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1 Song for Equality and Peace by Craymo

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( Orlando, FL 1/1/2017

Indie gay Orlando singer/songwriter Craymo releases an inspirational new music video for the re-release single of his reggae pop song One Love One World (We Are One). One Love One World is a heartfelt song promoting world peace, equality, love, tolerance, brotherhood and human rights.

With all of the recent incidents of terrorism, mass shootings and senseless killing of innocent people and children, Craymo wants to start 2016 with a message and vision of love for the world. The music video begins with children in Pang Liu Village in China who were taught English using One Love One World as a learning aid.

It is a thought provoking message of the power of a song to change people’s lives for the better. Craymo says “let’s all put our hands together to help make this world a better place for all of us.”

The music video is co-directed by Craymo along with Nathan McMahan of August Moon Productions. The Director of Photography is Brent Reynolds, also of August Moon Productions and was edited by Jason Barnes, all local central Florida film talents. One Love One World (We Are One) is co-written by Craig Stephen Raymo and Brandon Jarrett of Moho Productions. The song is produced by Brandon Jarrett.

One Love One World (We Are One) world premiere music video is released January 1, 2016 on YouTube and all social media.

One Love One World is from Craymo’s CD Cosmos available on iTunes


West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio places travel ban on city-funded trips to Mississippi

( – West Palm Beach, Florida) — In the wake of Mississippi’s enactment of HB 1523, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio became the first mayor in Florida — and the second in the nation after Seattle Mayor Ed Murray — to place a travel ban on city-funded trips to Mississippi.

HB 1523, which was signed into law yesterday by Mississippi’s Republican Governor, Phil Bryant, allows people with religious objections to deny services to lesbian and gays and permits employers to use religious beliefs as justification in determining workplace policies.

“For more than two decades, West Palm Beach has been in the forefront, protecting the civil rights and ensuring equality for the LGBT community,” said Muoio. “Until the discriminatory laws in Mississippi and North Carolina are repealed, West Palm Beach taxpayers will not subsidize legally-sanctioned discrimination against LGBT people.”

On March 28, Muoio became the second mayor in the nation — after San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee – to impose a similar ban on travel to North Carolina following the enactment of another comprehensive anti-LGBT law in that state.

Mayor Muoio implemented the two travel bans at the request of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBCHRC), a local civil rights organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.  Since 1990, PBCHRC has been responsible for the enactment of more than 100 local laws and policies which prohibit discrimination against the LGBT community.

“Once again, Mayor Muoio has taken steps to ensure that taxpayers dollars will not be spent in places that discriminate against LGBT Americans,” said retired judge Rand Hoch, PBCHRC President and Founder.  “We commend Mayor Muoio for putting her strong beliefs against bigotry into action by prohibiting taxpayer dollars being used in both Mississippi and North Carolina.”

Last year, Muoio was one of a handful of mayors who announced a similar travel ban to the state of Indiana, following the

wake of Indiana’s passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,

As the result of pressure placed on Indiana by civic leaders, businesses, and numerous other entities, the Indiana Legislature promptly amended the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,by specifying that the law could not be used as a legal defense to discriminate against patrons based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Following Muoio’s announcement this morning, travel bans to Mississippi have been implemented by the governors of Minnesota, New York, Vermont and Washington as well as the mayors of.San Francisco and Seattle

Media provided by – Gay Media and Press Network.

LGBT Rights Milestones Fast Facts

LGBT couples are still struggling for their rights and identity. Despite, the long battle, few have won the battle and some courageous people are still fighting. The whole movement is a roller-coaster ride for them. Smiles, tears, hopes, dreams and enthusiasm all are available in the entire battle to get the equal rights in the society.

Major facts on LGBT movement

LGBT movement now becomes a never ending process. However, it is nationally legal. Here are some important facts and milestones of this movement.


It was just a beginning of this movement. ‘Henry Gerber’ and ‘Harry Hay’ was the people who took this movement on the different level. They founded societies for the LGBT’s rights. Their societies were mainly focused on communal approval and other support for the LGBT people. During these years, the LGBT community was known as a person who is down with Sociopathic personality disorder. That time president Eisenhower signs an order that bans LGBT’s from the departments of national government. In the year of 1961, Illinois state legalizes LGBT by revoking their sodomy laws. In 1967, ‘the Los Angeles Advocate’ discovered and after a few times it was renamed as ‘the advocate’. It is one of the oldest publication for LGBT rights. Their newsletter is better-known as PRIDE (Personal Rights in Defense and Education).civil_rights_march_on_washington_d-c-_dr-_martin_luther_king_jr-_and_mathew_ahmann_in_a_crowd-_-_nara_-_542015_-_restoration


These 20 years were the crucial years of the movement. In 1973, Lambda becomes the 1st organization legally to fight for the equality for the LGBT community. In the same year, Maryland banned the LGBT marriage and becomes the first state of such order. Another major turn comes across in the same year when 3,810 out of 5,854 votes helped to remove homosexuality from the psychological disorder’s list. 1974 is another key year for the movement as the 1st national gay rights bill is introduced to deal with inequity based on sexuality. The bill afterward goes to the ‘Judiciary Committee’, but unfortunately is never brought for deliberation.


Another roller coaster decade for the movement. ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy was signed by president Clinton in the year of 1993. After 3 years of this policy, Clinton sings another act in which he defines the meaning of marriage as a ‘lawful union between one woman and man as a wife and husband’. He also banned the LGBT marriages. But, after 2 months of the act, Hawaii identifies as a first state to provide the same rights to LGBT as normal married couples. In 1997, comedian, ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ comes out in the favor of LGBT as a lesbian on the cover page of ‘time magazine’.


Vermont legalizes civil-unions between the LGBT couples in the year of 2000. After so many exams, first LGBT community marriage was held in 2004 in Massachusetts. Finally, in 2005, California parliament passes a bill to allow the marriages of the LGBT community. The society and rules became more flexible with the time. In 2006, New Jersey Supreme Court asks for the equal benefits and rights to the same-sex couples.

2011-till now

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ was canceled in September 2011. The massive success of this movement was when sitting president Obama openly supports the LGBT marriages.

Since the things have improved and changed a lot. Many things are going in the favor of LGBT couples. Hopefully, they will not wander for their basic rights anymore.

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Special Concerns of LGBT Caregivers

As the Americans live longer much attention is paid to the concern related to caregivers. There are some unique consideration in this regards. Some of the issues include lesbian, transgender and gay who are dealing with the problem of aging.

Caregiving effects for families:

There are many Transgenders from very reputed and good, rich families do not like keeping them at home and they put them in the Caregiving houses. It is so much like an old age home for old people. This is meant for socially discarded people whose family do not want to give them any recognition. Since they are almost discarded by their families they say friends are their chosen family, they believe that they have stayed by their side at times of need and have helped them every time.

As they are a member of the original family and chosen family it creates such situation where a person care primarily become the caregiver for his spouse or some close friend who is also an LGBT. This will give them a positive feeling and a sense of freedom at a time. Most of the caregivers are likely to go for this profession life long or they choose this on a temporary basis.   caregiver

Some of the concerns of LGBT caregivers:

  • They aim at providing homely comforts
  • They will give you minimum of employment
  • They will treat you well and make you feel good

How to find supportive and caring health care provider:

Being a caregiver a time may come when you will have to give extra care to your loved ones. You can get paid care and nursing facilities at every stage of life. But trusting in your care from a stranger can be different from the loved ones. This may further increase isolation and can hamper mental health. LGBT is really neglected from the society and are generally looked down.This act of society demoralizes them. For such reasons it is necessary to do basic research about the person, should try knowing the likes and dislikes of a person for whom you are working for. All these will help you to take good care of the person.

home care of the old ladyIf you want to grab knowledge about them, the best would be to interact with LGBT people and ask them all your queries. You can even ask your and colleagues and friends who have ever faced such circumstances. You can also make a note of certain people who you think you can rely upon. The Same way the local and nearby LGBT Community centers and some advocated can provide youappropriate information. Yet another way to contact them could be through Lesbian Medical Association of where you could get ample of information which could be useful for the whole project.Once you have the list in your hand you will have a brief idea of how to apply the complete procedure on the LGBT. They always focus on giving every possible comport to the socially discarded people. They care for them and give them a better life.

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Challenges For LGBT People In The Workplace And How To Overcome Them

LGBT is a short form to the initialism which stands for lesbian, bisexual, gay and a transgender. It was a term used to replace the word gay with reference to the LGBT community. Most of the activist believes, using the term gay community was not appropriate for the whole community it referred. This term has been widely accepted by this community and media of the United states. This category is a very wide group of classification. Many English speaking countries have accepted the usage of this term.

Challenges faced by LGBT in the workplace:

challengeThe transgender and Gay individuals face a lot of discrimination in their workplace. They have to waste half of their energy only in hiding the fact that they fall under that community. Through studies, it has been figured out that almost 15-43% have had the experience of harassment and discrimination at work place. Such workplace abuses pose the real threat and it hampers the economic security of transgender and gay workers. Social workers should work on passing the law of Employment Non-Discrimination Act so that all the workers should be judged based on their skills and ability to work not on their gender. There are many countries where this is practiced on a large scale. Such things give a very bad impact on their work also.

A renowned university in US has done a survey on this regards and have found the below given facts about LGBT.

Some of the points that were noted during the survey:

  • 15-43% of the transgender had faced some kind discrimination while on the job
  • 8-17% of them have been fired out of their job when the higher authority came to know about their gender
  • 10-28% got negative performance based evaluation and their promotion was also delayed or skipped
  • 7-41% were verbally abused and looked down upon

Some of the straight co-workers have also noticed these kind of discrimination among the workers. It goes from 12%-30% in the workplace. Various experiments have also proved consistent evidences

Challenges Ahead

of the discrimination at workplace. As compared to gays and lesbians, the transgender individual faces discrimination at higher levels in the workplace.

Some universal problems at work place:

  • 90% of LGBT had faced harassment
  • 47% had faced the adverse outcome of the job just because they are Transgenders

Behind all these statistics, there are many heartbreaking stories. They are really ill-treated in most parts of the world. They individually suffer a lot in terms of socioeconomic inequalities due to the indiscrimination at the work place. This also causes the instability of the person’s life and it greatly results in the unemployment of the county they live in. There come a lot of the  wage gap between the straight and the gay workers. Thus, this has made many of them homeless and they had to beg or steal for earning their livelihood. They pass their miserably only because of the inequality done to them. If you talk about their capabilities they are no less than the straight workers who live a peaceful life.

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8 Major Obstacles to Equality That LGBT Americans Still Face


LGBT Americans stands for Lesbians, Gays, bisexual and transgender Americans. LGBT rights in the United States got legalized on 26th June, 2003.The passing of this right meant that sexual activity between the people of the same gender and having a relationship with the people of the same gender is legally accepted.Though LGBT laws that are related to anti-discrimination and family issues may still differ from state to state. This law was accepted by many people, happily with parades going all over the state, but there are certain issues related to this law that needs to be figured out.

Though marrying in the same gender came as a big victory to all the people around in the world , but, 5fe1a6359c0fd24f241d27b4d40ca46bLGBT rights are more than just marrying in the same gender. LGBT Americans still face lots of inequality issues, high rate of violence, poverty and racial discrimination. About 20 states and still counting now have recognized marriages in the same gender, but still LGBT Americans face a number of problems on a daily basis.

Issues that LGBT Americans face

  1. LGBT Americans, mostly get fired off their jobs

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it will come as a surprise to you that LGBT Americans don’t have any employment laws that protect them. They can be fired anytime due to their sexual choices of gender.No Employment Non-Discrimination Act has been passed yet regarding this concern.

  1. LGBT Americans are denied public accommodations

rochester_americans-svgDue to their gender identity, they are denied certain public accommodations like ordering customized goods for themselves or getting admitted to work in a movie theatre. None of the 29 states have a law to protect the LGBT Americans.

  1. About more than 20 states still don’t have protection against gender identity and sexual preferences

Despite of Hate Crime Prevention Act being passed, in about more than 20 states there is still no protected law for people who are not heterosexual. Non-cisgender.

  1. Gays that are sexually active cannot donate their blood

The Food and Drug Administration has lifetime banned sexually active gay men for blood band donation.But now, the FDA is considering to remove this ban as two largest blood banks have opposed this act and also because blood banks faces lots of supply shortages.This policy of banning is a very homophobic act.

  1. Consensual sex is still considered illegal in some states

About 12 states still ban anal sex and some states gay men are still arrested and accused of simply having sex.

  1. Same-sex parents are not given the custody rights

Most of the states still don’t give the custody rights to the second spouse as a parent in a same-sex marriage. Most of the cases this happens because the same sex marriage is still not legally 21618005_mlrecognized.

  1. LGBT Americans are not accepted by most of the religions

LGBT Americans are told that their sexual acts, and expressions are against the god and they are boycotted from all the religious practices. Even heterosexual religious leaders  that support gay marriages get to face awful consequences.

  1. Sex Education doesn’t include about gays and lesbians

In most of the schools, the students aren’t told about sexual feeling one can develop for the people of the same sex. This in a way portrays that these matters are still a matter of embarrassment for people and can’t be discussed in public.

Despite so many laws passed, they are many same gender couples that still struggle daily and face a lot of problems.So, LGBT Americans should be treated like normal persons only and should be accountable for each and every human right.

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Beyond Stereotypes: Poverty in the LGBT Community

LGBT couples are struggling worldwide to find their own identity and some respect. After enduring a lot, now few couples successfully get the acceptances while some are still fighting with their financial conditions due to social rejection. This fact shouldn’t be so surprising as they are born in every type of the family.

Economical condition of LGBT community

cost-effectiveLGBT people face different hurdles in the society due to their sexual identity. There are many problems such as harassment, homeless at the young age, inequality in school-college and workplace are the major reasons behind their poor economic conditions. Here are some facts of LGBT poverty.

  • Lesbians: In the United States, there are around 9 million LGBT people. Almost half of this number is bisexual women and lesbian. More than 24% lesbians and bisexual ladies are in such a poor condition. However, 19% heterosexual women are poor. They not only face issues in their own homes, but also face discrimination in the schools and workplaces too. They also get the lowest wages than other women. It is the major reason behind their poor financial condition.
  • Young and older LGBT: Not only lesbians, but LGBT people of different ages are economically weak. A study of the US says that around 1.6 million people experience homelessness and around 20-40% are from the LGBT community. According to a survey, 28% LGBT couples are disabled, 6% are receiving medication for their illness from the government due to low-income sources and around 7% couples are 65 or above the age.
  • p748246285-5Different couples of color: In 2000, Williams Institute analyzed the conditions of the LGBT community. In their analysis, they found that out of 8, one couple is people of color. African-American LGBT couples are poorer than the married heterosexual African-American couples. Non-American LGBT couples are poorer than the white LGBT couples.
  • Parents and their children: Around 17% of the LGBT couples are lifting their “own” kids now. An Institute of America did a research and have constantly revealed that kids of the LGBT couples have more deficiency rates than the children of heterosexual married couples. For these LGBT poor families, being deprived of the lawful defenses and financial protection offered to wedded couples and parents and kids could put into superior scarcity rates.labordiscrimination
  • Transgender or transsexual people: A national transgender discrimination survey was conducted by an organization to figure out the financial conditions of the transgender people. The results are quite shocking. They are 4 times as possibly to have a household earning under $10,000 and two times as probably to be without a job as the usual individual in the United States 90% of those surveyed informed that they faced mistreatment, harassment or inequity in the workplace due to such sexual orientation. Approximately one in five informed being on the streets at some specific point of times in their lives.

Everyone should understand that LGBT couples are also human beings exactly like us. We should treat them appropriately because they also have the rights to spend their lives in peace. It’s time to break the myths and give them equal rights so that they don’t feel ignored and isolated.


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4 LGBT Issues to Focus on Now That We Have Marriage Equality

Same sex marriage legally is a great victory in the world’s history. Still American LGBT faces many cases of discrimination based on this. Due to this they end up leading a very poor life. The society is not ready to accept them legally and they have already made choices in their life. Even though the Supreme Court is in favor of LGBT marriages but still there are many people who are against this.

4 LGBT Issues to Focus on Now That We Have Marriage Equality:

1). Violence- Many of the Transgenders have to face much violence in their day to day life. Some in the family some in their social life. They are treated in such a way as if they are a curse to the society. As compared to straight people they face many problems. As per the FBI 21% of the world faces sexual harassment and ill-treatment. This problem is growing rapidly these days. Transgender women have faced 50% of homicide cases. Seven transgender women were murdered in the United States in just one month span. One of the major reasons behind all the disturbance is just that they are LGBT. This means there must be nearly one murder a british-riots-spread-on-third-night-of-violenceweek.

2). Discrimination in employment– As per the latest survey done, LGBT were found saying that their employer treated them badly just because they were Transgenders. It is true that they are treated very badly in offices and workplaces. Most of them do not get promotions just because of this this is a real scene of inequality. They are very ill treated and sexually harassed. 47% of the world’s population say that they were fired only on this ground that they were LGBT. This rate goes high day by day and it is almost unmanageable. They are distinguished on the basis of colors too.

3). Poverty– There is much poverty in the world due to this social discrimination. Many researches have proved that this kind of discrimination has adverse effect on the economy of the country. All the poor Transgenders are getting poorer day by day. They do not have any source of earning.This leads to homelessness, poor health and imbalanced economy of the country. Rather than judging on their gender they should be judged based on their working ability. Their life has become very miserable after such discriminations made.

4). Health Care- By facing social discrimination LGBT community has become very disheartened and they are gradually loosing their health.

Ecstatic group of doctors.

They do not even have enough money to do their treatment. As compared to straight people, transgender are more likely to face certain health issues. They need complete and good care as they are prone to some chronic diseases.

Since the government have approved for the marriage equalities these were some points that have to be taken care of. These are some of the major issues they face. Apart from these they face some cases of abuse and harassment every now and then. These issues are to be handled very carefully.


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What’s next: 7 Issues Facing The LGBT Community After Marriage Equality

LGBT Americans stands for Lesbians, Gays, bisexual and transgender Americans.LGBT rights were passed in the United States on 26th June, 2003.By passing of this right, it meant that sexual activity between the people of the same gender and having a relationship with the people of the same gender was now legally acceptable. This law was seen being accepted by many people , but still there are lots of issues that LGBT Americans tend to face.

LGBT rights are just not only the rights given to marry the person you love of the same gender. LGBT Americans should be provided with enough justice related to many problem they get to face on a daily basis in life.

Issues that LGBT Americans face other than marriage equality

  1. The Discrimination faced by LGBT Americanspapaver in High Wood

Only about 22 states have made discrimination on the basis of sexual preferences. In many states, gay couples get married in the morning and by afternoon or evening they get fired or evicted.

  1. More suicide rate in LGBT Youth

Among the Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders and bisexual, the suicide rate is almost four times more as compared to the straight youth.

3 . Most of the LGBT Americans are homelesse76cf-afcrallyoctober20112b021a

Around 40% of the American youth that is homeless is recognized as LGBT.68% of the kids that are thrown out of their homes by families are because of their sexual nature and gender preferences.All these incidents lead to many physical, mental and health issues on the minds of the LGBT youth.

4.There should be trans-equality among LGBT Americans

Though there is a huge amount of trans awareness , but no awareness helps when it comes to taking political actions. The government has to work on many issues like update of birth certificates and other needed documents. All this should be done with the help and concern of the community as well.It should be made sure that discrimination laws contain gender identities as well as various sexual preferences.

  1. Violences issues that LGBT face

Violence is experienced at a much higher rate by LGBT Americans than heterosexual people.FBI reports that more than 20% of the hate crimes that have been reported , the reasons for them have been because of sexual orientation and gender identity. Police departments around the country need training in order to prevent the LGBT victims.

  1. LGBT faces issues while adopting a child

willowfamily-3326-recoveredThought LGBT marriage has been approved, but still there are still some barriers in every states that they have to face. If a same gender couple wants to adopt a child they can’t as in many states child custody rights are not provided to the second spouse of the same gender.They should definitely be provided this right as there have been studies that show that its not necessary that a child needs a mom and dad, he/she only needs a loving home.

  1. Justice should be provided to LGBT

Many transgender people live in poverty, almost four times that of the rate of heterosexuals. LGBT people earn an income of about less than $10,000 per annum. Also, they are constantly abused, criticized, assaulted, harassed and even their families cut off from them. There should be a realization among the people that they have to accept, bring and be the change. Justice should be provided to LGBT Americans, they haven’t committed any crime that they have to be treated this way.

These are some of the few issues that should be focused on. Only passing a law won’t help, various people, communities and government should accept these and give LGBT the rights that they deserve.

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History Of Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Social Movements In The US

The United States is the superpower. There are so many burning topics to discuss. Among all, LGBT movement is the hottest one. LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender movements started in the initial years of the 20th Century. The movements have been influential globally in getting communal development for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender or transsexual people. The complete movement has come across with so many ups and downs during the progression.

Early history:

lgbt_employment_discrimination_law_in_the_united_states-svgThe LGBT movement was started for the complete recognition of LGBT people in society. It was a social movement and complete political ideology. Social equity was the only aim of this worldwide movement that began from the United States in the year of 1988.

After facing so many years of inequity and unimportance from other civilization, these LGBT people are struggling to get same rights like others. Marriage right is one of the major points of this particular movement. The United States has been more approachable to this LGBT movement than other countries, but inequity is still controlling many people’s philosophies and point of views.

21st Century and the present scenario of LGBT movement:

After so many ups and downs, the face of LGBT movement has been changed a lot. It was started in the 20th century and the fight for the equality is still going on. The movement is in the 21st century now and challenges are almost same in many countries even in the United States. However, this century became a gradually more significant time for this movement and the rights of the LGBT community. In the year of 2004, Massachusetts became the first state in the United States to authorize and subject wedding licenses for same-sex or LGBT couples. A year before, the Supreme Court of the country lined in the matter of ‘Lawrence V Texas’ that consensual sexual actions between mature people were sheltered in the 14th Amendment. Hence, each anti-sodomy law in the country was delivered unlawfully.

Situations between 2008-till now:

The remarkable turn of the entire movement came in the year of 2008 when the supreme court of California state underlined that earlier suggestion, which expelled the validation of same-sex or LGBT marriage in the state California was illegal under the constitution of the United States. Around 18,000 LGBT couples then got the lawful licenses from the center_homepage_2May to November in the same year. On the other hand, another state was banned the LGBT marriages. That notification gained so much protest and a huge number of legal fights.

The main turning point came across at the beginning of 2010 when the cases of suicides among the LGBT teenagers and children rise due to bullying and insults. Many NGO’s and activists raised their voice regarding this issue. ‘Dave Savage’ founded ‘it gets better project’ for the better conditions of LGBT teenagers and children in public schools and college. It was one of the most successful projects. 2015 was the most remarkable year for the movement as the Supreme Court legalized the LGBT marriages nationally.

The battle of LGBT rights will not end here. It is just a beginning. There are many issues in the pathway of the success. Hope they all will resolve soon.

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