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CSD Frankfurt 2015

July 17, 2015toJuly 19, 2015

CSD Frankfurt – “Anxious Homos” is the theme of the CSD Frankfurt 2015

One topic that is discussed in the community for some time, is the reform of curricula in schools. This will in future ensure that sexual diversity more and more part in the normality of the teaching materials. It should be normal that the various forms of life and love to be addressed and discussed. Such reached normality and discussion to the coming-out of young people but of course facilitate above all the diversity of human beings show and promote it.

In contrast, a group has formed, which fears a “Frühsexualisierung your children” and therefore called “concerned parents”. To have an idea, which is to promote respect and tolerance that has arisen, which is accused of the curricula themselves, namely ideology. Here are fighting words like Frühsexualisierung “,” ideological re-education “or” Genderismus “thrown into the scales.

And so we find it from CSD Frankfurt worrying that is still debated respect and tolerance so and we want those concerns again in this year’s theme, “Anxious homos”, to express. Here we have the generalization of sexually diverse reality that often in the word “homos” manifests itself, taken with the topic. Because of course this word stands for all kinds of love, whether lesbian, gay, trans, or intersexual.

But we want our concerns long refer not only to the educational plan, but are curious about what LGBTTIG people still worry – be happy even beyond the bigger picture and are pleased to see in the CSD the different ideas.

CSD Frankfurt 2015

CSD Frankfurt 2015


The CSD in Frankfurt has been held since 1992, first by the working umbrella organizations of all for the interests of homosexual oriented people Frankfurter clubs, later of the Gütlich Event GmbH and since 2012 again by an association, the CSD Frankfurt eV of at that time still “Förderverein future Donations eV “was, for simplicity in 2014 but renamed.

Currently the association has 16 members in the organization team, including 5 boards, 2 also sustaining members.

The voting members jointly determine the objectives of the CSD and to discuss the different areas as final together. In case of discrepancies a vote is brought about, the need for a unanimous majority.

The members of the association are volunteers and attempt to edit as possible all the tasks themselves and without charge. If you were temporarily proud that we have become of the “revolutionary tourist attraction”, so this trend is declining. With increasing acceptance of the political objectives back to the fore again.

This is one of the objectives that are prepared throughout the year, for it’s about time (employees in Orgatem) and needs money (donations, sponsors and supporting memberships). Both is the CSD Frankfurt eV possible necessary and desired.

Anyone who wants to learn about the history of the CSD Frankfurt even more, which is the chronicle to heart, which is maintained by Reinhard Dietmannsdorf.

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CSD Frankfurt 2014

July 18, 2014toJuly 20, 2014

CSD Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany

One of the largest community events in the Rhine-Main area.

CSD Frankfurt 2014

Christopher Street Day in Frankfurt


CSD Frankfurt 2014

“Transcend boundaries – building bridges”


We want to point out that we particularly want to look at the both within our community, and externally, that have not yet arrived so in the midst of society, as there are many gays and lesbians already and who are often forgotten.

Not only within the community, these are the Trans people who are still discriminated against and prevented by rigid legislation on acting out your personality. Many perceive the rules to answer a different sex than humiliating.

Likewise, older people who have just also experienced the times in which gay people were punished under § 175 solely for their sexual orientation. The fear is still deep and there are also general problems of aging, such as illness, Pflegebdürftigkeit and the loss of friends. This meet gay people in particular.

Still affected are HIV-positive people who continue to face many resentments see their status communicate even among friends and family are very cautious and therefore often have to live alone with a positive test result. Not infrequently, this leads not only to the actual disease to loneliness and psychological comorbidities.

Outside of our community are the other countries. The most recent example is Russia, with its laws and regulations to prevent the spread of homosexual content. But in Europe, we see by recurring homophobia. Finally, the statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, these include for adoption.

But we also want to look at the positives depend on lesbian, gay and trans people in other countries live their, their culture. What we aim for a gradual exchange and getting to know you.

In future, we want to move every year a theme particularly in the foreground and this also organize actions and bring guests to our CSD stage. The theme for 2014 applies to set yet, but we are now confident that we can fill with the CSD also political content with this concept even more and become.

In this sense, we call on all to actively participate in the Christopher Street Day and fill it with life.

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