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Proceeds from Auction to Support Documentary on LGBT Rights Activist Jose Sarria

Sarria passed away in Los Ranchos, New Mexico August 19, 2013, at the age of 90.

“Jose was a collector of fine jewels, coins, antiques and oil paintings,” said Sarria’s executor Tony Ross. “This is a great opportunity to own a bit of LGBT history and for the gay community to support a documentary long overdue on one of our unsung heroes.”

Award winning Los Angeles filmmakers Dante Alencastre and Daniel Carrera are in pre-production on Sarria’s documentary “Nelly Queen,” slated to be released in 2015. Jose Sarria was the first openly gay candidate to run for public office in the United States in 1961, more than a decade before Harvey Milk.

When San Francisco city officials vowed to shut down all the gay bars in 1961, the 38 year-old cabaret singer ran for a seat on the Board of Supervisors. Although Sarria lost the election, he garnered nearly 6,000 votes, proving for the first time in American politics that there was a gay voting bloc.

Speaker John A. Pérez of the California Assembly noted that “Jose Sarria’s trailblazing run for public office as an openly gay man laid the groundwork for LGBT Californians to run for public office proudly and openly. But Jose’s refusal to be silenced or shamed back into the closet–in an era where LGBT People were routinely discriminated against–was the greatest contribution to our movement.”

In 1965, Jose Sarria founded the ICS in San Francisco when a group of gay bar owners formed a Tavern Guild as a means to stand in solidarity with one another under the pressure of police harassment. The Guild put on the first large public drag ball in San Francisco’s history. The following year, Sarria declared himself Absolute Empress I Jose of the newly formed nonprofit.

ICS was intended mainly for “camp” fun as its members derived royal titles and elected Empresses and Emperors at annual Coronations. However, under Jose’s guidance the organization grew to 70 chapters, making it the second largest LGBT nonprofit corporation in the U.S., and since its inception has raised millions of dollars for AIDs organizations and other charities.

Jose Sarria was born in San Francisco in 1923, to parents of Colombian and Nicaraguan descent. He served in combat during World War II and was honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant in 1949. When the decorated veteran returned home from Europe, he found that the war on gays was just heating up as vice squads routinely arrested patrons at the Black Cat and other clandestine gay bars. Sarria’s dream of becoming a teacher was shattered after his own arrest on trumped up “lewd and lascivious” charges. Knowing he was ineligible to teach with a “sex deviant” record, Sarria dropped out of San Jose State University and began waiting on tables at the Black Cat Café in the city’s beatnik section of North Beach.

“They labeled me a fairy, so I was going to be the fiercest fairy they’d ever seen,” Sarria often recalled. As a drag performer, Jose Sarria made good on his promise of being the “fiercest fairy” the city had ever seen by turning the Cat into a rallying place for closeted gays seeking refuge from an oppressive society. He sang torch songs in his tenor voice accompanied by a honky-tonk piano. On Sunday afternoons the diva performed one man opera parodies, replacing the straight love story for a gay one. For nearly a decade, until the Cat’s closing in 1963, Sarria played Carmen, Aida, or Madam Butterfly to sell out crowds of 300 people.

When the vice squad entered the café to entrap patrons, Sarria exposed them by having his audience stand up and sing “God, Save Us Nelly Queens,” a takeoff on Britain’s national anthem. Jose Sarria preached hope to his patrons with such slogans as “Gay is good, the crime is getting caught!” and United we stand, divided they’ll catch us one by one!”

Jose Sarria’s heir apparent to the ICS, Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great summed it up best, “Jose is the Rosa Parks of the gay movement. The auction proceeds will support the documentary which in turn will help cement our founder’s sovereign place in history.”

Bentley’s Auctions

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12 Absolutely Necessary Cat Gifs

We woke up this morning and decided that we needed to look at cat gifs today. As you do.

by Newsdesk | 31st July 2014

So here are our 13 favourite cat gifs. Of course you could spend hours looking for cat gifs on the web, like us, in the name of research, but we've compliled the ones that made us laugh out loud and coo and ahhh....

The longer you look at some of these the funnier they get. Although they will never be a funnier gif than the bar maid falling down the trap door.

Now apparently nearly one million UK pets have their own social networks - which was why it was so easy to find these gifs! Clever little dolls!

We had an ex boyfriend who used to do just this. Except it was less cute - and he was medication...

This is how you run a story past our editor. The reaction is spot on.

Biatch... please...

If only we could do this... #NeverLeaveTheHouse

The more you watch this - the funnier it becomes.

This is literally is a bitch slap.

"Don't you walk away from me...."

"Love Me..."

The terror in this cat's face, is award winning. It's like being dragged on to dance floor at a wedding, by a bingo winged sausage in a dress whilst the dj plays Agadoo.


Just like Britney in a wind machine.


We know how he feels.

Has this happened to you, when you've pushed two beds together at a hotel?

Southern Decadence 2014 New Orleans

August 27, 2014toSeptember 1, 2014

Southern Decadence – New Orleans, LA

Celebration of Gay Life, Music & Culture Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans.

Southern Decadence 2014 New Orleans

Southern Decadence 2014 New Orleans

Southern Decadence started forty-three years ao as a simple going-away party. As a top gay Labor Day Weekend destination, it has evolved into one of our world’s major annual events. It is one of the largest annual celebrations and festivals in New Orleans, and has become known as the “Gay Mardi Gras.” People begin to arrive on the Wednesday before Labor Day, and generally don’t even think about stopping or going home until the following Tuesday. With over 150,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender participants in 2013, and an economic impact
estimated to be in excess of $180 million, the city has recognized the festival’s importance with Official Event Proclamations.

Pic of Circuit Party BoysNew Orleans’ wildest neighborhood gets even crazier as the French Quarter is packed for the entire event; however, the big day is Sunday. That’s when the Grand Marshals lead the annual walking parade through the streets beginning at 2 p.m.

The 2014 Grand Marshals are Aubrey Synclaire, Chad Boutte and Reba Douglas. This year’s theme is “UNDER THE BIG TOP – Welcome to the Gayest Show on Earth” and the official colors are canary yellow, dark turquoise blue and pearl white. The official song is “Circus WORKus” (Britney Spears vs. DJ Robbie Martin … based on Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch”), remixed by DJ Robbie Martin.

The designated charity for 2014 is PFLAG New Orleans.

The corner of Bourbon and St. Ann Streets is generally considered to be the epicenter of Gay New Orleans, and even more so during the Southern Decadence festival weekend. At that intersection is the largest gay nightclub, The Bourbon Pub video bar and The Parade dance club, which is home to the hottest dancers in town. Also located here is the Southern Decadence Official Welcome Center, inside of Hit Parade Gift and Clothing. And most of the city’s main gay attractions are within a few blocks.
Check out our French Quarter Map.

Most street party activities take place in the immediate area of the French Quarter, and the dance parties are in the clubs. Since the gay bars never close, there is something happening around the clock. Some of the nation’s best DJs work the crowds into a frenzy. The 2014 DJ lineup includes DJ/Producer Kidd Madonny from Miami (in his very first New Orleans appearance), Mike Bryant, Derek Monteiro, Brendan Thompson, Chris Allen, Sean Michael, Robbie Martin and Billy Francesca.

The hosts for the weekend are “The Bearded Lady” Billy Francesca and “The Bad Ass Bitch” Rhea Litré.

And The Bourbon Street Extravaganza, the FREE outdoor concert at the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann Streets, returns for its tenth anniversary show on Saturday, August 30 … featuring headliners Inaya Day and Jeanie Tracy, with more to be added.

No wonder the weekend is often referred to as Southern DecaDANCE!

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Quebec City Gay Pride 2014

August 27, 2014toAugust 31, 2014

Quebec City Gay Pride

Fondée en 2004, l’Alliance Arc-en-ciel de Québec était connue jusqu’en juin 2014 sous le nom de GLBT Québec / Lutte à l’homophobie.

L’Alliance Arc-en-ciel de Québec a pour mission d’assurer la défense des droits individuels et collectifs de la diversité sexuelle et de genre dans une perspective d’accompagnement, d’éducation, d’inclusion, de mobilisation, de concertation et de représentation.

Quebec City Gay Pride 2014

Quebec City Gay Pride 2014




Founded in 2004, the Alliance Arc-en-ciel de Québec was known until June 2014 as the GLBT Québec / Fighting homophobia. Over the years, the organization non-profit has built a solid reputation as a defender of the rights of LGBT + Capital and organizing outreach events in relation to homophobia and transphobia.

The Alliance Arc-en-ciel Altern’Art organized the Festival of Quebec from 2005 to 2012. It now focuses on the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia in Quebec, the EXIT newspaper, since it publishes 2007, on the Feast Arc-en-ciel de Québec, which continues to grow since 2005.

 Quebec City Gay Pride 2014


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Copenhagen Pride 2014

August 27, 2014toAugust 30, 2014

Gay Pride Copenhagen – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Pride 2014Copenhagen Pride 2014

We seek to make the LGBT community in Denmark more visible.


  • Copenhagen Prides intends to be the best, most inclusive and most accommodating Pride world wide.
  • Copenhagen Pride is to promote and make visible the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Biseksual Transgender) community in Denmark. This is achieved through various cultural events over the course of the year , culminating in the Copenhagen Pride Week on the City Hall Square.
  • Copenhagen Pride supports other LGBT  and charity organisations in Denmark, and is prominently featured in the press and social media.

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Pictures from the forthcoming Disney film Into The Woods have just been released - and they look amazing.

by Newsdesk | 31st July 2014

The film, which is due for release in the UK in January 2015, stars a stellar cast including, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and James Corden.


Walt Disney Studios, the studio behind Frozen and The Muppets, presents Into the Woods, a stunning big-screen comedic musical adventure. When the Baker and his wife (James Corden and Emily Blunt) discover they have been put under a curse from the Witch (Meryl Streep) rendering them forever childless, they embark on a life changing adventure into the woods to seek out special items needed to lift the curse. The cow as white as milk belonging to a poor village boy named Jack (Daniel Huttlestone) looking to sell his milk-less cow, the cape as red as blood belonging to a courageous and blood thirsty little Red Riding hood (Lilla Crawford), the hair as yellow as corn from atop the head of a lonely and outcasted Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy) and finally the shoe as pure as gold having fallen from a distressed Cinderella's (Anna Kendrick) foot. With giants abound and where Big Bad Wolves (Johnny Depp) become the hunted, love and betrayal will the Baker and his wife ever be able to lift the curse on their family?




The film is directed by Rob Marshall ("Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", "Nine") and produced by John DeLuca, Marc Platt ("Winter's Tale", "2 Guns"). Featuring music from Stephen Sondheim ("Sweeney Todd", "Sunday in the Park with George")





FIRST LOOK: Peter Capaldi As Doctor Who

The first episode of Doctor Who Series 8 - Peter Capaldi’s debut season in the iconic role - will be screened in cinemas around the world from 23 August 2014.

by Newsdesk | 31st July 2014

BBC/Adrian Rogers

BBC/Adrian Rogers

As these pictures show Peter Capaldi has fitted in to the role of Doctor Who pretty well! Doctor Who makes a spectacular return to the big screen in the feature-length premiere episode of Series 8; Deep Breath.

BBC/Adrian Rogers

Directed by acclaimed Director Ben Wheatley (Sightseers, A Field in England) and written by Lead Writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat, the beginning of the Twelfth Doctor’s era stars Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara Oswald and sees the return of fan favourites The Paternoster Gang - Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) and Strax (Dan Starkey) – in a pulse-racing adventure through Victorian London.

BBC/Adrian Rogers

Doctor Who: Deep Breath will be screened in participating cinemas around the world from 23 August, 2014. More information will be released by BBC Worldwide and participating cinema chains over the coming weeks. For all of the latest information please visit For information on all Doctor Who events and products visit and sign up for the newsletter

Justin Bieber Displays Ultimate Bratiness With Orlando Crying Photo

Wow, it seems some people can't be the better person, after Justin Bieber posts two photos to upset Orlando after yesterday's altercation.

by Newsdesk | 31st July 2014

Picture uploaded to Justin Bieber social feeds

Yesterday Pirates Of The Carribean star Orlando Bloom,37, and pop singer Justin Bieber, 20, had a disagreement in the early hours, that ended up with Bloom allegedly taking a swipe at Justin. On lookers are suggesting that the reason for the argument was because an insult about Bloom's ex Miranda Kerr was made.

Watch the fight here.

Although the reason for the exchange has not been made public, some are speculating that Bieber had gotten very close to Kerr after she separated from her husband.

Bloom and Kerr split in 2013 after marrying in 2010.

Shortly after the incident Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself and Miranda Kerr, in what some are saying is deliberate goading – he quickly removed the photo, but today JB took his brattiness to a whole new level by posting a picture of Bloom crying.

Reports suggest that cheering was heard after Bloom threw a punch at Bieber in the restaurant in Ibiza.

High dramz in the celeb world indeed.

Justin Bieber Turns Up On Posing Site Popular With Gay Men

PHOTOS: Orlando Bloom's Bum

Tom Daley Launches 2015 Calendar

Hampton Roads Pride 2014

August 23, 2014

Hampton Roads Pride – Norfolk, Va

To instill pride, celebrate unity and embrace diversity in the Hampton Roads Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community by creating visibility and promoting full human and civil rights through education, celebration, and networking.

Hampton Roads Pride 2014Hampton Roads Pride 2014

To promote pride and knowledge of the richness and diversity of the community through the organization and promotion of annual regional pride events. Hampton Roads Pride is an all-volunteer, organization.

Hampton Roads Pride serves the community by:

  • Providing a home for the nurture and celebration of LGBT organizations, institutions and culture.
  • Promoting strong community partnerships.
  • Increasing public affirmation of LGBT individuals through education, advocacy and outreach.
  • Issuing over $52,000 in scholarships over the past 12 years.

Hampton Roads Pride exists to empower all LGBT and allied people. It encourages them to stand as unique individuals and together as a community with creative, social, economic and influential force. The festival brings together the LGBT Community and its allies to socialize, support on another, share ideas and organize in a visible and positive environment. It also serves to educate the public about our issues, raise funds for our cause, and build trust and bonds with our supporters.

National Headliners

Deborah Cox – Multi-Platinum Recording Artist
Aiden Leslie – singer-songwriter and club music sensation
Ian Harvie – world’s first FTM (female to male) transgender comedian

Other Main Stage Performances include

Viki Dee – national music artist from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Martin Swinger – national music artist
Skye Zentz – local music artist
Jennifer Warner – Emcee & national/local drag performance
Mercedes Douglas – Emcee & Drag performance
Diana Ross – Emcee & Drag performance
Todd Rosenlieb Dance Company
The Hampton Roads Men’s Chorus
…and more!

Other Featured Main Stage Presentations by

Mayors from Hampton Roads Seven Cities
Tim Bostic & Tony London – Plaintiffs in the Virginia Marriage Equality Case
Carol Schall & Mary Townley – Plaintiffs in the Virginia Marriage Equality Case
Claus Ihlemann & Robert Roman – Presenting Sponsors for PrideFest 2014
James Parrish – Executive Director of Equality Virginia
…and more!

New this year!

Family Fun Park
X-Games Arena
Cirque du Pride
Club Stage – Center stage overlooking the Elizabeth River for local clubs to present DJs and performers
The Virginia LOVE letters sign on display
LGBT History Trail & Tour
Virginia Equality & Freedom To Love
…and more!

Returning favorites!

PrideFest Boat Parade emceed by WHRV’s HearSay radio host Cathy Lewis & Todd Rosenlieb of TR Dance
PrideFest Main Event Stage
Intent To Commit Ceremony
Hampton Roads LGBT History Experience Exhibit
PrideFest Spirits & Brews Bar
Local food trucks & vendors
…and more!

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Major events funding confirmed for Auckland Pride Parade

Funding for the Auckland Pride Parade in 2015 and 2016 was recently confirmed by ATEED as part of its Major Events Portfolio.

Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated Co-chair, Megan Cunningham-Adams, says ATEED’s support is a real vote of confidence in Pride.

“It speaks volumes about the future potential of the Parade as a vehicle for expression and celebration for our Rainbow Community,” says Cunningham-Adams.

ATEED’s sponsorship of the Auckland Pride Festival aligns with Auckland’s Major Events Strategy, delivering both social and economic benefits to the city.

ATEED Chief Executive, Brett O’Riley, says ATEED is delighted to support the Pride Parade, which has helped establish Auckland as a vibrant events city.

“The Pride Parade has quickly established itself as an important event for Aucklanders and visitors to our city, and is a colourful celebration of our diverse Rainbow Community.

“Events like the Pride Parade contribute towards our vision of creating the world’s most liveable city, and we look forward to watching it go from strength to strength.”

The Auckland Pride Festival and Parade was one of 47 applicants to ATEED’s Major Events Baseline Portfolio for 2014-2015.

Auckland Pride Festival and Parade 2015 Dates Announced

Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated is delighted to announce the dates for next year’s Auckland Pride Festival 2015.

The annual programme of events for New Zealand’s Rainbow Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Takatãpui, Intersex and Fa’afafine) will be lengthened by one week in 2015 to accommodate the increasing number of events that are proud to be featured within the Festival.

The Auckland Pride Festival 2015 will commence on Friday 6 February and will conclude on Sunday 1 March. Now established as a landmark Auckland event, the Auckland Pride Parade 2015 will return to Ponsonby Road on Saturday 21 February.

The Festival will officially open with a Waitangi Day Dawn Ceremony on Friday 6 February and the glittering Auckland Pride Gala at Q Theatre on Saturday 7 February. The ever-popular LYC Big Gay Out has been confirmed for Sunday 8 February at Coyle Park in Point Chevalier. Internationally renowned Bear New Zealand Week 2015 will run from Sunday 8 to Sunday 15 February. The Heroic Gardens Festival 2015 takes place on the weekend of 14 and 15 February. The Festival will close with the much-loved PROUD Party on Saturday 28 February.

Dates are also being discussed for the return of the inspirational, United States Embassy funded Youth Leaders Conference, NXT:15, among other favourite Festival events.

Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated will continue its work with Rainbow Communities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific and beyond to facilitate participation in the 2015 Festival and Parade.

“We know that Auckland is a hub for our Rainbow sisters and brothers from around the country and from the South Pacific region, especially those from places which are less tolerant of diversity and differing sexual orientations and identities,” says newly appointed board member Phylesha Brown-Acton. “We want to embrace them and let them know that they are welcomed, they are celebrated and they are respected. Pride is not just a Parade and Festival, it is about enhancing the mana and wellbeing of our Rainbow Community.”

New Board Members Appointed to Auckland Pride Festival Inc.

Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated is pleased to announce the appointment of four new Board members – Phylesha Brown-Acton, Heather Carnegie, Daniel Mussett and Paul Patton.
Born of Niuean decent and raised in Auckland Central, Phylesha Brown-Acton is a “proud Aucklander and promoter of this great city” and a respected advocate for Pasefika LGBTQI communities.

“When I think of Pride, I think of people,” says Brown-Acton. “I think of the rich and diverse community we all belong to. People are what I am most passionate about, and this is what brings me to the Pride board, not only to support a great vision which embraces our Rainbow Community, but also to offer my skills to connect people through culture, identity and celebration.”

Brown-Acton has worked for LGBTQI communities regionally, nationally and internationally, for over two decades. She currently manages a support service developed for Pasefika LGBTQI peoples and their families.

Heather Carnegie is a previous executive member of GABA (Gay Auckland Business Association), overseeing events including the GABA Glamstand at this year’s Auckland Pride Parade. Carnegie has strong relationships throughout New Zealand’s Rainbow Community, having run LGBT businesses such as Footsteps Nightclub in Auckland and Glamz! Cabaret in Hamilton. She is also the proud winner of a gold medal in sparring and a bronze medal in self-defence at the 2002 Sydney Gay Games.

Daniel Musset is active in the institutional investment community and currently heads up the New Zealand consulting division of a global investment services firm. He consults to the boards of large investment funds nationwide and has published on both strategic investment issues and governance. Daniel has had wide-ranging involvement in the not-for-profit sector since he was a teenager. He brings management experience, strategic thinking, an emphasis on inclusion and diversity, and a sense of fun to the Pride Board.

Paul Patton is an experienced strategic PR and brand professional, having worked for 25 years as a consultant and in-house communications director in the UK and New Zealand. He was recognised for his communication work for Manchester Pride by being awarded an Institute of Public Relations Silver Award for the Best Charity or Not For Profit Campaign. Paul is looking to engage his communications skills and experience to help make Pride 2015 an even better experience for the whole community.

Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated congratulates and welcomes its new Board members onto the team. “We are thrilled to have attracted applicants of such a high professional calibre and proven community experience,” says Megan Cunningham-Adams, current Board Co-Chair. “There is no doubt that their input will help raise the bar for 2015!”

Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated wishes to thank outgoing Board members David Coltman, Andy Jalfon and Gurv Singh. Linda Heavey will also step down as Treasurer to take up a non-voting advisory role, representing the Board as part of the Auckland Pride Festival management team.

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