, genderqueer or non-binary as well as straight and cis allies.

Pride in London 2014

Pride in London 2014
Ours is the only community event to close half the West End and Europe’s busiest shopping street. That’s a huge privilege and a massive opportunity to celebrate, campaign and speak to the whole of London, the UK and to be a beacon to the rest of the world.


Our new campaign is about making sure that everyone’s story is heard. It’s a platform to talk about what matters.

You might have the freedom to love and the freedom to be yourself – or you may face harassment, imprisonment or the death penalty just for being who you are.

We’re asking everyone to tell us what Pride means to you.

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