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What Happens To What You Post On This Network?

If you post media, news and or releases on or in the Gay Media and Press Network published at , you are giving permission for it to be republished on and its network sites and by any member/user of this network ( – Gay Media and Press Network).  You are giving permission for it to be republished on any publication or broadcast. This includes web based, print, live broadcast and or any like media. In other words you are putting it here for the world to use and re-publish.  You are giving permission for other broadcast or publications to use it as content.  Your content may also be published using’s RSS or other link feeds and available for readers or publisher subscribtion and use.

Members / users / Readers can republished your media on their print publication, show, web site, etc. however we required that they include the bi-line that we require you to add to the bottom of your News Headlines-Article that says:

Media provided by: – Gays News Media and Press Network

They must Link “ – Gays News Media and Press Network” to:

They must publish your post in full.  If it is a radio, tv or video broadcast they must include a statement in the broadcast with your contact information and our byline that the media was provided by – Gay Media Network. If it is republished, the user must also agree to publish your content in whole, including any contact info that you put in your content. Contact info can be posted under the content. If you have any issues or problems with members publishing your media, please contact us.



Below Is A User Based Help Center.  

Ask Your “How To Questions Here”.   If You Know The Answer To A How To Question Posted Please Help The Person Out.  This area is for “how to questions” only.  It is not monitored regularly by staff.  Contact us directly for support or sales questions.  We will also post site tips in this area.

New Members: If You Just Created A New Account, Please Upload A Logo or A Photo To Represent You or Your Publication. All new accounts must have an avatar pic. We will not approve your account until your profile has been competed. You will not have full access of the site until your account is approved. We require this to help keep out spam accounts. To edit your profile, click on your name in the top right corner of the site and follow the profile links. If Your Account Has Been Recently Migrated Please Click = > Here.

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