What is the Parade?

The Parade is a procession of Individuals, walking groups and floats which march together through streets in the heart of Glasgow’s City Centre to celebrate the LGBT Community. It is your chance to show, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender people across the UK and the world the diversity that Glasgow!

When is the Parade and what time does it start?

The Parade will take place on Saturday 22nd August 2015 -The provisional times (subject to change/approval from Glasgow City Council are) Assemble at Glasgow Green from 12:15. Parade Starts 1pm and returns to Glasgow Green about 2pm.

What is the Parade’s route?

We have submitted a provisional route to Glasgow City Council on 17 March 2015. it is based on the 2013 route and will take the following route Greendyke St, Saltmarket, Trongate, Albion St, Ingram St, South Frederick St, George Sq South Aspect, St Vincent Pl, St Vincent St, Renfield St, Union St, Jamaica St, Clyde St, Bridgegate, Steel St, Turnbull St, Greendyke St, Glasgow Green.  (Please note this is subject to change until we have the approval from the council)

What is the theme for the Parade?

The 2015 Theme is Happiness (make sure to use the official Pride 2015 Hashtag of #BeHappy), You can show your happiness during the parade by dressing in colourful clothing, blowing a whistle or wearing a funny hat if you want, you can also theme your float or walking group around a particular activity that makes you happy. The possibilities are endless. We are working to have a pack containing information and supplier details for floats and walking group materials.

What is a float?

A float is a decorated vehicle that is part of a procession.

What is a walking group?

A walking group is a group of people who take part in the procession by foot.

What size can our group be?

There are no restrictions on the number of people in your group however all groups over 10 people and all floats must be registered with us!

Do I need to submit stewards?

We ask that all walking groups and steward provide stewards for their group/float. The number required will be determined on the number included within your walking group or float.

How do I book my float or walking group on the parade

We ask that all walking groups over 10 people and ALL floats are registered with us in advance using our parade registration form.

Registration can be done here

How do I get more information

Easy! contact us on hello@pride.scot and your email will be passed to the Parade Co-ordiantor