Connecting Queer Communities

Often, we have ideas rattling around in our brains. It’s the thing they always resurface in quiet moments.  It’s the “I should…” thing that nags you. As a business owner, I am always looking for ways to grow my business. Smart ways to grow my business, not “Build a million followers in a week” kind of stuff, but serious strategies and best practices to build a true business network.

Connecting Queer Communities

I’ve been doing this Marketing thing for close to 15 years, and here is what I’ve learned so far.

  • Most local B2B business happens via word of mouth. As a rule, accountants do get business because they tweet, but because one of their customers was happy with their services and referred them to a business colleague.
  • Social media, websites help reinforce the brand to those who already know the provider.
  • The best networking happens face to face one on one.
  • Networking is work, and most of us would rather dream of Facebook followers than actually go meet real people and make small talk.

OK, so another online network is counterintuitive to all those points.

Well, yes and no. Sometimes, we all need a place to meet like minded folks. A place to share. A place to get started. Our goal is to address the challenges of Queer business networking online to help you in our the real world.  A safe place to share what worked, commiserate over what didn’t and to be inspired to get up and do it again.

This isn’t just our journey. Our job isn’t to tell you to do this, don’t do that.  Our job is to create a place where you can share your challenges and get various feedback from different perspectives.

Will you join us? Q – The Network

Wonder how to grow a network? Follow the behind the scenes story – The Journey

Connecting Queer Communities

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