Month: November 2014

Adam Lambert And Queen Confirmed For X FACTOR Tonight

Openly gay Adam Lambert and Queen will be putting in an appearance on this year's X FACTOR Tonight

The epic superstars are due to perform on X FACTOR tonight to celebrate the announcement of three more dates on their European tour.

In what is certain to be among next year’s most sought out music events, Queen + Adam Lambert will reign over a six-week long set of dates across Europe beginning mid January.

Having only earlier this month wound down a sold out world tour taking in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and outdoor festival stops in Korea and Japan, Queen + Adam Lambert are sparing no time in taking their critically-hailed partnership back on the road.


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Adam Lambert Over The Year - he was such a cute kid!

Coming two years after May, Taylor and Lambert last performed a short tour together of the UK and Europe, this lengthier outing will see Queen + Adam Lambert perform 21 shows in 10 countries. The band’s tour opens in the UK at Newcastle Arena on January 13 and will see the band play a total of seven shows across the UK including London’s O2 Arena. The tour then takes in France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, and Czech Republic and ends February 19 in Switzerland at Zurich’s Hallenstadion.

COMMENT: This Not A Lecture About Safe Sex

It would be easy to preach.

Photograph by Stephen Pictureman

At the time of writing this (late November 2014), I'm a man in my early 40's and as of my last test roughly 3 months ago, I'm HIV negative. So well done me. Do please bear with while I heartily congratulate myself and launch into an impassioned yet slightly smug sermon about the benefits of practicing protected sex.

Except doing that would make me a hypocrite.

Because can I say in total honesty that every single time I've had penetrative sex in my life it's always been safe? Nope, I can't. And this includes one incident that was relatively recent. I like to think I'm well informed, God knows I know the risks and still it happened. Of course ask right now and I will say that it would be a deal breaker for me. I've had enough conversations insisting on condoms with potential partners in the past. Plus I seem to recall writing ''safe only'' often enough on various hook up site profiles. Which is as close as one can get to going on the record.

Hell, I even once promoted a men only club night in a straight venue and insisted on safer sex packs because I felt strongly that we should be seen to be being responsible when taking guys 5 quid entry fee on the door. One million social conscious brownie points for me right there.


So, why are so many gay men against PrEP?

Gay men keep bucking the downward HIV infection trend

Does your HIV knowledge need updating? Are you still living in the 80s?

So taking that all into account, how come it still happened? Placing the blame on too much alcohol is lazy and frankly not even half the story. So why? Truth be told, we were naked and saying “Stop'' to have the condom conversation felt like it would kill the moment dead. And that voice in the back of my head said that it would be okay. Just this once...

Like I say, it would be easy to lecture. But I would be awfully naive to believe that anyone is going to go away and rethink their sexual behaviour based on anything I write here in a relatively short opinion piece. I'm no saint and certainly no expert on public health. So I am going to speak solely for myself.

This is what I think now; I hated the fact I put myself in that position. I hated the ''Oh Shit'' feeling the next day and that heightened sense of uncertainty waiting at the drop-in clinic. Most of all I hated the fact I betrayed the memories of the friends I've lost, the friends we've all lost, through being too drunk and too needy one night. Like I'd learnt nothing.

To repeat, I speak for no one but myself. We all have our own reasons for marking World Aids Day. For some it is a moment to mourn absent friends and lovers taken too soon. For others it is anger and activism that drives them. We have all read plenty this past year of how there remain far too many parts of the world where the basic human rights of the LGBT community are being eroded to a point of non existence. In the case of our brothers and sisters who are HIV positive, the situation is even more desperate.

Hell, you can even make a case that a few show up at the vigils to check out cute boys looking sad.

But whatever the reason, we are there every 1st December in our thousands. And I know why I'm there. It's a show of love, grief and respect for those that walked before me and fell along the way. And for those who still live every day with the shadow of HIV hovering just in sight.

And after a couple of moments of stupidity, relief. Pure, simple, selfish, relief.

Photograph by Stephen Pictureman

by Richard Glenn

Coco Has Advice For You – Loose Weight And Wear Lippy

Have you got the Sunday blues and feel like you have made poor choices in your life?

Then we have the answer to ALL your problems i.e. JUST ADD COCO.

Our beloved Miss Coco Peru, the Queen of good advice (and many other things too) has brought out an hilarious new video that doesn’t just point out where you are going wrong, but gives you all the answers. Well, actually it’s the same one, but click the video and you’ll see just why.


40-Year-Old Robbie Williams shows his ass for new album launch... Should he have?

Britain's first Muslim drag queen has Eurovision hopes. Can she pull a Conchita?

Interview with Varla Jean Merman

Coco Has Advice For You – Lose Weight And Wear Lippy

Have you got the Sunday blues and feel like you have made poor choices in your life?

Then we have the answer to ALL your problems i.e. JUST ADD COCO.

Our beloved Miss Coco Peru, the Queen of good advice (and many other things too) has brought out an hilarious new video that doesn’t just point out where you are going wrong, but gives you all the answers. Well, actually it’s the same one, but click the video and you’ll see just why.


40-Year-Old Robbie Williams shows his ass for new album launch... Should he have?

Britain's first Muslim drag queen has Eurovision hopes. Can she pull a Conchita?

Interview with Varla Jean Merman

MEL B Married A Penis… Not A Man As Previously Thought

In a strange twist of words, X FACTOR judge and sometimes former Spice Girl, Mel B admitted she married a Penis..


In an interview with the Guardian she spoke about a four-year relationship she had with an unnamed woman, saying, 'I did have a four-year relationship with a woman. But I’ve been very happily married for seven years to a penis. Ha ha! An amazing guy.’

‘I’ve definitely not been shy or been one to hold back. If I wanted to try something, I did. I had a girlfriend. So what?’

In her first year as an X Factor judge, Mel B has been instrumental in keeping Andrea Faustini, one of the bookies’ favourites to win at the top of his game.


Harry Styles causes wild sexuality speculation after admitting 'female' not an important trait in finding the perfect partner

Gay British Singer Sam Smith Chooses Song For Andrea Faustini

Jimmy And Jake Quickenden Fall Out Over Buerk Body Mistake

However Mel is keen to point out that she and her husband are very tight, explaining, “No, me and my husband are very tight and solid. But I will be the first one to compliment a woman, to say to my husband, “Oh my God, look at her legs”, or, “Doesn’t she look stunning?”

‘I do think women are gorgeous. Crazy but gorgeous.’

So does she of the formerly scary tight consider herself lesbian or bi, she answers, ‘I would not call it that. I was just one of those ladies . Now I’m happily married.

‘People call me lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, but I know who’s in my bed and that’s it … I have a huge libido and a great sex life.’

X Factor continues tonight at 8, where one more contestant will be voted off The X Factor.

Jake Gyllenhaal Keeps Getting Better And Bigger

If you have never been able to lose the image in your mind of a beefed up JAKE GYLLENHAAL playing a soldier in the movie JARHEAD in 2005, or of his well-toned naked physique in LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS in 2010, then wait and see how our Jake has transformed himself now.

The Brokeback actor has packed on 7kg of pure muscle to play Billy “The Great” Hope, a championship prizefighter for SOUTHPAW, which will be released in 2015. Like any boxing drama, his character has lost everything in a personal tragedy and is forced to fight his way back through his boxing dream.


Robbie Williams reveals his ass for his new album launch. Has the 40-year-old star taken it too far?

Matt Damon shows of his perfect body in his tiny white speedos for his role as Liberace's gay lover

It's the age old question, Does Size Matter? This video explains all!

We think Jake Gyllenhaal is pure beefcake and can hardly wait to see him on the screen.

by Roger Walker-Dack

TV REVIEW: Transparent

After NETFLIX's phenomenal success creating original content for its streaming service with two Award winning television series, now AMAZON has also stepped into the area which was once the sole territory of network and cable television with the launch of TRANSPARENT its very first own series. If you haven't caught it yet (it's free for AMAZON PRIME subscribers) then you're missing out as it is one of the most innovative and enjoyable family dramas that has been seen on television for years.



It's the story of Mort Pfefferman who has indulged and spoilt his grown-up children for years and now that he has retired he wants to share with them something that is important to him. When he asks them to gather to hear his news, they all just assume that it's going to be something very tragic, like having terminal cancer.

What they are not prepared to learn is that Mort is going to become Maura. This is the female who has been trapped inside him since he was a kid, and now he wants to be true to him (or rather her) self.

The news doesn't go over too well as these three self-absorbed siblings are all wrapped in their own lives, none of which are going too well. Sarah the oldest one feels trapped in an unhappy marriage and when Tammy her old college room mate with who she had a serious fling with shows up again, she finds an escape route.

Jay the middle one is a successful music producer and probably the most selfish of the three. He is used to dating girls young enough to be his daughters, although that goes a little sour when one of them double crosses him at the record company where he works. He finds salvation in religion. Well to be more precise, in dating the female Rabbi. His past will catch up with him in the end as is revealed in the final episode of this first series.

Then there is Ali the directionless brainy one who is too bright to hold down a day job so still relies on her father for handouts that she euphemistically calls 'loans'. Her love life is equally impossible to define and when she starts dating a transman, her brother Josh jokes that there he is now no longer the only one in his family that still likes 'pussy'. Except his mother, but the mere thought of even contemplating his aged mother's sex life is rather stomach turning.


She remarried soon after divorcing Mort years ago and her ancient new husband is now fading fast. A fact that Shelly is annoyed about as not only is looking after him as his sole carer a great deal of hard work, but it interferes with her own life.


Entertainment Critic ROGER WALKER-DACK chooses 3 of the best Gay TV Web Series

Columnist RICHARD GLEN remembers the 268 trans people who were murdered last year for Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Interview with Trans man, Lewis Hancox star of Channel 4's My Transexual Summer

Amazon have billed this as a 'downbeat comedy' but what it is in fact is a wonderfully warm and funny series about the extraordinary journey that Maura is taking with such spirit and determination and how her choices are playing out with her family. It's an astonishing career-defining performance from veteran actor Jeffrey Tambor who imbues the character with empathy, dignity and resilience even though the transitioning process is not always easy or comfortable. Maura may not be the most natural or charming of women, but somehow Tambor compels us to be so completely drawn to her and so wanting her to succeed.


Great supporting cast that includes Jay Duplass, Melora Hardin, Gaby Hoffman, Kathryn Hain and Amy Landecker. However the only other scene-stealer in piece (besides Tambor) is veteran actress Judith Light playing the classic Jewish mother/widow to the hilt.

The series is created and directed by Jill Soloway (Producer 'Six Feet Under') whose father revealed his own transitioning to her just three years ago. Although she claims that this is not at all autobiographical, she does nevertheless handle this potentially controversial subject superbly showing both remarkable insight and understanding. They were a few mumblings when the idea was initially announce that they not going to cast a transgender actor in the lead but no-one could possibly have portrayed Maura as superbly as Tambor. (Soloway did however make this a trans-friendly production hiring 20 in the cast and crew, and more than 60 trans men and women were employed as extras.)

Transparent is both bold and groundbreaking and is sophisticated quality programing that is usually the Hallmark of BBC or HBO, and I cannot wait for Series 2 to arrive.

by Roger Walker-Dack

Out now on Amazon

Does Your HIV Knowledge Need Updating?

With World AIDS Day tomorrow, HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust is challenging the public to take an online quiz to test whether their understanding of HIV is up to date.

The quiz which asks questions like Can HIV treatment can stop HIV being passed on to another person? and whether two people with HIV can have a baby who isn't born with HIV has been developed to see whether your understanding of HIV is stuck in the 80s.

Sonya Trivedy, Fundraising Director at Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK's largest HIV and sexual health charity said, 'HIV today is in a totally different place from where it was in the 1980s, so it can be frustrating that public attitudes to the condition seem to lag behind. This World AIDS Day, we wanted to do something that didn’t just draw attention to declining awareness but actually provided people with clear facts to bring their knowledge up to date. Please help us by taking the quiz, and sharing it with your friends online.'

The quiz, called Are You Stuck in the ‘80s? also challenges the perception that HIV is a soley gay issue, reminding users that 45% of new infections happen to heterosexuals.


Too scared to take a HIV test in a GUM clinic, the at home, postal HIV testing service resumes in the UK - aimed at Gay and Bisexual men.

Read our editor's review of the at home, postal, HIV self test.

Gay Men Bucking Downward Trend In New HIV Infections

The quiz, which can be found at, has been created to challenge some of the common myths and misconceptions that have persisted around HIV throughout the last 30 years.

World AIDS Day is an international event that has been running since 1988 and is dedicated to raising awareness of HIV and AIDS.

Jimmy Bullard And Jake Quickenden Fall Out Over Buerk Body Mistake

Handbags at dawn as Jimmy Bullard turns nasty on Jake Quickenden in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


When former Wigan footballer, Jimmy Bullard wants to be nasty he certainly knows what buttons to press - as he clearly left former X FACTOR singer Jake Quickenden upset by his remarks.

The "banter" began after Jake told Jimmy that 'Allo 'Allo actress Vicki Michelle had mistaken him for ex-newsreader Michael Buerk.

Jimmy started it off by saying,'Alright, f**king He-Man. Just 'cos you're all f**king muscles'.

Sensing that Jimmy was about to go off, Jake said, 'You bite so quick. You don't come back with anything. You get nasty. You get nasty, don't you? It don't matter. I understand, it's fine.'

Jimmy took the bait by saying,'You're calling me a 68-year-old man. That's nasty in a way. It ain't affecting me. You're out of your league son, you're out of your depth. It's embarrassing.'

The sparring pair refused to let it go, when Jimmy teased, 'You've run out, ain't ya? You done your b*llocks early doors, didn't you? No energy. You came in the first few days like a f**king whizz kid.

'Gone. No dinner. Gone. Nothing about you, son. You haven't said f**k all, all day!'

Jake replied, 'Are you joking? You've been laying in the f**king sun, you melt, you f**king stupid prick.'


So what do you think of Robbie William's bum - popstar shows off his perky behind as part of his new album launch

Gay British singer, Sam Smith chooses song for X Factor's Andrea Faustini

Ever wondered what Zac Efron's sex face might look like? We've screengrabbed so you don't have to

Then it started to get very personal, when Jimmy questioned why Jake was in the jungle at all, saying, 'You weren't [entertaining] on The X Factor, that's for sure. I thought you had a bit about you, but the more I'm getting to know you, the more I'm just thinking, 'What the f**k is this prick doing in here? What's he offering?' Why the f**k are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?

Comparing Jake to the rest of the camp, Jimmy continued motioning towards Carl Fogarty, 'World champ, fair enough, what the f**k have you done? Picked a mic up?'

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! continues tomorrow (November 30) on ITV.

Paralegal LGBT Rights Economic Justice Projects

Southern Poverty Law CenterMontgomery, AL

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit legal and educational organization based in Montgomery, Alabama, seeks a paralegal to join our litigation and advocacy work focused in the Deep South. The paralegal will mainly support our LGBT and Economic Justice Projects.

The LGBT Rights Project litigates some of the most compelling cases in the country. We currently represent victims of fraudulent “conversion therapy” practices in New Jersey, a child born with an intersex condition and required to undergo needless sex-reassignment surgery by the State of South Carolina, a lesbian high-school student standing up to small-town school administrators who told her they don’t want a “dyke” in their school, and a widower seeking to overturn Alabama’s refusal to recognize his marriage to his late husband. The Economic Justice Project is advancing, among other priorities, access to basic healthcare for the most disadvantaged and an end to modern debtors’ prisons.

Paralegal LGBT Rights Economic Justice ProjectsParalegal LGBT Rights Economic Justice Projects

The paralegal will work collaboratively in a fast-pasted practice by assisting attorneys with case management and support including:

  • drafting legal memos, correspondence, and routine case filings;
  • proofreading, legal cite checking, and expertly formatting legal documents and tables;
  • maintaining written and oral communications with witnesses, clients and co-counsel;
  • summarizing deposition transcripts, discovery documents and client records;
  • conducting legal and factual research employing a variety of databases including Westlaw and PACER;
  • mastering and providing training on litigation software and legal research and document databases;
  • researching court rules;
  • organizing and maintaining case files and documents in databases;
  • filing and serving case documents;
  • preparing and coordinating service of subpoenas and summonses;
  • managing substantial aspects of discovery including document organization and productions often in coordination with co-counsel;
  • providing trial support such as organizing and preparing exhibits and interfacing with court personnel;
  • coordinating with court reporters and others to arrange for depositions;
  • administering settlement implementation; and
  • assisting with other projects as needed.

Applicants should have a strong commitment to advancing the rights of LGBT and economically disadvantaged people with excellent writing, analytical, research, and communication skills together with strong computer skills including with word processing, spreadsheets, and various document management databases. Attention to detail and effective organizational skills are needed together with an ability to work collaboratively. This position requires consistent follow-through and flexibility around changing priorities and deadlines with an ability to work on several cases at once and take direction from several attorneys. Effective problem solving and interpersonal skills are required.

Applicants should have a college degree and at least two years of relevant experience. Paralegal certification and Spanish proficiency is welcome. Some travel may be required as well as extended and weekend hours, at times.

This position is based in our central office in Montgomery, Alabama. SPLC will pay reasonable relocation costs. We offer compensation that is competitive for public interest jobs, depending upon experience, and excellent benefits. Please apply by submitting your cover letter and resume and three references as one document to:

We may ask applicants to participate in a writing assessment, as well. This position is available immediately and we are now accepting applications.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance.


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