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The Sexy Vote – the winner

The Sexy Vote 2013, the result are in, who has won the the title Mr. Sexy 2013 ?

Our readers has spoken and decided that Mr Duncan James is Mr. Sexy 2013 ! Congratulation Duncan and Happy New Year !

The Sexy Vote 2013
NoName  in %
1Ducan James  70 %
2Louis Tomlinson  11%
3David W. Ross  7%
4Ryan Dolan  4%
5Tom Daley  2%
6Anton Hysen  2%
7Cory Lee  1%
8Shane O'Meara  1%
9Robbie Rogers  1%
10Blake Skjellerup  1%
GT June 2013

Gay Times (GT) June 2013



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Movie of the year : I Do

Beautiful urbanites steam up the screen in this ensemble family drama about a complicated love triangle from film maker Glenn Gaylord (Eating Out 3, Leave it on the dance floor).

To stay in New York City, gay Brit Jack (David W. Ross, “Quinceanera”) convinces his lesbian best friend Ali (Jamie Lynn-Sigler, “The Sopranos”) to marry him.

Things get messy when he falls for a sexy Spanish architect while his commitment to his brother’s widow (Alicia Witt) and his young niece complicates his decision either to stay or to follow his lover.

“I do” cleverly examines the complications of immigration issues in the absence of marriage equality for LGBT people on a Federal level, while also presenting a nuanced adult drama that resonates deeply amidst the current fight for U.S. marriage equality.

Why is “I Do” the Movie of the year?

It’s not often you can watch a LGBT movie, with a great story line that is is realistic an down to earth, and includes great actors at the same time. “I Do” has these two important things that creates a great movie that I can recommend to our readers.

“I Do” is the best LGBT movie this year in my eyes and if you haven’t seen it yet, you can purchase it from

I even used the movie as a Christmas present to friends this year, so my friends also can enjoy this movie as well.


Winner David W Ross “Jack Law Award” Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival
Winner Jamie-Lynn Sigler”Best Actress in a Supporting Role Audience Award” Film Out San Diego LGBT Film Festival 2013
Winner “Best Screenplay” Film Out San Diego LGBT Film Festival 2013
Winner “Audience Award Best Narrative Feature” Film Out San Diego LGBT Film Festival 2013
Winner David W Ross “Rising Film Star Award” Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2013
Winner “Best of the Fest” Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013
Winner “Audience Award” Bloomington Pride Film Festival 2013
Winner David W Ross “Rising Film Star Award” QFest 2012
Winner “Best Feature Film” Long Beach QFilm Festival 2012
Winner “Best Drama” Atlanta Out On Film 2012
Winner “Audience Award” Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2012
Winner “Audience Award” Pittsburgh Reel Q — Spotlight Film 2012

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Bears, Bikers & Mayhem

March 27, 2014toMarch 30, 2014

Gettysburg, PA

Bears, Bikers & Mayhem

Bears, Bikers & Mayhem is planning its fourth combined, Bear, Leather & Fetish run for the last weekend in March 2014.  For the second year in a row, the run returns to historic Gettysburg, PA.

Perfectly timed for spring when winter is waning but we’re still longing for summer, BBM is a great time to meet up with old friends and make plenty of new ones.  There’s no better way to shake off the winter doldrums.

In its fourth year, BBM just keeps getting bigger, better and more unique.  As always, BBM brings together Bears, Leathermen & Fetish Lovers to share in the fun with men from all over the United States and quite a few international guests.

Bears, Bikers & Mayhem

The weekend features PanDEMONium, a leather & fetish dance party on Friday night and Boots to Briefs, a bear party on Saturday.  We have a pool party Saturday afternoon, a welcome cocktail party, Gettysburg Battlefield tours, go-carts, laser tag, a breakfast, a dinner, Sunday brunch and much more.  Our vendor market features many first class leather and toy vendors as well as former Mr. Tom of Finland, Barber Pete.  For entertainment the weekend delivers Comedian Peter C. Bisuito, performance artist Kendall Kelly and Porn Star Michael Brandon along with three DJ’s to keep you on your feet.  The fun and play goes on each night with an after party featuring free drinks for VIP pass holders.

The Mr. Mayhem Leather Contest is new for 2014 with the winner taking home a fantastic prize package and going on to compete at Mid-Atlantic Leather.  Even our contest is unique with the three judging segments spread out across the weekend.  Where else can you see the jockstrap portion of a contest as part of a pool party?

For those who can’t wait for the fun to start, early arriving guests can enjoy a meal and paranormal experience at The Farnsworth House, “the most haunted in in America.”  Plus our early guests will start the weekend with a Karaoke Party Thursday night and continental breakfast Friday morning.

Ticket prices range from $115 for Early Bird purchase up to $169 for All-Access VIP Tickets.  Rooms are available at the full service host hotel, The Eisenhower Inn & Conference Center, for $92 per night.

As always, 100% of all proceeds from BBM are donated to HIV related causes in Central PA.

Bears, Bikers & Mayhem

All the information is available on our web site

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Rylan Thinks Tom’s Coming Out Was ‘Over Done’

Well well well... We never, Rylan thought that Tom Daley's coming out video and response was a little OTT!

by Newsdesk | 31st December 2013

Rylan / iTV

In an interview with The Sun the former X Factor star reportedly said:

“I’m just upset that in 2013 someone coming out is still such big news.

“Not to take anything away from Tom, it is still hard to come out, but I haven’t come out as gay yet I don’t think.

"What about people like Alan Carr, Gok Wan, Graham Norton and me – people who are on TV who have never hidden their sexuality? What do we get? We don’t get recognition.

“Good luck to Tom. I hope he is happy but I just think it’s a bit over-done.”

Tom Daley came out via a YouTube video on the 2nd December 2013

Okay Mr Clark, out you come then!

EASTENDERS: New Gay Couple Alert

Hold on to your trousers, shirts and panties... Eastenders has a new gay couple...

by Newsdesk | 31st December 2013


It seems those crafty writers at the Beeb's Enders have written us a beaut of a storyline... Namely a manly kiss from Sam Strike who plays Johnny Carter and Gary Lucy who plays Danny Pennant. Oooo yes please missus.

Millions of people tuned in yesterday (30th December) to see the pair have a drunken snog - but all is not well as his mother Linda is struggling to accept his sexuality.

Both the lads are currently in our hottest men from Eastenders.

Celebrities Who Came Out As Bisexual, Lesbian or Gay In 2013

2013 Was a bit of landmark year for Celebs and VIPs coming out with their sexuality.

by Newsdesk | 30th December 2013

So it's been quite a year for people in the public eye and coming out as gay or bisexual.

Here's a list of those in the public eye who came out as gay or bisexual in 2013


Matt Dallas

Matt Dallas

Jodie Foster


Victor Garber


Clive Davis

Robbie Rogers

Clive Davis

Jason Collins

Frank Ocean


Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson OBE


Tuc Watkins

Tuc Watkins (Desperate Housewives Actor)





Liz Barker

Baroness Liz Barker

Charice Pempengco


Wentworth Miller

Lucas Cruikshank

Ben Whishaw (Actor in Skyfall)

Troye Sivan

Wentworth Miller

Darren Young

Chelsea Manning came out as a transgender woman.


Andrew Scott

Brian Boitano

Bob Harper (Biggest Loser Trainer)

Maulik Pancholy (30 rock and Weeds Actor)


Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Robin Rogers


TheGayUK reveals The LGBT New Year’s Recognitions for 2014.

by Newsdesk | 1st January 2013


With over 5000 votes cast TheGayUK’s New Years Recognition List has been announced and includes 15 individuals, companies or organisations that actively supported, championed or spoke up for the LGBT community in 2013.

Readers were asked to vote on 5 categories, which included: Awareness, Activism and Politics, Health, Entertainment, Sports and Health.

Read the entire list at

In the field of Education

Bridegroom - The Documentary film

Bisi Alimi - Activist and Advocate

Human Rights Campaign - Advocacy Organisation

In the field of Health

Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation - Bullying Awareness Charity

G-A-Y - Club and Bars

UK Positive Lad - Twitter user and HIV Magazine Founder

In the field of Entertainment

Adam Lambert - Singer

Graham Norton - TV Presenter

Theatre 503 - Theatre in London

In the field of Sports

Tom Daley - Olympian and Diver

Jason Collins - Sportsman

Clare Balding - TV Presenter

In the field of Activism, Awareness and Politics

Stephen Fry - Author, Broadcaster, Actor

Shane Bitney Crone - Activist

Pinknews - Online Newspaper

Jake Hook co-founder of TheGayUK remarked: “2013 was an incredible year, so many great things happened for the LGBT community both at home and abroad.

The seeds of equality planted by the generations before us are starting to take root and without these people’s bravery, persistence and determination the journey would be much harder.

We’ve still got a long way to go and we still need to stand in solidarity with our LGBT brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world - but we are on the way.”

TheGayUK would like to thank everyone who voted.

2013 News Review For LGBT Community In The UK And Abroad

Some of the biggest stories of 2013.

by Newsdesk | 31st December 2013

There have been some incredible moves towards equality this year and some stark reminders that as the LGBT community we still need to pull together to overcome the discriminations that face LGBTs around the world.

Here’s our top stories for 2013.

Muslim Patrol  | YouTube

January 2013

In January the UK’s gay media got a bit of a shake up after Gaydar closed Gaydar Radio; transferring licenses and listenership to Gaydio. Qsoft the firm that owns Gaydar also closed both of its London venues: Low Profile and Profile in a bid to focus on its core offering, Gaydar

In mid-January East London citizens were terrorised by a group calling themselves the Muslim Patrol. Up to 5 men were later arrested after a YouTube video was released, showing a gang of men harassing a man they thought to be gay.

TheGayUK revealed that Essex was the cruisiest place in England after analysis of the hits from its Cruising listings showed that the Essex Cruising Page was the most visited.

The anti-gay marriage protest group La Manif Tour Tous rallied in Paris, France and alledgedly managed to attract hundreds of thousands of people.

Feb 2013

Perez Hilton with his son

The same-sex marriage debate began taking shape in February, after UK MPs voted in favour of the same-sex marriage bill – TheGayUK founders sent their local MP David Burrowes, (who was and still is vehemently apposed to same-sex marriage) an open letter – for which we’re still awaiting a reply.

Perez Hilton hit the headlines and became a father and UK therapy group Pink Therapy asked whether the gay community was ready to dump the term ‘LGBT’ in favour for "Gender and Sexual Diversity."

Clive Davis, one of the biggest names in the music industry (he discovered Whitney Houston and mentored Kelly Clarkson) came out as bisexual in his memoir and revealed that he has been in monogamous relationships with men for the past two decades.

A Subway sandwich bar in France hit the headlines after the franchise owner refused to allow same-sex couples to benefit from a sandwich offer.

March 2013

Daily Mail Vigil For Lucy Meadows

The Queen addressed discrimination across the commonwealth – many people praised her Majesty, but many felt that she didn’t go far enough – her statement read: “We are implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds.”

The ‘other grounds’ clause within the charter is, we suspect, intended to refer to sexuality, however, some suspect that gay and lesbian were omitted because some Commonwealth countries still have anti-gay laws.

March was the month that the LGBT community stood in solidarity against the Daily Mail and one of its columnists Richard Littlejohn after trans teacher Lucy Meadows committed suicide. Many people from the LGBT community had felt that the teacher had been monstered. Over quarter of a million people signed a petition calling for the sacking of Mr. Littlejohn. He is still working for the Daily Mail.

Eddie Izzard announced his intention to run for London Mayor and the Human Rights Campaign Logo went red and pink and covered every inch of the web – as people clamoured to change their logos and avatars in support of marriage equality.

London was the scene of protests as organisers of La Manif Pour Tous, a French – anti-gay marriage demonstration group decided that Trafalgar Square was the perfect place to rally. There was a poor turn out and the chants from the pro-gay quarter out-voiced the speakers.

April 2013

New plague for victims of the Admiral Duncan bombing

The installation of a 17 year-old Paris Brown in Kent, as the UK’s first Youth Police Commissioner caused outrage after a number of her tweets were revealed as racist and homophobic. Stonewall CEO Ben Summerskill OBE called for her resignation.

The memorial plaque for the Admiral Duncan bombing victims was stolen in central London.

TheGayUK revealed its Gay Rich List – topped by film and music mogul David Geffen.

Margaret Thatcher died – causing Section 28 to trend on Twitter, bringing to light some of the legal inequalities that gay people faced right up until 2001.

Reports from the Met Police suggest that homophobic crimes had decreased in London. New Zealand became the 13th nation to legalise Gay Marriage. France became the 14th.

May 2013

Westboro Balmes Gays For Lee Rigby's murder

A landslide victory for lesbians and gays as MPs voted to allow same-sex marriage in the UK. Eurovision caused consternation as the first same-sex kisses were broadcast across Europe. Viva Forever, the Spice Girls’ musical closed in London, whilst Matt Damon and Michael Douglas starred in the film biopic of Liberace’s life –Behind The Candelabra.

Anti-gay church Westboro Baptist Church blamed the death of Soldier Lee Rigby on gay people. The UK tops the best place for LGBT people to live in Europe and reports of a homophobic murder in Russia put the gay community on high alert.

Both the Apple and Google App stores came under fire after it was discovered that they were hosting the ‘gay cure’ app Setting Captives Free, tens of thousands of people signed a petition asking Apple and Google to get rid of the app. Apple removed the app within 24 hours – it is still live on Google.

June 2013

The Falklands

The Falkland Islands celebrated their very first pride event and One Direction member Harry ate Zayn’s candy thong live on stage. Boy Georges announces his comeback album and the fashion world is rocked when Dolce and Gabanna are sentenced to jail for tax evasion.

Parents of murdered gay teen Michael Causer vow to raise £1m for a gay hostel in Liverpool.

The big news came in the form of marriage equality as the Lords in the UK voted in favour of the new Same-Sex bill, meaning that lesbian and gay couples would be able to marry in 2014.

DOMA was gutted in the USA and Prop 8 was overturned.

An idiotic group called Straight Pride UK made plans to attend Pride In London.

July 2013

Tilda outside the Kremlin | Twitter

July was our 1st Birthday; the UK government updated its traveller information with regards to Russia as President Putin passed the infamous ‘gay propaganda’ law. The first overseas tourists are arrested under this law. Tilda Swinton waved a rainbow flag in front of the Kremlin.

Rihanna seemingly outed Cristiano Ronaldo in an off the cuff statement during an interview.

Yahoo came under heavy criticism for effectively censoring the words #gay #lesbian and #bisexual from its new acquisition Tumblr.

Gay bars around the world began dumping Russian produced Vodka, including all gay bars in Leeds.

August 2013


Wentworth Miller came out and Gaga released Applause. Gaga and Perez had a very public meltdown and Justin Bieber got naked… er for his gran.

Orange Is The New Black made its debut on Netflix starring openly trans actress Laverne Cox.

Tom Daley remarked that he appreciated his gay fans and GMFA held its annual Gay Sports Day.

The play As Is opened in London for a brief run at the Finsborough Theatre, 25 years after its first opening in the capital and Reading Pride celebrated 10 years.

A worrying medical study showed that English gay, bisexual and lesbian youth were twice as likely to smoke and drink excessively compared to their straight counterparts.

September 2013

Pat Robertson | YouTube

Sam Callahan got naked for TheGayUK and Britney released Work B*tch becoming the gay anthem for the year.

Pat Robertson confirmed his place as one of the most bigoted men on the planet after accusing gay men infected with HIV purposely infecting other gay men – with their “AIDS ring”.

Cher turned down a gig in Russia in solidarity with her gay fans – whilst Boy George suggested that at least of one member One Direction had to be gay.

The world’s biggest pasta maker, Barilla, learned not to mess with the gay community and its allies after its chairman Guido Barilla said that they would never feature a gay couple or family in its advertising.

October 2013

Stephen Fry | BBC

Kuwait announced plans to introduce a means of testing the sexuality of tourists coming into the country in a bid to deny LGBT travellers access. Stephen Fry’s Out There a documentary on the most homophobic places on earth airs on BBC 2.

The UK government announced that it does not support a boycott on the Russian Olympics.

A gay student announced his plans to lose his virginity for art class and the Samaritans reveals that 1 in 10 male callers are worried about their sexuality.

Police call for a condom ban in Scottish saunas and Nottingham Pride announces its closure.

London became the scene of a protest against the Russian government and Daniel Radcliffe is rumoured to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic of the Queen front man.

November 2013

Apple Screenshot

2012 X Factor Winner James Arthur goes into meltdown mode after a homophobic retaliation rap to an online troll becomes big news. Alec Baldwin hits the headlines again for the wrong reasons and the gay community is shocked to learn that the Apple dictionary, which is supplied by Oxford University Press, defines gay as Foolish and stupid.

The trans community has its 9th Transgender Day of Remembrance and the film How To Survive A Plague is released worldwide to mark World AIDS Day.

John Lewis wows the nation (once again) with its Christmas advert and Lily Allen came back with a bang with two whopping singles. Stonewall had its annual awards ceremony and Jessie J turns on the Oxford Street Christmas Lights.

Alan Turing Plaque

December 2013

Gay marriage was overturned in the Australian Capital Territory and gay sex is outlawed in India. The jail the gays bill in Uganda passes and the HIV bone transplant cure hope fails after the two men who had seen a reverse in their status had to go back on to their medications.

The Queen pardons WWII Code Breaking hero Alan Turing and the BBC faced immense pressure to change its rules on presenters wearing the World AIDS Day ribbon.

New figures from PHE showed that there was no slowing in the rise of new HIV infections amongst the gay, bi and MSM community – two years in a row. Coca-Cola is slammed for removing gay couple scene from Irish advert despite civil partnerships being legal.

BBC 4 airs Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves to mark World AIDS day. Tom Daley comes out about his relationship with a man and Mr. Gay UK is announced.

TheGayUK released its first ever tradigital magazine – becoming the UK’s 4th national gay magazine.

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