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Indie Orlando LGBT Artist Craymo wins Best Song for Anti-Bullying Anthem in Worldwide Music Contest

Be Myself CD Single Cover

( Orlando, FL 12/19/2017 Anti bullying song Be Myself
Indie Orlando singer/songwriter recently won Best Song for his anti-bullying dance pop anthem Be Myself in the 3rd edition of the original songwriting competition the Worldwide Music Contest out of over 1200 entries from songwriters all over the world. Be Myself is an inspirational electronic pop anthem about embracing your individuality. Craymo dedicates the song to anyone who has ever been bullied, teased or made fun of for being different.

Craymo is a LGBT artist and was bullied growing up for being gay and also for wearing glasses. Craymo says: “I grew up gay and was bullied and teased as a teenager and young adult and had to pretend that I was straight to keep from being bullied, verbally and physically. I wanted to give back and create a song about embracing your individuality, an empowering song about courage to possibly help those who may be going through the same things with their self-confidence. I want to let kids know that it is OK to be different, it’s OK to just be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.” Gary Root, reviewer for Skope Magazine summed it up: “Craymo makes musical magic with a message in this upbeat, dance party with passion and purpose. In music, breaking rules and challenging conventional wisdom are often deliberate efforts to establish a marketing niche, but for Craymo it probably feels more like natural state of mind and being.”

“Be Myself” serves up an inviting pop dance number geared to blending 1980’s pop like George Michael and some of today’s chart topping music like Olly Murs, Will Young, Ronan Keating, Robbie Williams and Maroon 5. Be Myself also won Best Pop/Rock Song in the August 2015 Akademia Music Awards and was a finalist for Best Pop Song in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards and finalist for Best Pop Song in the 2015 Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Be Myself also recently held the #2 position on the Euro Indie Music Chart.

Learn more about Craymo’s music and purchase Be Myself at


Craymo is an inspirational singer/songwriter that writes and performs uplifting alternative pop songs about life and love. His single One Love One World (We Are One) promotes equality, diversity, human rights and world peace. The song is a featured download on the UNESCO website New Songs For Peace and has been performed by children at their schools all over the world. One Love One World was also used as a learning aid to help teach English to students in Pang Liu Village in China. Craymo has been an opening act for Smashmouth and appeared as a male vocalist on Star Search ’89 with Ed McMahon. His songs have been licensed in several TV shows including The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC), Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada), The Orlando Citrus Parade (Synd) and many indie films including Lucky Dog,Culture Shock, Gabe The Cupid Dog, Miss Castaway and Paper Thin Immortals. Craymo’s song Moment won Best Alternative Recording in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards. Moment is a song that promotes suicide prevention awareness and he wrote the song after his first cousin took his own life with the hope that it might help prevent others from doing the same. The music video for Be Myself was directed by Stas Ivanov and is available on YouTube and Vevo.


A Queer Reading of Joseph

Karin Hügel published her article “A Queer Reading of Joseph: Jewish Interpretations of the Beautiful Young Man in the Hebrew Bible” in Biblische Notizen 157 in the course of her researches into queer readings of the Hebrew Bible.

She has given a lecture on a queer reading of Joseph at the Winter meeting of The Old Testament Society in the Netherlands and in Belgium (OTW) at the Free University of Amsterdam on February 2, 2012.

The author offers queer readings of the beautiful young Joseph in the Hebrew Bible focusing on later Jewish interpretations of the biblical Joseph narrative. These interpretations can be captured under three headings, viz.(1) “Joseph being an effeminate youth”, i.e. interpretations of Gen 37:2 and Gen 39:6; (2) “Potipharbuys Joseph in order to have sex with him”, i.e. interpretations of Gen 39:1; and (3) “the beautiful Joseph ignores women”, i.e. interpretations of Gen 49:22.

Karin Hügel, “Eine queere Lektüre von Josef: Jüdische Interpretationen des schönen jungen Manns aus der Hebräischen Bibel”, in: Biblische Notizen 157, Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau 2013, 69-99.

The author is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and an external member of ASCA, that is the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, and of ARC-GS, that is the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality. The provisional title of her dissertation is “Queer Readings of the Hebrew Bible” (“Queere Lesarten der Hebräischen Bibel”) – it will be written in German.

International Jock “Made in USA” Sale Supports American Workers

International Jock Made in USA Sale

International Jock Made in USA Sale

internationaljock1 internationaljock2 internationaljock3 internationaljock4 internationaljock5 internationaljock6 internationaljock7 internationaljock8 internationaljock9


Los Angeles, California

July 1, 2013

International Jock “Made in USA” Sale Supports American Workers

Forget fireworks. Celebrate at International Jock, the Internet’s largest men’s underwear and swimwear retailer, where all American-made brands are on sale now.

Head on over to Los Angeles-based International Jock where every brand that’s “Made in America” is 25% off during the first week of July. With Independence Day upon us, International Jock suggests it’s time to take a peek at exactly where “American” underwear is coming from. Most underwear and swimwear isn’t born on U.S. soil. Nearly 98% of the clothes sold in the States are made overseas. With so much fashion created outside America, International Jock’s “Made in USA” sale makes it easier than ever to support those companies who have stayed loyal to the USA.

International Jock carries brands from all over the world and has always made it a point to seek out and support American manufacturers. The company carries an extensive line of fashion brands made exclusively in America and has seen a growing customer demand for American goods.  Hot-selling “Made in USA” brands like Go Softwear, Sauvage Swimwear, and LA Sporting Club are just a few of the trendy designers that are currently burning up the charts at International Jock.

In a competitive retail environment where it can be financially enticing to move garment production out of the country, these brands have chosen to keep their manufacturing stateside despite various challenges. Greg Olvera, the president of Go Softwear, says that his company has been designing and manufacturing their clothing in downtown Los Angeles since 1996. “Manufacturing in the USA has its challenges, one being higher labor and material cost,” he says. “However, the benefits are better quality control, quick reaction time, minimal barriers, exclusivity, and most importantly, keeping jobs in the USA. And our customers love it!”

Not only does American production result in better quality assurance, but it is also great for the economy. Mike McGinley, CEO of LA Sporting Club, addresses the advantages of keeping clothing manufacturing in the U.S.: “Besides the immediate benefit that local workers receive with their paycheck, this income gets put back into the U.S. economy by giving them money to spend at local restaurants and stores.”

In addition to helping the economy and expanding U.S. exports (International Jock ships these brands all over the world), making garments in the same country where people buy them gives designers the upper hand in meeting consumers’ needs. McGinley explains, “If our customer wants a lime green swimsuit, chances are it isn’t being made by the thousands overseas. We, however, can fill that niche with our smaller, more unique production runs. LASC owners, managers and employees are tapped into the mainstream market and know what is happening in style trends in Europe and in the metro U.S. markets even before the average consumer knows what to expect in the coming seasons.”

While many clothing designers are American born and raised, others arrived in America and have remained faithful ever since. Sami Tarrab, the president of Pistol Pete, moved to the States with his family to pursue a better life. When it comes to why designers choose the patriotic route and stick to manufacturing on American soil, perhaps Tarrab says it best:

“We are at a price disadvantage when competing for stores and shelf space with brands made in China, India, or other countries. But producing in the USA affords us so much more: the ability to develop strong relationships with our contractors and attain amazing production turnaround, all while respecting the dignity of those we employ and caring for our environment.”

So, how does the future look for American clothing manufacturing? “Garment work is coming back to the U.S., as manufacturers realize that costs associated with shipping from overseas are increasing,” says Simon Southwood, the Vice-President of Sauvage Swimwear. “And, the public is more aware, and given the choice, will buy American.” International Jock has made that choice easier and more affordable than ever by lowering the prices on all of their American brands and identifying them with prominent “Made in USA” logos.

When pulling on their favorite pair of briefs, American men need to remember that those undies support more than what’s between their legs.


About International Jock

Established in 2000 and based in Los Angeles, California, International Jock focuses on premium quality merchandise from America and across the globe. Since its establishment, the company has become the largest and most successful men’s underwear and swimwear specialist on the Internet. International Jock also carries athletic wear, loungewear and denim in their vast collection, offering everything from major brands to rare novelty items.


Media Contact:

Christina Kharbertyan





Tammy Baldwin Elected First Gay U.S. Senator

( New York, NY, November 7, 2012 – GLAAD today responded to historic wins for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans. President Barack Obama won re-election after becoming the first acting president to voice support for marriage equality. Voters in Maine and Maryland affirmed marriage for gay and lesbian couples. This is the first time that voters in any state voted in favor of marriage equality. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin also became the first out gay U.S. Senator.

For more information visit

“Visibility and progress for LGBT people have grown under President Obama and now that momentum must continue,” said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. “LGBT people deserve full equality in every aspect of American life and President Obama, in his second term, should take every concrete step within his power to make it so.”

Mainers United for Marriage and Marylanders for Marriage Equality joined national media in declaring victory for marriage equality in their states. Results of votes for marriage equality in Washington and against a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality in Minnesota have not been announced.

“Voters in Maine and Maryland have shown that full equality for gay and lesbian people is no longer a partisan issue but an issue of human dignity,” said Graddick. “The claims made by anti-gay activists that voters would never embrace marriage for gay and lesbian couples could not be further from the truth. Across lines of politics, race, religion and gender, voters in Maryland and Maine today demonstrated that marriage equality is becoming a real part of American history.”

In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin became the first out gay U.S. Senator.

“Tonight, Tammy Baldwin made history and shone a bright light across America.  No longer is the United States Senate a place for only a select few but for every citizen, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans,” said Graddick. “Baldwin’s victory showed what a majority of Americans already know: that candidates should be judged on their qualifications for the job and not their sexual orientation.”

For more information visit:

About GLAAD: The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping grassroots organizations communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality. For more information, please visit or connect with GLAAD on Facebook and Twitter.

Rich Ferraro
Vice President of Communications, GLAAD
(646) 871-8011

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( Los Angeles, California  – Film Heart Of A Woman, based off Memoir I Rise by Toni Newman (which has been critically acclaimed) to be shot in October 2012. The Heart Of A Woman is Feature Film based off Chapter: 7 (The Erotic Professionals) in the book I Rise about three very different individuals (Terri, Derrick, and Pamela) living in Los Angeles, and engaged to some degree or another in the sex industry. This powerful drama capitalizes on the ongoing struggle for understanding and survival; in a city that oftentimes takes no prisoners physically, emotionally and spiritually, the characters from Heart Of A Womanpersevere. The film promotes equal rights and freedoms for Transgenders in the United States.

Angelica RossHeart of a Woman will be Directed by British Director Keith Holland and Executive Producers are Jay Gira (Form Theory Productions), Alton Demore (SPI Productions) and Shahid Manning (Millennia Scope Entertainment). The Head Writer is George P. Saunders with writer Earl Minfield. Casting Director is Dea Vise. The Publicist to the Book and Film is Kayo Anderson of Kayo Anderson Media. The film is scheduled to be shot in October 2012 in Los Angeles.

The All Star Cast for Film Heart of a Woman are:
ANGELICA ROSS (Terri) -Transgender ActressSinger/Songwriter Angelica Ross studied theater at Florida Atlantic University. Her 1 woman show, “From Where You Are” has allowed her to travel all over the United States. . Angelica Ross is a Singer/Songwriter/ Storyteller who plays the guitar and piano and has 4 wonderful original songs now available on Some of her original songs will be included in the film Heart of a Woman.

Angelica Rosstalks about her journey from smart accelerated student, to the hard life on the streets, to rebuilding herself from ground up, building a business, and falling in love as a black transgender . Her main message is that from wherever you are, no matter what it looks like, if you stay open, and grateful, and present for whatever the time or lesson is, then you will gain the courage, power & knowledge to withstand and overcome anything, to become anything. This is the central theme of the Memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman and Film Heart of a Woman that you can overcome obstacles no matter how insurmountable they may be.

Rachel Sterling RACHEL STERLING(Pamela) – Rachel Sterling had a recurring role on Show True Blood this year. Rachel is best known for comedic roles in THE WEDDING CRASHERS, RENO 911!, FX series WILFRED and HBO Presents FUNNIE OR DIE. Being an avid horror film fan Rachel made her debut to the horror world with the film THE HELPERS. Rachel has made guest appearances on shows House, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS and Private Practice. The former member of the original Pussy Cat Dolls has graced the pages of Maxim, Esquire, FHM, Stuff, Italian Vogue, and posed in Playboy Magazine in May 2006.

Daniel Sobieray DANIEL SOBIERAY(Derrick) – Daniel Sobieray is former Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss Model and fashion model in Europe for 1 year and Appeared on Soap All My Children for 2 years. Daniel is currently appearing on the Lifetime Show “The Client List* with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Appearing in new TNT pilot “Major Crimes” which is spinoff of the Closer coming out this summer. His movie Kamikaze Love by Director Zalman King comes out later this year. Daniel Sobieray is a Passionate Actor who believes in Equality for All Persons.

Elisabeth Rohm ELISABETH ROHM (Sasha) – Actress Elisabeth Rohm, known for her portrayal of District Attorney Southerlyn on NBC’s Law & Order has officially signed on to the highly anticipated Heart of a Woman. Elisabeth has starred in over forty of Hollywood’s top productions, including Heroes, CSI: Miami, Angel, Big Shots, and Miss Congeniality 2. Most recently Elisabeth has appeared as a regular on the recent Lifetime hit dramatic series The Client List starring alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt. Elisabeth will also be appearing in the highly anticipated TV conclusion to the Lake Placid franchise due out later this year, starring as Sheriff Theresa Giove.

Leslie Jones LESLIE JONES(Dawn) – Leslie performs her wild and crazy standup for comedy clubs and television audiences both nationwide and internationally with appearances on Showtime at the Apollo, BET’s Comicview, the international hot television show Comedy Factor and HBO’s Def Comedy Jam 2006. VIBE magazine featured her with a five-page article and photo spread. Her extensive physical training in collegiate basketball, running, swimming and volleyball play major roles in Leslie’s comedy antics.

Other Notable Actors in the film are British Actress Serena Lorien, Dave Vescio, Steve Eastin, Joe Thornton Jr, Laura Soares, Alec Mapa, Jason Stuart, Melyssa Ford, Glenda Redfield, Katarina Leigh Waters, Trae Ireland, Aerin O’Connell, Jose Rosete, Mavrick Von Haug, Matt Nordgren and Robert Paul Taylor.

Original music by Songtress Angelica Ross, Rocker ESH, Balladeer Thinkdep, Milwuakee Rapper Legendary KCO (Killa Cross) and New Wave Juan Acevedo.

For more information on the film or get involved with this Independent Feature Film email or contact Publicist Kayo Anderson 310.405.9839.

Media provided by – Gay News Media and Press Network.

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