Welcome To The New GayWebSource.com Old Friend!

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.

You may have received an email stating your account was created and told to come to this page.  Actually your account was “migrated” because you are a member of another part of our GayWebSource.com network.

GayWebSource.com turned 12 years old in November, so I decided to give it a make over to celebrate.  This is our last year before we become a teenager so I wanted to do something new before we get old.. : )  So.. this is the new GayWebSource.com Network.  Our Home Page and some core pages of the network will keep our old look to show our heritage and age.. lol because we are old, but once inside the members can connect in the new re built GayWebSource.com.  Your old account with us will still work but that part of our site will become a supporting network and this is now the main site.

We migrated your account and created your new Profile Page but we need you to update your Profile and upload a Profile Photo.  If you follow the “Howdy, With your name after it” That is in the top right corner of the site you will find a link to “Edit My Profile”.

Once you get signed in and edit your profile you can find more help with the new part of our site here: http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/groups/site-help-how-to/

If you are a lgbt music recording artist or business you can set your page up as such..  you will find info at the about link or you can friend us on the site and contact us for help.

If you have any issues signing into the site you can request a new password at: http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

or contact us directly at support @ gaywebsource.com (No Space)

You can friend us on the site at www.gaywebsource.com/connect/memebers/admin

I hope you enjoy the new GayWebSource.com,

Jeffrey L ,  Publisher





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  1. Hi, Guys:
    I appreciate that you did much work to making your site user-friendly…(Okay, here comes the big “but”; please bare with me). I find the typeface much too small and fine to be comfortably read. Unless you are trying to weed-out people over thirty-five, then, please consider making a change. I see that you have plenty of room where a somewhat larger typeface would not interfere with the aesthetic of your pages.
    Okay, as long as I have put in a rotten humor, “just one more thing” (in the spirit of “Columbo”–for those of us who remember the TV detective series)–my access code to your site is twice as long as that I use to access my bank account! Come-on, is such a complication necessary?
    Thank you for your attention to these matters,
    –R.T. Thomes
    E-mail: roger.t.thomes@gmail.com

  2. Hi R. T.

    Thanks for the comments. The type face is common set and works well with page load and other design issues. so we will not be making it larger. How ever on most computers there is a setting for setting your personal page size so that you can make it larger. I don’t know what system you are running but try going to your computer desktop and right click your mouse.. a box should open.. go to properties and you should find something there for changing your screen.

    Your password you can change go to your profile page then to settings.

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