Northeast LGBT Conference 2017

Northeast LGBT Conference – The University at Albany, State University of New York, is proud to host the 20th Annual Northeast Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender College Conference! Albany, NY; Apr 1-3, 2017

Northeast LGBT Conference 2017

The Northeast LGBT College Conference works through education, collaboration, and deliberate dialogue to fight all forms of Racism, Ableism, Classism, Sexism and Heterosexism in our society in order to provide a more supportive and better affirming environment for all Students, Faculty and Staff on college campuses across the Northeast. We believe in Campus Pride and share in the vision for campuses and a society free of anti-LGBTQ* prejudice, bigotry, and hate.

To these ends, the NELGBTC is a student founded, funded and run conference since 1995. To this end, the Northeast LGBT* College Conference serves to highlight and celebrate Colleges and Universities working to provide an affirming educational environment for all students. By connecting with local, regional and national activists and organizations to bring LGBT* and allied college students, advisors and administrators in the Northeast together to share best practices, programs, policies, and resources.

In order to stay true to our mission, and the groups we serve, the NELGBTC Oversight Board works with student leaders and administrators to bring this AMAZING conference to their campus as a host institution. The conference comes with the majority of funding from student registration and from some annual sponsors. Every campus host has its own unique opportunities, gifts, and challenges. We work with you every step of the way to make sure this is a great experience.

Host submissions are on a rolling basis. Submitting this form is not an agreement to host but shows interest, all host cities must be within the Northeast as defined by the US Census (Maine to Washington DC)

Host cities have reported the following benefits from their experience: Leadership experience for students, increased on-campus student involvement (year of and years after), increased on-campus awareness for LGBTQ inclusion (for students and administrators), $30-$60,000 economic impact to your campus and surrounding community, networking, jobs/internships, new student recruitment, alumni engagement, coalitions , national speakers and recognition. And MUCH MUCH MORE

LGBTQ Conferences bringing together thousands of openly LGBTQ leaders in government, health, advocacy, business and community organizations.

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