Rules For Business / Organization Accounts

If you are a business or organization you’re welcome to make an account and use our site, but you must follow our rules.

If you follow the rules on this page you can Post Your Business In The Gay Business Directory and add links to your web site on your profile page.

Note: These rules are in addition to rules for private accounts.  You must also read the private account rules.  Your business must be LGBT themed or something of interest to our membership.

1.  You can not spam members.  You can not send unwanted private message or @ public messages to members, unless they have contact you first.  Let them come to you.  You are welcome to send friend request and send one message to introduce yourself when the accept your friend request.  If a user is sending you messages you can message then back as needed.

2. You can not post External Links anywhere on our site except in your profile area, with out having our prior permission first.  Do not post advertisements or promotions on your page.  You can post an ad in the business directory.  Look for the link in the top menu.

3.  If you post external links on your profile page, you must link back to from the page you are linking to.  See external link rules.

4.  You must have your profile complete and your logo uploaded as your profile photo.  If your brand is basically yourself, you can have a photo of yourself.  When editing your profile questions there is a second group of questions for business.  There is a place there you can add links to your web site and tell a little about your business or what you do.  When you are editing your profile look for the business group link above the questions.

External Links Rules:

If you are placing external links on your profile page you must link back to from the page you are linking to. We don’t charge you to place links on your profile page on our site so we ask for a link back from your site. You can link to our home page or any where on our site, even your own profile page. However, when we click on any external link that you have posted on our site we need to be able to see your link to We will not go searching for it. If you have not linked back we will remove your external links and suspend you from posting links on our site. If you don’t want to put links of on your site, then don’t put links to your web site on ours.

You can not post external links any where else on the site with out our permission. You can only post links in your profile area. If you do, you will be suspended from using the site. Do not go around our site posting external links to your site, content or something you are selling, promoting and or advertising unless you have our permission to do so. Note.. if your in a conversation with someone and they ask for a link to something.. it is find to share a link to support your topic. Our meaning is to keep people from posting spam.

Ways to Link To Us:

You will find banners here <= You can link the banners to any where on our site.  Even your own profile page.

If you can not post a banner you can post this:
Check out our LGBT business page on the best Gay Social Network

You can link it to your own profile page or link it to

If you’re a publisher of a LGBT Web Site that could benefit from the use of our LGBT news headlines at our Gay Media and Press Network.  We have tools to embed our news headlines into your site at:



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