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Northeast LGBT Conference 2017

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by SeasonsofPride.com

Northeast LGBT Conference – The University at Albany, State University of New York, is proud to host the 20th Annual Northeast Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender College Conference! Albany, NY; Apr 1-3, 2017

Northeast LGBT Conference 2017

The Northeast LGBT College Conference works through education, collaboration, and deliberate dialogue to fight all forms of Racism, Ableism, Classism, Sexism and Heterosexism in our society in order to provide a more supportive and better affirming environment for all Students, Faculty and Staff on college campuses across the Northeast. We believe in Campus Pride and share in the vision for campuses and a society free of anti-LGBTQ* prejudice, bigotry, and hate.

To these ends, the NELGBTC is a student founded, funded and run conference since 1995. To this end, the Northeast LGBT* College Conference serves to highlight and celebrate Colleges and Universities working to provide an affirming educational environment for all students. By connecting with local, regional and national activists and organizations to bring LGBT* and allied college students, advisors and administrators in the Northeast together to share best practices, programs, policies, and resources.

In order to stay true to our mission, and the groups we serve, the NELGBTC Oversight Board works with student leaders and administrators to bring this AMAZING conference to their campus as a host institution. The conference comes with the majority of funding from student registration and from some annual sponsors. Every campus host has its own unique opportunities, gifts, and challenges. We work with you every step of the way to make sure this is a great experience.

Host submissions are on a rolling basis. Submitting this form is not an agreement to host but shows interest, all host cities must be within the Northeast as defined by the US Census (Maine to Washington DC)

Host cities have reported the following benefits from their experience: Leadership experience for students, increased on-campus student involvement (year of and years after), increased on-campus awareness for LGBTQ inclusion (for students and administrators), $30-$60,000 economic impact to your campus and surrounding community, networking, jobs/internships, new student recruitment, alumni engagement, coalitions , national speakers and recognition. And MUCH MUCH MORE

LGBTQ Conferences bringing together thousands of openly LGBTQ leaders in government, health, advocacy, business and community organizations.

Is your event not listed?  Send us an email

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LGBT Housing Policy Summit 2017

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by SeasonsofPride.com

  • 2017 NAGLREP LGBT Housing Policy Summit – The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals will be hosting its first-ever Housing Policy Summit. Washington D.C.; March 14, 2017
LGBT Housing Policy Summit 2017
US Capitol – 725×388 v2

The NAGLREP LGBT Housing Policy Summit brings together recognized LGBT and allied housing leaders with a mission to affect housing policy as it relates to equality for the LGBT community. Hosted at the Human Rights Campaign Equality Center, the summit offers NAGLREP members and other housing leaders the opportunity to advocate to their representatives to write legislation supporting NAGLREP’s key call-to-action.

The event is free to attend. Due to limited space of 100 seats, registration is open to NAGLREP invited guests only. If you prefer to receive an invite please request via this form. If you register and your plans change please contact us to cancel as space is limited and there will be a waiting list.

Summit Location – HRC Equality Center 1640 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20036
March 13, 6-8pm Welcome Reception
Beacon Hotel 1615 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC

March 14, 9:00am – 4:15pm Summit
Human Rights Campaign, 1640 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC
9:00 – 9:10 Welcome NAGLREP Policy Committee Chair John Graff, remarks by David Gilchrist of Wells Fargo
9:10 – 9:15 HRC LGBT Equality Update, David Stacy, HRC’s Government Affairs Director
9:15 – 9:45 HUD Briefing by Jillian Lensen, Office Of Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
9:45 – 10:15 Fairness in Lending Panel moderated by Rob Robertson of Wells Fargo. Panelists Suntrust, Freddie Mac
10:15 – 10:45 SAGE: Policy Priorities and National Housing Initiative Overview, Kelly Kent and Aaron Tax of SAGE
10:45 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 11:30 Brief by NAR Diversity Committee Staff Fred Underwood & Chair Tim Hur
11:30 – 12pm NAGLREP Policy Committee Round Table
12:00 – 12:45 Luncheon – Keynote speaker US Congressman David Cicilline, Sponsored by Union Bank
12:45 – 1pm Break
1:00 – 1:30 Affecting Change Panel featuring Gautam Raghavan, Christy Setzer, Moderated by John Graff
1:30 – 1:45 Break
1:45 Bus to Capitol Hill
2:30 – 3:30 Capitol Hill visit with Congressional LGBT Caucus, location HVC-200, House Visitors Center
3:30 – 3:35 Regroup
3:45 – 4:15 Attendees visit their State Representative
4:30 – 5:30 Networking at W Rooftop

Established in 2007, The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) is a mission-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is part business and part advocacy.

On a business level, the 1,400+ members of NAGLREP share an LGBT and allied REALTOR referral network, in addition to providing our services to over 75,000 LGBT and non-LGBT home buyers and sellers visiting our website each month. Our referral network also includes mortgage professionals, title agents, insurance agents, commercial agents, trainers, educators, etc.

The advocacy mission of NAGLREP is to advocate on behalf of the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community as it relates to housing and discrimination laws. Specifically, this will require NAGLREP to initiate action and encourage existing efforts amongst the civil rights community, local and state Realtor Associations, and the National Association of Realtors to support fair housing for the LGBT community. NAGLREP is a stakeholder at HUD.

Equally important to this mission is to work with legislators from near and far at the local, state and federal level to enact legislation that would eliminate all discrimination laws and provide fair and equal rights to the LGBT community.

LGBTQ Conferences bringing together thousands of openly LGBTQ leaders in government, health, advocacy, business and community organizations.

Is your event not listed?  Send us an email

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LGBT Housing Policy Summit 2017

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B’More Proud 2017 LGBTQIA Leadership Summit

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by SeasonsofPride.com

B’More Proud LGBTQIA Leadership – This year’s B’More Proud LGBTQIA Leadership Summit seeks to achieve the leadership, networking, and educational goals of the B’More Proud Collegiate Queer Coalition with a special focus on the development of stronger student leaders, organizations, campuses, and ultimately, the queer community of Metropolitan Baltimore. Baltimore, MD; Mar 25, 2017

B’More Proud 2017 LGBTQIA Leadership Summit

B’More Proud: The Collegiate Queer Coalition of Metropolitan Baltimore is the primary intercollegiate network and clearinghouse serving college & university students/faculty/staff in the Baltimore-Metro LGBTQIA community. We seek to promote personal and professional growth of this community through leadership development, academic scholarship, educational programming and social networking opportunities.

LGBTQ Conferences bringing together thousands of openly LGBTQ leaders in government, health, advocacy, business and community organizations.

Is your event not listed?  Send us an email

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B’More Proud 2017 LGBTQIA Leadership Summit

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Queerness and Games Conference 2017

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by SeasonsofPride.com

Queerness and Games Conference – The Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon) is an annual, community-oriented, nationally-recognized event dedicated to exploring the intersection of LGBTQ issues and video games. QGCon got its start at UC Berkeley, where it was hosted in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The fourth annual conference will be held in Los Angeles in the spring of 2017. The event is free and open to the public. Los Angeles, CA; Mar 31 – Apr 2, 2017

Queerness and Games Conference 2017

Now in its second year, QGCon is a free, weekend-long, interdisciplinary event. The goal of QGCon is to create an open and inclusive environment for discussing the intersection of video games and LGBTQ issues, however, you define them. QGCon brings together academics and game developers to foster dialogues that break traditional disciplinary boundaries. The QGCon organizers believe in the importance of creativity and play as tools for intellectual and personal exploration.

The theme for this year’s QGcon is Difference at Play. Some questions inspired by the theme might include: What does it mean to play differently? What does it mean to play at difference itself? In what way can “difference” speaks to questions of race, gender, and sexuality for games and those who play them?

To learn more about QGCon, see our list of last year’s amazing speakers — and consider watching some of the wonderful talks that brought together an inspiring collection of ideas and an inspiring community

LGBTQ Conferences bringing together thousands of openly LGBTQ leaders in government, health, advocacy, business and community organizations.

Is your event not listed?  Send us an email

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Queerness and Games Conference 2017

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International Transgender Day of Visibility 2017

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by SeasonsofPride.com

International Transgender Day of Visibility TDoV is a day to show your support for the trans community. It aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe while fighting cissexism and transphobia by spreading knowledge of the trans community. Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance, this is not a day for mourning: this is a day to be empowered and get the recognition we deserve! Mar 31, 2017

International Transgender Day of Visibility 2017

When is TDOV?
TDoV is on March 31st every year!

Where is TDOV?
Everywhere! We encourage you to have discussions, create direct actions, and spread knowledge about the trans community no matter where you are! You can also join our Facebook event and use hashtag #tdov or #transresistance on social media.

What is this year’s theme?
This year’s theme is trans resistance (#TransResistance). In the increasingly transphobic global political climate, we must use our newfound visibility to mobilize trans people against oppression. Speaking out, taking direct action, and educating others is critical to our safety and wellbeing. This recognizes that while visibility is important, we must take action against transphobia. Visibility is not enough alone to bring transgender liberation. However, we can use visibility as a vital tool for transgender justice. We would like to thank activist and Trans Youth Leadership Summit fellow Caelan Damocles for coming up with this theme.

Who started TDOV?
Rachel Crandall, the head of Transgender Michigan, created in TDOV in 2010 to celebrate the trans community in a positive light. Read more about it here. Since 2013, Trans Student Educational Resources has taken over most social media, promotion, and outreach for TDOV.

Who can I contact about TDOV?
For questions, comments, or media inquiries, you can contact us at TSER@transstudent.org.

Seasons of Pride is pleased to present the Gay Pride or LGBTQ Pride Calendar for 2017.  You will find Gay Pride events, LGBT Film Festivals, and the Gay Travel Events like Gay Ski Weeks. We do our best to try and keep up with all the events, but sometimes we miss one or two.

If your event is not listed, just drop us an email to info@seasonsofpride.com

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2017 Pride Calendar

International Transgender Day of Visibility 2017

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Did we vote for the “queer” thing and I missed it?

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by SeasonsofPride.com

I am here, I am queer…

OK, you know the rest.  When I talk about our community, I tend to use the umbrella term “Queer.”  Using Gay seems too limiting and trying to figure out which part of the alphabet to use to be all inclusive gets tedious and I’m bound to leave someone out.  So for me, it’s Queer.

Did we vote for the "queer" thing and I missed it?

GLAAD recently moved from LGBT to LGBTQ. Better, but inevitably there are those who feel left out.     Not wanting to offend I decided to use queer feeling it was more inclusive.  What could go wrong? Wait for it….

Yup, I pissed a few people off.  On Facebook, naturally. I had made a list introducing our new Queer Business group on LinkedIn (yes, a not so subtle plug – join us). Most of my posts tend to go ignored (thanks for the love folks), but not this one.  The respondents were opposed to the business group concept, but they took exception to the use of the Queer identifier. Queer is offensive. Queer is derogatory.  Many had fought to overcome this schoolyard taunt. And here I was calling my group Queer. Apparently, I had sold out the brotherhood. Who knew?

Good on the LGBT, but why does it have to be “queer”? That word is very offensive to those of us over 45 and the ones that work hard in the 70s to get us where we are now (not to even start on the AIDS work). Just my feeling and my friends have been warned, call me that and they will have a black eye and I want to go running off crying like before. Did we vote for the “queer” thing and I missed it? 

I agree with you. Younger people claim they are “taking back” the word queer, but I have painful memories of a schoolyard game called “Smear the Queer.”

I get it, sort of. And I also realize that no matter what I do, I’m bound to piss someone off.

GLAAD recommends the use of LGBTQ. We have many followers who don’t identify as LGBor T, but something else. There can be a whole alphabet of trying to be inclusive LGBTQIAPK – you see where it’s going. Yes, based on a younger demographic who are more comfortable with an overreaching queer label as opposed to a gay business or lesbian business. No matter what we choose, we risk upsetting someone. So for those of you that haven’t embraced Queer as the solution – understand our intent was never to offend but simply to find an umbrella term that captures and embraces all those who wish to identify as LGBTQI or whatever suits you and know that we welcome regardless of which letter you choose.  http://time.com/4544704/why-lgbtq-will-replace-lgbt/

Over the years, I have been a fag, queer, gay, top, bottom, boy, Sir, bear and even have an official lesbian card. So I’m good no matter what you call me because it’s not your labels that matter but how I choose to self-identify to the world at any given moment. 

And it’s not just us – how about you don’t use the word queer to describe LGBT!!! it’s a fucking slur!

What do you think?

Did we vote for the “queer” thing and I missed it? 

The post Did we vote for the “queer” thing and I missed it? appeared first on Seasons of Pride.

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Struggling Buddha Gets Real

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by SeasonsofPride.com

Struggling Buddha Gets RealRecently, we sat down Kathryn of Struggling Buddha to talk bisexuality (yes, they do exist), medicinal marijuana and school girl fantasies. Along the way, we make sweeping generalizations and will probably offend the more sensitive types.  If you can handle it, read on….

Before we start, can you give me a little background on Struggling Buddha and stuff?

You mean the actual Buddha or my blog?

Your blog, I am familiar with Buddha LOL

The tagline is “Finding Happiness in a Shitty World.” Basically, I started noticing how angry I was all the time and also noticed how angry everyone else seemed to be as well. I spent 16 years riding MUNI in SF. If you ever wanna see the worst of humanity, I recommend riding MUNI — you see the worst of humanity on those tin shitboxes. Everyone is so palpably angry.

So I started trying to figure out why I was so angry and how I could combat that rage. And I started writing about that struggle.

When did you begin?

Three? Maybe four years ago?

And are you happier?

Ha! Good question! Yes and no. I have learned to control my rage better.

I have learned to live more in the immediate moment and not to get butthurt about things that I have no control over or things that don’t matter. But, I’ve also trained myself to have more empathy, which I love, but it’s been heartbreaking.

Once you start seeing and hearing all of the injustice and unfairness in life and really feeling those things, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed.

So how do you cope?

I smoke a lot of weed.

Hmmm, Sessions might not like that. Medicinal of course

That sounds flippant, but I’m partly serious. I started this journey in part because I developed chronic neuropathy in my feet, and I was so angry and “why me?” about it.

And when I started smoking weed for the pain, I couldn’t help but notice it also put me in a better mood.

Yea, so I’ve heard. The weed part, not you personally.

I’ve become a huge advocate for medical marijuana. Which is funny since my boyfriend in college was pretty much the campus weed dealer. I just never really liked it that much. Not my drug of choice. I also meditate, though that’s a struggle for me too.

Well, things have obviously changed a tad since college.

Ha! Yes, the weed is better and so is my choice in partners.

Struggling BuddhaWhat do you want to accomplish with Struggling Buddha?

I guess it’s just to encourage people to get outside of their own heads for a while. The things that make us angry tend to be so petty and small. It’s very American–to let your entire day be ruined because your barista didn’t make your coffee correctly or someone stole your parking space. These aren’t real problems; they’re problems you have when you’ve become accustomed to being comfortable all of the time and therefore become entitled.

I push the concept of empathy a lot. As sad as it makes me sometimes, it’s one of the things I feel like makes you a better person. It gets you out of your entrenched life and worldview. It opens your mind and heart.

It makes you a more compassionate human, and right now, the world needs all of the compassionate people it can get.

Don’t get me wrong, I can still be a total bitchface, but it’s more like now I’ll judge you for your poor taste in shoes or hairstyles, but not because you’re homeless.

Speaking of worldviews, you’ve been known to have an opinion or two.  Wanna play a game with me?

Of course

Atta girl!  I throw out some concepts, you respond.


How long would you survive in Walking Dead?

I used to think I was scrappy enough to survive for a while, but the other night I spent 10 minutes tearing the kitchen apart looking for a foil cutter so I could open a bottle of wine and thought “I’m so fucked.”

I hate nature and guns and being without so.

Fuck, Marry, Kill – Elizabeth Warren, Hillary, Kamala Harris?

Hmmmm…marry Liz. I love her. Fuck Kamala because she’s pretty hot. I guess I’d have to kill Hill, but I bear her no ill will. That woman worked her ass off. But I would definitely sign up to be the white meat in the middle of a Barack and Michelle sandwich.

Transgender Bathroom Bills?

Honestly, it’s just more stupid GOP shit to get people riled up so they’re not paying attention to the real evils. And more GOP congressmen have been arrested for lewd acts in bathrooms than trans folks have so let’s start with old, gross white dudes.

Who would play you in the Lifetime version?

Queen Latifah. As my wife says, I am really a sassy black woman inside

We hear your wife drinks a lot of beer, did you drive her to it? (Actually, Melissa is a friend of ours and runs The Good Hop – A Craft Beer Store in Oakland – here’s her story)

No, she started that journey before I was on the scene. I can report that she started eating meat around the time we started dating, which was a relief to me. For our honeymoon, we went to Hill Country in Texas and ate at 8 BBQ joints in 7 days.

She does probably drink a lot more bourbon than she used too, though, That’s my fault.

Home Depot or Loews?

Is this some trick lesbian question? If you need me, I’ll be at whatever bar is closest to either one of those places while my wife shops for O-rings and whatnot. O-rings…that sounds dirty.

Well I’m bisexual, so I let my butch wife handle all the home improvement stuff

Of course, it’s a trick lesbian question you could lose your card if you answer wrong.

What is the girliest thing in your closet?

Hmmm…I do have a little sexy plaid skirt. For those schoolgirl fantasies…

I wasn’t thinking the same thing

Also, I have a big pink vibrator in there. Is that girlie? I don’t know.

It’s girlie unless it has a kick stand, then that’s just fucking butch!

Speaking of bisexuals, do they really exist? If so, why doesn’t every gay man believe it? As in “He says he’s bi, but oh please….”

I used to think they didn’t really exist, especially in men. I used to think bi men were really just gays waiting to come out. In society, it’s easier for men to ease into it by saying they still like women. For me, though, I think I’m more suited to be in a relationship with a woman, but I like sleeping with men a little better. Just a personal preference

Truth be told, I really miss giving blow jobs.

I don’t know if you can put that part in your story but it’s true

Depends if what you think Melissa would think of that comment – your call. We don’t mess with domestic bliss.

Melissa’s very cool about my man fetish in that she encourages me to look as much as I want. I definitely have a type, and if she sees a guy who is my type, she’ll point him out for me to ogle

And she likes to watch me flirt with boys

But no touching. I like being in a relationship with a woman, though. My personality is such that I require some handling. I don’t think men are strong enough for me.

I don’t care where you get hungry as long as you come home for dinner

HA! exactly!

I have a good friend Pat who came out quite late in life, I always used to tell her – you’re the man I always wanted to be

What a great compliment!

Then she’d punch me and she hadn’t come out yet.  Who woulda thunk?

I think it’s much more common for women to decide to be with a woman later in life. Society doesn’t poo-poo two women together like they do men. And women, in general, tend to be more open-minded and willing to try something new, as it were.

I think men are more physical and visual thus they see the world in black or white – you either like one or the other.  Women are more fluid.  Since these are sweeping generalizations, there bound to piss someone off and we’ll get comments.

Obviously, yes, we’re both generalizing

I just wish we could learn how to be kinder to one another and accept our differences without all the fear and hatred. I think people need to spend more time working on themselves to achieve this. We spend all this time and money at the gym because we want healthier bodies then neglect our minds.

I mean, understanding yourself and your insignificant place in the universe is healthy.

You’ve been tapping the pipe for that one


I dunno, a while back I noticed that because of my smart phone and all the access it provides to stupid distractions, I no longer just sit with myself and think about things anymore.

Isn’t that what the bourbon is for?

I think it’s important to sit quietly and let your mind think about shit–even the unpleasant shit. That’s from whence creativity and innovations spring.

Give my best to the Mrs and keep tokin’ for medicinal reasons of course!

Will do!

Thanks for your time, it was a pleasure. I may have to go dig out my plaid school girl uniform LOL

Oh yes, break out that skirt, gurl!

Struggling Buddha Gets Real

The post Struggling Buddha Gets Real appeared first on Seasons of Pride.

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Gay Calendar March 2017

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Spring is just around the corner.  There’s still plenty of chances to hit the Queer slopes and find the perfect snow bunny to keep you warm.  More of an indoor type?  Check out the upcoming Queer film festivals. Need a taste of summer? Head to Miami for Winter Party Miami!

If your event is not listed, just drop us an email to info@seasonsofpride.com

Jan – Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | SeptOct | Nov – Dec

  • Winter Party Miami – Winter Party Festival is an iconic six-day celebration of LGBTQ people – diverse people from all over the globe – who come together to learn, live, love, laugh and forge lifelong relationships. Back in 1994, our founders kicked up their heels and invited the LGBTQ community to party on the sands of South Beach. More than twenty years later, under the leadership of the National LGBTQ Task Force, that one annual party on the beach has become what’s now known as Winter Party Festival. Miami, FL; Mar 1-7, 2017
Gay Calendar March 2017
Winter Party Festival Miami
  • The DÜSSEL-CUP – Düsseldorf’s gay and lesbian sporting event. The Düssel-Cup is organized by four clubs: VC Phönix, Düsseldorf Dolphins, Weiberkram and TSC conTAKT.Around 700 participants come from all over Europe to Düsseldorf to participate in 11 sporting disciplines including swimming, volleyball, basketball, dancing, soccer, badminton, and running. Düsseldorf, Germany; Mar 3-5, 2017
  • Maspalomas Carnival – Canary Islands, Spain; Mar 3-12, 2017
  • Swing Gay Ski Week – A sunny, high-Alpine valley in the Graubünden region of Switzerland – Lenzerheide/Valbella. Skiing at its best, sure of snow. Easy to reach, far away from everyday life. Lenzerheide, Switzerland; Mar 5-12, 2017
  • Gay & Lesbian Travel Expo at ITB – Gay & Lesbian travel is visible at ITB Berlin since 2003 but it became one of the “established ITB travel segments” in 2010. In the meantime, the Gay & Lesbian Travel Pavilion has become an increasingly important landmark. Thus at ITB Berlin 2012 more than a dozen exhibitors were presenting the latest trends and products in the LGBT market on a record display area covering 200 square meters in Hall 2.1a. Mar 8-12, 2017
  • Jasper Pride Festival – a four-day winter Pride event with skiing, ice hiking, drag shows, movies, concerts and more! Alberta, Canada; Mar 9-12, 2017
  • ChillOut Festival (Daylesford) (Vic) – Held on the Labour Day Weekend in early March, the ChillOut Festival in Daylesford, one hour north of Melbourne, is one of the largest and longest-running Queer Pride events in regional Australia. Mar 9-13, 2017
  • Roze Filmdagen; Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival  – 20th AMSTERDAM LGBTQ FILM FESTIVAL. Amsterdam, Netherlands; Mar 9-19, 2017
  • Cinekink NYC – Featuring a carefully curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore the wide diversity of sexuality, with offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, works presented by CineKink range from documentary to drama, camp comedy to artsy experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit — and everything in between. NY, NY; Mar 14-19, 2017
  • Mammoth Gay Ski Week – Elevation 2017, the Fifteenth Annual Mammoth Gay Ski Week! Elevation, one of the largest gay ski weeks in North America, continues to bring together more than 2500 riders from across the world. Elevation has something for everyone, from small bar events to large dance parties. The annual ski week celebrates diversity, fun, and the best spring skiing and boarding anywhere. Mammoth Lakes, CA; Mar 15-19, 2017
  • BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival  – Since starting life in 1986 as Gay’s Own Pictures, BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival (formerly BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival) has brought the best in international queer cinema to the South Bank. The festival has evolved to become one of the highlights in the LGBT cultural calendar, a place for the breadth of the community, and a few of our honored friends, to meet and watch and talk and drink and dance and debate. March 16-26, 2017
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival (Vic) – Held over 11 days in late March, MQFF is the largest and longest running queer film festivals in Australia, screening the best Australian and International queer films, shorts and documentaries. Mar 16-27, 2017
  • Queergestreift Filmfestival – Get ready for two weeks queer cinema full of glittering glamor, compelling dramas, deep feeling and first class entertainment. Konstanz, Germany; TBA
  • European Snow Pride – European Snow Pride is Europe’s biggest gay ski week. Tignes, Espace Killy (Tignes+Val d’Isère) Tignes, France; Mar 18-25, 2017
  • European Gay Ski Week – EGSW is Europe’s biggest Gay & Lesbian winter sport and Music festival. – Le plus gros sport d’hiver & Festival de musique Gay & Lesbien en Europe. Avoriaz, Rhone-Alpes, France; Mar 18-25, 2017
  • Pride and Prejudice 2017 is a global, 24-hour event spanning three cities around the world. It will catalyze a fresh debate on the economic and human costs of discrimination against the LGBT community. The event will challenge policymakers and industry leaders to rethink the future of the LGBT movement and its impact on business. New York, London & Hong Kong; March 23, 2017
  • GLITCH – We are a groundbreaking 10 day festival with a unique programming focus, either made by Queer/LGBTIQA+ people of color on any subject or films made by directors of any identity featuring/documenting LGBTIQA+ people of color. Glasgow, Scotland; Mar 24 – Apr 2, 2017
  • The Black Party NYC – This year’s Black Party will be at a warehouse space in Brooklyn, which the party’s promoters have dubbed the Mineshaft. New York, NY; TBA
  • Out & Equal Executive Forum – The 10th annual Executive Forum brings together senior LGBT executives, LGBT ally executives and LGBT future leaders from Fortune 500 companies for two days of presentations, panels and professional development that foster in-depth discussion and exploration of current LGBT workplace issues.  This unique opportunity offers unsurpassed networking amongst LGBTA peers, working together on issues to achieve full workplace equality for LGBT employees. San Francisco, CA; Mar 27-29, 2017
  • Dinah Shore Weekend – Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend – the largest girl party music festival in the world. Rocking Palm Springs for 25 years! Palm Springs, CA; Mar 29 – Apr 2, 2017
  • Boston LGBT Film Festival – The Boston LGBT Film Festival is the fourth oldest LGBT film festival in North America and it is largest LGBT media event in New England.Boston, MA; Mar 30 – Apr 9, 2017
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility TDoV is a day to show your support for the trans community. It aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe while fighting cissexism and transphobia by spreading knowledge of the trans community. Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance, this is not a day for mourning: this is a day to be empowered and get the recognition we deserve! Mar 31, 2017

  • Seasons of Pride is pleased to present the Gay Pride or LGBTQ Pride Calendar for 201&.  You will find Gay Pride events, LGBT Film Festivals, and the Gay Travel Events like Gay Ski Weeks. We do our best to try and keep up with all the events, but sometimes we miss one or two.

    Bear | Business | Career| Conferences | Europe | Film | Leather | Lesbian | Trans | Youth

Gay Calendar March 2017

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Bear and Leather Events

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Folsom Street, Mid-Atlantic Leather, Folsom Europe, IML, International Mr Leather, Amsterdam Fetish Weekend, Lazy Bear and so much more…

Seasons of Pride provides the bear and leather communities this calendar of leather/BDSM and bear events for your twisted travels.  Follow us at Twisted Bear on Instagram

Jan – Mar | Apr – Jun | Jul – Sept | Oct – Dec

Bear Resources | Calendar | Gay Leather Fetish History | Haus of BDSM | Kink Friendly Professionals  

Leather Associations | Titleholders

Is your event not listed?  Send us an email

Bear | Business | Career| Conferences | Europe | Film | Leather | Lesbian | Trans | Youth

Bear and Leather Events

Bear and Leather Events


  • Smokeout – SMOKEOUT is a fun-filled uncomplicated weekend in Las Vegas for cigar studs, bikers, leathermen, bears, and friends from all over the world.  A ‘free-flowing’ weekend so everyone can enjoy Las Vegas the way you want to … in the company of fellow studs!  No rigid program to follow with lots of time for being a tourist, enjoying a show, attending events or just relaxing and having a great time! Come with a fun, uncomplicated, positive attitude and let Las Vegas do its magic! Las Vegas, NV; Apr 5-9 2017
  • Bears, Bikers and Mayhem – Now in its 6th YEAR, Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem is the ultimate crossover event for bears, that like leather, and bikers that like bears who like leather. Gettysburg, PA; Apr 6-9, 2017
  • Northwest Bears Spring Thaw – Seattle, WA; Apr 6-9 2017
  • Sugar Bear Weekend – Montreal, Canada; Apr 6-9, 2017
  • BIG BOY PRIDE – Big Boy Pride is a four-day event presented to foster the empowerment and togetherness of same gender loving larger men and those who support them. Orlando, FL; Apr 6-10 2017
  • Barcelona Bear Pride 2017 – Evento bear gay internacional en Barcelona en 2017. Internacional gay bear event in Barcelona in 2017. Barcelona, Spain; Apr 12-17, 2017
  • BLF | ECMC Leather & Fetish Week – In 1998 the BLF was established to organize this event and also to provide a framework for the Berlin Easter Meeting to once again become one of the great fetish fixtures in the calendar of the fetish world. This is the reason why in 2013, we celebrate 15 years BLF | Berlin Leather and Fetish e.V.. We are pleased that you are all here together celebrating this anniversary with us and the Berlin community. Apr 12-18, 2017
  • Torremolinos Leather & Fetish – Torremolinos will hold its Leather & Fetish event, now in its third year. Torremolinos, as an international gay resort, has a large resident and tourist population making it a reference on the Leather circuit. This year, many bars such as QUERELL, EXXXTREME, THE FACTORY, MEN’S, WANT and AQUA will organize Leather and Fetish theme parties. Other bars, restaurants, hotels and saunas will also join the party such as EDEN Chiringuito, GATO LOUNGE (beside the beach), IBIZA STYLE (in Pueblo Blanco). Hotels GUADALUPE and BEATRIZ and CANDISOL Apartments are participating as well as Sauna APOLO.  We will also have nightly club parties at clubs CENTURYON and AQUA with well-known Leather and Fetish sessions from ADUFF JUSTFFESTISH, BUNKK3R, BRUTUS, EXPLOSION and IN THE NAVY. Torremolinos, Spain; Apr 13-16, 2017
  • Easter BearDance – The hottest bear event in Berlin- with DJ Saeed, Luis Yanguas & LXG – live visuals by VJ Alkis. Berlin, Germany; Apr 14, 2017
  • Central Canada Drummer – Gear up for Central Canada Drummer Fetish Weekend 2017 — a testosterone-fuelled Easter long weekend of kink and play. Gay kinksters into rubber, leather, sports kit, skinhead, uniforms, punk, military and more will partake in seven events over four days. Toronto, Ontario; Apr 14-16, 2017
  • KinkFest – KinkFest is the west coast’s premiere sexually-diverse BDSM and kink conference, offering educational workshops, infamous play parties, leather and fetish vendors and community meeting space. Portland, OR; Apr 14-16, 2017
  • BLF | FAST – EASTER BASTARDS BERLINThe official party of the BLF – EASTER WEEK FETISH place in the gay again this year Schoeneberg neighborhood instead. Enjoy a 100% gay EASTER BASTARDS – PARTY in a unique atmosphere. With the TOP DJ`s Rafa Nunes, RedTomCat, TommyS is the party people fired up strong again. On 2 levels you can party, dancing, cruising, and messing around …….! STRICT DRESS CODE: Leather – Rubber – Army – Skin – Sportswear NO JEANS- only in combination with Chaps/ NO street clothing! Berlin, Germany; Apr 16, 2017
  • Beach Bear Weekend – BeachBear Weekend was founded to bring men to greater Fort Lauderdale to experience the best we have to offer. Our city is like a cruise that doesn’t leave port. Come enjoy our world-class beaches, the nearby Everglades, our wild nightlife, and beachfront restaurants, shopping, and other attractions. We’ll show the bears one hell of a time! Fort Lauderdale, FL; Apr 19 – May 3, 2017
  • International Ms Leather – Cruising, flirting, playing, watching, hot fun, education, connecting, shopping and much more! The weekend starts on Thursday with Seduction, our steamy show to get you going. Friday includes day-long intensive educational courses, vendor opening, play space opening, judging for the 2017 IMsL/IMsBB titleholders and the opening ceremonies. Saturday we are in full swing with workshops, vending, silent auction and the second half of the contest. Sunday continues with a brunch, our pool party, more workshops and Bawdy Storytelling and Slam. Throughout the weekend will be hospitality parties such as the queer mixer and hosted parties by clubs and organizations. San Jose CA; Apr 20-23 2017
  • Manchester Rubber Weekend 8 – Manchester, England; Apr 20-24, 2017
  • Sleazy Madrid – The main Spanish gathering of international fetish men which takes place in Madrid during MayDay weekend. Madrid, Spain; Apr 26 – May 2, 2017
  • Bear Hunt XVII – Cajun Bears and Creole Cubs, let’s get ready to party at Bear Hunt XVI: Bears on the Bayou. Myrtle Beach, SC;  Apr 27-30, 2017
  • CLAW 17 – Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend – CLAW 17 is 100% non-profit and has donated over $680,000 to community charities. Cleveland, OH; Apr 27-30, 2017
  • Beyond Leather and International Power Exchange – Imagine taking your vacation in Fort Lauderdale Florida enjoying four (4) days and three (3) nights sharing a unique experience with 400 like minded individuals! Now picture your days filling your mind and body with learning technique skills as well as how to create, maintain and keep pleasure in your relationships to help ignite that fire within! Close your eyes because now it’s night time and you’re immersed in the joy surrounding you. Feel that personal sexual freedom as you’re watching the exploration all around. Share in the journey as you see and feel the techniques learned. The vision is amazing and the energy is powerful. Welcome to Beyond Leather, an experience to never forget! Fort Lauderdale FL; Apr 27-30, 2017
  • International Bears Meeting – Sitges, Spain; Apr 27 – May 1, 2017
  • Phurfest 2017 – Join the Bears of the West for Phurfest 2017! Enjoy fun in the sun, a chance to meet new friends, and explore what Phoenix has to offer. Phoenix Phurfest has been around for 14 years. Over 2200 bears and buddies from 12+ countries have enjoyed the warmth and friendliness of our city at Phurfest. Phoenix, AZ; Apr 27 – May 1, 2017
  • Doggy Weekend 2017 – the Thüringer Lederclub e.V. is organizing an international meeting again for dogs and their owners. You can slip into your role for a whole weekend and you can join together with like-minded pet player. From 28th of April until 1th of May 2017 we are looking forward to offering you a comprehensive program. The whole things are designed by Pet player for Pet player. Experienced guys and newcomers are welcome. Efurt, Germany; Apr 28 – May 1, 2017
  • GREAT BRITISH BEAR BASH 20: OPERATION RESCUETeaming up with The Big Scrum Manchester, Bear Club UK, Eagle Bar Manchester & The Rem Bar just for starters. Manchester, UK; Apr 28 – May 2, 2017
  • Annual Laughlin River Run – Desert Brotherhood MC, 9 AM, Las Vegas NV; Apr 29, 2017
  • Mister Leather Italia – The Mr. Leather Italia 2017 weekend, organized by Leather Friends Italia and Leather Club Roma. Rome, Italy; Apr 29 – May 1, 2017
  • INTO THE TANK ROMA – The famous fetish night from Madrid, goes this winter to Rome again. Rome. Sports – Urban – Clubbers – Leather – Rubber – Army – Jockstraps – Underwear – Swimming Trunks – Speedos, etc.. are the main dress-codes for the party. Rome, Italy; Apr 30, 2017


  • MR. LEATHER BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG 2017/18 – The most important fetish-event in LC Stuttgart´s annual agenda is coming up soon. We are convinced that the May Meeting with the election of MR. LEATHER BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG and the following club party Rough Men Night is going to be a great event. Everyone can come on his costs or rather to his kind, as hot leather and fetish guys from many parts of Europe are supposed to come and enjoy themselves until the early morning. Starting the long weekend we welcome our guests at the Gaydelight Party on Stuttgart´s spring fair. On Friday Night, we are going to crowd the Boots and the Eagle where the candidates for MR. LEATHER BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG 2017/18 will be introduced. Saturday night is reserved for the election at Kings Club and the subsequent leather-fetish-party at an exceptional location. There, the LC Stuttgart organizes a great fetish-event again that does not leave any wishes. It is going without saying that there is an agenda around all the fetish-events as well: we would like to go motor-biking together, to enjoy sights of Stuttgart, and in the end, to celebrate at the spring fair of Stuttgart once more. Stuttgart, Germany; May 4-7, 2017
  • Northwest Leather Celebration – Northwest Leather Celebration is a gathering place for all the leather tribes and offers a full weekend of education, fellowship, fun, and the Northwest Regional Master-slave Contest. Sacramento, CA; May 4-7 2017
  • Paris Fetish 3 – Paris is hosting its first European fetish weekend – 16 parties and new events have been planned in order to gather many people in Paris for a great time of conviviality, sharing, pleasure and sex of course. May 11-14, 2017
  • DomCon: LA We are proud to announce that the DomCon LA 2017 Mistresses of Ceremonies are Mistress Porcelain Midnight of San Diego, California, Mistress Gabrielle of Adelaide, Australia, and Mistress Molly from Manchester, New Hampshire. Los Angeles CA; May 17-21, 2017
  • Urban Bear – Join thousands of the world’s hottest Bears, Cubs and friends at this annual block party in the heart of the Meatpacking District featuring NYC, NY; May 18-21, 2017
  • Texas Bear Round UP – Annual Bear Weekend with the Dallas Bears. Dallas, TX; May 18-21, 2017
  • Twilight Guard 2017 Run – Excelsior MC Presents Lust for Life 2016 The Island of Misfit Boys (The Lord of the Flies meets The Boys in The Band!) Fire Island, NY; May 19-21, 2017
  • Amsterdam Fetish Pride – Amsterdam will celebrate it’s fourth Fetish Pride. The city of cheese, tulips and tolerance welcomes all the fetish fella’s and their friends for a weekend filled with fun. Amsterdam, Netherlands; May 25-29, 2017
  • FIERTE OURS PARIS (Paris Bear Pride) – This will be the year of the 10th edition of this event which has found its place in the bear community, both in France and abroad. For this anniversary edition, The Bear Paris invite an adventure companion of many talents and facets, as partner artist Nicolas Maalouly, who will present his works in two exhibitions at home and Bears’den IEM. It is the photographer Mathias Casado Castro will highlight the 10 candidates in 2017. DJ RV (Follivores / Crazyvores) will moderate the inevitable Paris Bear Cruise, 25 May. Major Evening Pride Bear Paris, the Election of Mr. Bear 2017 will be held Saturday, May 27 at Depot with DJ Amina and Dj Quentin Vedelly, Paris, France; May 24-28, 2017
  • Nuremberg Leather Club Campus 2017 – an outdoor meeting not only for bikers – takes place in the Bavarian Rhön. Nuremberg, Germany; May 24-28, 2017
  • Bear Pride – Whether it’s your first trip to Chicago, you visit all the time, or you are a local Bear Pride 22 will give you a chance to enjoy the city and all that it offers.  BP22 delivers the best dances, the most interactive events, and endless opportunities for connecting with friends, both old and new.  You won’t want to miss out on this great weekend of Bears in the City! Chicago, IL; May 25-29, 2017
  • IML – International Mr Leather – International Mr. Leather (IML) is an international conference and contest of leathermen held annually in May since 1979 in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago, IL; May 25-19, 2017
  • Empire City, M.C.’s Annual Biker Weekend – EMPIRE CITY MOTORCYCLE CLUB: 52 YEARS OF RIDING & BROTHERHOOD! New York, NY; May 26-29, 2017
  • Lisbon Bear PrideAn international encounter for bears and friends in the spectacular city of Lisbon. Parties and fun with optional gastronomic and cultural experiences. Lisbon, Portugal; May 31 – June 5, 2017


  • Tidal Wave Weekend – We are excited to welcome you to the Wave of the Future! Come “Get Lucky“ at this year’s Tidal Wave Weekend at the Holiday Inn Orlando – Disney Springs Area, from Thursday, June 1 through Sunday, June 4! We have once again secured the entire 325-room property for our annual weekend blow-out party, this year featuring not only our amazing line up of DJ’s and pool parties, but a live Vegas-style knock-down, drag-out battle royale between three of our favorite contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bob the Drag Queen, Alaska Thunderfuck and Ginger Minj! Also new this year, immediately following the show on Friday, will be Double or Nothing, an after-hours party spectacular featuring Fort Lauderdale DJ Doug Jackson! Come beat the spread at our Charity Casino and compete for great prizes, with all proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On Saturday night poolside, don’t miss a special performance by Martha Wash, the Original Weather Girl! Orlando, FL; Jun 1-4, 2017
  • Cologne Fetish Pride – In addition to our activities distributed over the year, we host of Rheinfetisch always at Pentecost, the Cologne Fetish Pride. From Thursday to Monday there are many events and is certainly one of the highlights of the choice of Mr.Fetish NRW, who represents the Cologne, and the scene of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany and beyond its borders. We are pleased to announce that Georg Kroneis of viol voice, known from fetish baroque, accompanied the election of mr.fetish nrw 2017.Cologne, Germany; June 1-5, 2017
  • Southern Hi Bearnation – Victoria’s premier bear event. Melbourne, Australia; June 11-18, 2017
  • Boot Camp – The 15 Association – The longest-standing gay male BDSM Association in the western USA. Active in the San Francisco BDSM community with play parties, an annual run (Boot Camp), social events and charitable fundraising. Saratoga Springs, Lake County CA; June 14-18, 2017
  • Vienna Fetish Spring – Hosted by LMC Vienna. Vienna, spring and a hot fetish event: each one is a good reason for a city trip. Put them all together and you have a must-go event! Fetish Spring began four years ago when the Austrian fetish club LMC Vienna decided to add another highlight to the international gay fetish calendar. The event is in addition to LMC Vienna’s main fetish event which takes place in October. Since it was launched, Vienna Fetish Spring has taken place around the weekend of the Corpus Christi holiday – typically in late May or early June. What makes this event special is the vibe that comes from the combination of a wonderful city, the early summer sun (hopefully), and an amazing set of parties. If you are looking for a commercialized mass rally, other places might satisfy you more. But if you want the perfect mix of hot parties and a personal touch, Vienna Fetish Spring is a perfect choice. The program covers a wide variety of fetishes. It starts with a rubber and sportswear party and includes both a BLUF hour and a naked party. The main events are two full fetish parties on Friday and Saturday nights. The first includes the Mr. Fetish Austria contest while the second features a live DJ. The nightly events are enriched by supporting activities such as a ride through the city in a chartered tram or a fetish brunch. Vienna, Austria; Jun 14-18, 2017
  • FIST FEST MICHIGAN – This is a weekend specifically for and by men who are into BUTTS, HOLES and HANDS (and other related stuff). So leave your friends who faint at the thought of sticking a hand up someone’s butt at home! If you’re into ASSPLAY, this is the weekend for YOU. Saugatuk, Michigan; June 15-17, 2017
  • Folsom Street East Weekend – the largest outdoor LGBTQ and Allied Kink-Fetish Festival on the East Coast.New York, NY; TBA
  • Leather Odyssey – Election of Mister Leather Hessen Hosted by FLC Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany; TBA

Jan – Mar | Apr – Jun | Jul – Sept | Oct – Dec

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US LGBTQ Film Festivals

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US LGBTQ Film FestivalsUS LGBTQ Film Festivals

International Directory of Lesbian & Gay Film and Video Festivals

Seasons of Pride is pleased to offer this LGBT Film Festival directory as a resource to help make connections between audiences, film/video makers, and festival programmers.

 LGBT Film Festival Calendar

Jan – MarApr – Jun | Jul – Sept | Oct – Dec

Feel free to email updates, corrections or add festival dates


  • Cinema Diverse! Palm springs LGBTQ Film Festival – dedicated to presenting the best in LGBT Cinema.
  • Frameline San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival – Founded in 1977, the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBTQ film exhibition event in the world. As a community event with an annual attendance of 63,000, the Festival is the most prominent and well-attended LGBTQ arts program in the Bay Area. Frameline also presents year-round exhibitions, including Frameline Encore, a free film series highlighting diverse, socially relevant works. Year-round programs also include members-only sneak previews and special events, as well as special screenings and events featuring directors, actors and other queer media icons.
  • Fresno Reel Pride: An Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Every year, it is our goal to bring a wide array of LGBTQ cinema and entertainment home to the Central Valley.
  • OUTFEST: Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Founded by UCLA students in 1982, Outfest is the leading organization that promotes LGBT equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBT stories on the screen. Outfest builds community by connecting diverse populations to discover, discuss and celebrate stories of LGBT lives. Over the past three decades, Outfest has showcased thousands of films from around the world, educated and mentored hundreds of emerging filmmakers and protected more than 20,000 LGBT films and videos.
  • OUTrageous: The Santa Barbara Lesbian & Gay Film Festival – OUTrageous provides a diverse selection of films that entertain, challenge, and educate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities. OUTrageous also provides filmmakers with opportunities to screen their work that might not otherwise be seen locally.
  • SF Transgender Film Festival – The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival was founded in 1997 as North America’s first transgender film festival. We exhibit groundbreaking, provocative, outrageous, courageous, moving and innovative works that show the complexity of lives lived on the transgender spectrum.


  • MiFo LGBT FILM FEST – The MiFo LGBT Film Festival, a critically acclaimed event, has two film festivals per year: Miami in April and Fort Lauderdale in October. This year we have combined the names of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals into MiFo.
  • Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – The Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (TIGLFF) was founded in 1990 as a three-day extension of Tampa’s gay pride celebrations by representatives of three LGBT organizations: The Tampa Bay Business Guild (TBBG), the Bay Area Human Rights Coalition, and the Tampa Bay Gay Men’s Chorus. Over the course of its first decade the film festival was a fundraising event for a number of local non-profit groups, eventually falling under the umbrella of Tampa Bay Arts.


  • Honolulu “RAINBOW” Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – the HRFF is one of the longest-running and well-respected Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) film festivals in the country. The festival has presented hundreds of documentaries, feature films, shorts and animations from around the world, with special consideration given to Hawai’i-based filmmakers. The HRFF has an excellent reputation in the film festival community and has been the venue for both U.S. and world film premieres.


  • Chicago Underground Film Festival – Founded in 1993, The Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF) is a year-round organization dedicated to the work of film and video makers with defiantly independent visions. Unlike many other “independent” film events our goal is not to imitate old guard, market-driven events such as Sundance but Instead to focus on the artistic, aesthetic and fun side of independent filmmaking. CUFF promotes works that dissent radically in form, content and technique from both the tired conventions of Hollywood and the increasingly stagnant IndieWood mainstream.

Massachusetts –

  • Wicked Queer: Boston LGBT Film Festival – From comedy and drama to documentary and fiction, discover an array of vibrant films that speak to the depth and variety of queer experience. The Boston LGBT Film Festival provides an opportunity for film lovers of every gender and sexual identity to be united by the moving image, as we celebrate the medium’s capacity to create empathy and understanding across cultural boundaries.
  • Provincetown International Film Festival – The Provincetown Film Society (PFS) first started out as the Provincetown Film Festival (PIFF) in 1999 as a means to attract economic development to the town during the shoulder month of June. Since then, the festival has attracted millions of dollars to the town and has become one of the country’s preeminent film festivals. It presents a diverse array of American and international narrative features, documentaries and short films, while highlighting the unique attributes of Provincetown’s rich and diverse history as an arts colony, Portuguese fishing village, gay and lesbian mecca, and a town first inhabited by Native Americans.


New York

  • Annual Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – The Festival showcases a monthly “Out at the Movies” series and a Film Festival in November. It is Long Island’s largest LGBT arts event. We are a 501c3 arts charity and are committed to bringing quality LGBT film to Long Island.
  • Image Out – Rochester’s LGBT Film Fest. ImageOut presents LGBT arts and cultural experiences showcasing films, other creative works and artists to promote awareness, foster dialogue and build community.
  • MIX: The New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film and Video Festival – MIX NYC  is the nonprofit home of the New York Queer Experimental Film Festival, the longest-running queer film festival in New York City and a decisive launching pad for emerging talents—including some of the best-known names in cinema today. Over the years, the festival has debuted early works from such important artists as Todd Haynes, Jennie Livingston, Miranda July, Gus Van Sant, Barbara Hammer, Isaac Julien, Christine Vachon, Jonathan Caouette, and many others.

North Carolina

  • North Carolina Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival -The North Carolina Gay + Lesbian Film Festival (NCGLFF) is the second largest gay, lesbian and transgender film festival in the Southeast, attracting thousands of patrons yearly. Since its beginning in 1995, the Festival has featured a diverse array of shorts, documentaries, and feature films. The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau named the NCGLFF a Signature Event for Durham, the highest honor bestowed on a cultural event or attraction by the organization. The NCGLFF celebrates a worldwide glimpse of today’s gay, lesbian and transgender life, helps bring the community together and features entertaining and sophisticated films and filmmaking.




  • Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival – aGLIFF- The Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival – was founded in 1987 and became a 501(c)3 in 1995. This year we celebrate 29 years of programming for the Austin community. aGLIFF has grown tremendously in size and scope from a short four-day run of four films primarily focused on coming out and AIDS to a multifaceted nonprofit organization with year-round community programs culminating in our annual film festival program with over 100 films depicting a myriad of issues across cultures, race, immigration status, class, gender identity and expression, age, and religion.
  • Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – The Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is a non-profit organization that exists to promote the media arts as a powerful tool for communication and cooperation among diverse communities by presenting films, videos, and programs by, about, or of interest to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. You may have learned that our reach has recently broadened to include sister organizations overseas, but there are still many countries in which the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community is still demonized. All you have to do is looked at the news from Russia and the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government.
  • Q Cinema: Fort Worth’s Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival – QCinema is Fort Worth’s source for the best in gay and lesbian film. Founded in 1998 by Shawn Moore and Todd Camp, QCinema’s early origins included occasional community screenings and a film discussion group at Texas Christian University before Moore suggested that it be expanded into a full-fledged, four-day festival in July of 1999. It has since evolved to become the presenter of a year-round series of events including monthly film screenings, live programs, fund-raisers and, of course, our annual film festival, now in its 18th year.



  • Milwaukee Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival – Presenting regional premieres of films by, for, and about the LGBT+ community, the 31st Annual Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival will be illuminating local screens starting on Opening Night on October 12 and then continuing October 14-23, unspooling narrative features, documentaries, short films, experimental work, presentations from visiting artists, and more!

US LGBTQ Film Festivals

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