Month: October 2013

THEATRE REVIEW: Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, Sheffield Lyceum and National Tour

Three drag queens "unplug their curling wands and go bush" to travel across the outback en route to a show in a casino in Alice Springs. Along the way, they bitch, bicker and laugh their way across the dessert, and continuously ensure that they are looking their best whilst "dressing up in women's clothing and mouthing the words to other people's songs".

By Paul Szabo

Tick (Noel Sullivan), Bernadette (Richard Grieve) and Adam (Graham Weaver) buy a budget Barbie camper; christen it Priscilla and head into the outback to perform a show at a casino run by Tick’s wife in Alice Springs. Stopping off along the way, the trio make friends, get themselves into trouble, fall in love, strengthen their friendship and following the bus breaking down, pick up mechanic Bill who leaves his wife (who has an extraordinary talent which she shows off in the local pub) as they head to the middle of nowhere for the show of their life.

Based on the film of the same name, this stage musical was excellent fun. Following the story of the film fairly closely (albeit it with some minor changes) it was a show which is unashamedly flamboyant. The show uses a combination of camp disco classics, opening with “It’s Raining Men” and including “I Will Survive”, “I Love the Nightlife”, “Go West” and “Finally”, which meant that the whole audience were clapping, cheering and laughing from the moment the curtain went up.

In terms of the cast, Noel Sullivan (who is perhaps best known for being a member of “Hear’say”) was functional as Tick, but played the part with a little bit too much camp, watering down the interplay between the straight laced Tick and outrageous Adam. Richard Grieve was much better than expected as Bernadette. But Graham Weaver stood out with an enjoyable performance as Adam/Felicia. The supporting cast were, as you would expect, ludicrously attractive and beautifully toned and threw themselves into the musical numbers with energy and gusto.

The whole thing was colourful, exuberant and thoroughly entertaining with a cleverly designed set (with the bus on stage) and a sharp, funny script with all of the characters that you know and love from the film. But where the show really came into its own was in the musical numbers, taking some from the film and some new ones introduced for the show, the routines were over the top, bold, brassy and ballsy, with costumes to match. The enthusiasm of the cast was clear and it was abundantly obvious that they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience.

The costumes in themselves are worthy of a mention. Some were recreated from the film (flip flop dress, anyone?) and the others just added to the campness of the proceedings. Everything from dancing paintbrushes to dancing birthday cakes, hicks, lizards, Marie Antoinette's, Ostriches and scantily clad, leather wearing dancers were all on stage in a dazzling spectacular.

The only downside of this production was that the music was a little loud over the vocals on the odd occasion, but these are very minor quibbles when the show was as much fun as it was.

The show is one which is perhaps best seen on a Friday or Saturday evening. Its two hour running time quite literally flew by with the whole thing never really slows down. Overall, this was a really great, fun show and a piece of feel-good, uplifting and ultimately heart-warming theatre which has its tongue firmly lodged in its cheek. It’s a real feast for the eyes, the ears, the heart, the soul and the funny bone.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is currently at Sheffield Lyceum theatre

( before continuing on its national tour (

NEWS: Laramie Project Comes To Brighton

Groundbreaking and Powerful play about the death of Matthew Shepard comes to Brighton.

by Newsdesk | 31st October 2013

Westboro / Laramie

On October 7th 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside Laramie, Wyoming, savagely beaten and left to die in an act of brutality and hate that shocked the nation.

Matthew Shepard’s death provoked extreme reactions - from the GOD HATES FAGS preaching of Rev Fred Phelps to national outpouring of revulsion against hate - but for the people of Laramie the event was deeply personal and it’s their voices we hear in this stunningly effective theatre piece.

Moises Kaufman and his New York Tectonic Theatre Project travelled to Laramie four weeks after the murder. Over the following eighteen months, they interviewed more than 200 people affected by the death, thus bearing witness to the massive impact on that all-American town and its search for truth and reconciliation, while all America and the whole world was watching.

ACT’s revival of this astonishing piece comes 15 years after the original events.

Laramie Project

Matthew Shepard would have celebrated his 37th Birthday on December 1st – this year’s World AIDS day – so we are raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust in his memory – watch out for our ‘ANGEL ACTION’ on the streets of Brighton and Hove on Sunday 1st December.

Listings Info

Dates: 14th- 18th December 2013, nightly at 8pm

Where: Nightingale Theatre Brighton BN1 3PA

Tickets: £10.50/8.50

Buy online: www.actbrighton/whatson.php

Phone: 01273 818266



9 Of The Worst Halloween Costumes Fails

The day of hallows eve is upon us - or as some might say 'Gay Christmas', so in tribute to this day we've collected 9 of the worst Halloween costume ideas.

by Newsdesk | 31st October 2013

This one just makes our eyes hurt. We're imagining this will probably feature as a Lady Gaga costume in the future.

WTF is all we can say to this. The little kid's eyes at the front of the picture speak a thousand words.

Make it stop... Make it stop.

Take a look at his eyes, these could be the last things you ever see, before he guts you. Giving new meaning to being inbred.

Just don't get it. Is this real? Why, why why?

Some people make such an effort for Halloween.

The problem isn't that this is bad, it's terrible. We liked the 2nd comment. U R Lamerz like Paris Hilton. No Paris we're not letting you forget this!

Don't think this one needs explanation.

You just know that the guy who wears this would be a complete creep all evening.

Wanna see the 8 gayest Halloween costumes we could find?

Union J Currently At Number In The Midweeks

According to the BBC Radio 1 Chart, Union J's debut album is at number 3 in the Midweeks

by Newsdesk | 31st October 2013

Union J | AmazonMusicUKTwitter

The debut album of X Factor Runner ups 2012 Union J is currently fixed at number 3 in the midweek charts, with only Katy Perry's Prism and Arcade Fire's Reflecktor standing in its way to getting to the top spot.

Katy Perry who's album topped the chart last week has slipped down one place to number 2.

Earlier in the week Union J boyband member Jaymi Hensley said that he was proactive in dealing with homophobia on Twitter.

Miley Cyrus Gets Halloweenie

Gay loving Miley Cyrus is getting her freak on for this Halloween by tweeting a series of racy pictures of her Halloween Costume.

by Newsdesk | 31st October 2013

Miley Cyrus Halloween Piccy | Twitter

The celebs are coming out and pulling out all the stops for Halloween this year, a couple of days ago Neil Patrick Harris posted a picture of his family's Halloween look, today Miley gets in on the action.

Presumably she's going as Lil' Kim this year as she tweeted this picture @LilKim with a message that said #HappyHalloween. Lil' Kim wore an outfit just like the one Miley is sporting at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. The off-the-shoulder, in fact the off-the-boob costume complete with purple wig doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Miley Cyrus Halloween Piccy | Twitter

Miley Cyrus Halloween Piccy | Twitter

Miley complete with red cup gets frisky with Halloweenie

Lil Kim replied by Tweeting back,

Awwww. Look at my baby @mileycyrus tonight!!! Looking GORGEOUS!!! I wish I was there to squeeze your boob :) :) Love…

Well indeed.

Can Twitter Predict The X Factor Winner?

Last year we ran a piece where we predicted the winners of X Factor 2012 by the number of Twitter followers they had.

By Jake Simpson

It’s not an exact science, but by using the number of Twitter fans each contestant had as an barometer (science word) of potential success we managed to get quite an actuate picture of who was going to win.

X Factor 2012 Predictions

So going via the same formula we predict that this is how the X Factor Finals 2013 might look:

1st Sam Callahan 175,185

2nd Nicholas McDonald 138, 629

3rd Kingsland Road 119,352

4th Tamera Foster 114,081

5th Luke Friend 113, 314

6th Rough Copy 107,509

7th Sam Bailey 89,811

8th Abi Alton 66,422

9th Hannah Barrett 58,239

10th Miss Dynamix 37,001

11th Shelley Smith 30,023

12th Lorna Simpson 9,592

Now as we said earlier we’re not scientists, and this barely constitutes as news, but if we were Hannah or Abi, we’d be shaping up our act – or at least faking some Twitter numbers!

TV: People Get Ready As Ja’ime Is Set To Land UK Side

For those of you not in the know Ja'ime King is a force to be reckoned with. Originally starring in Summer Heights High the posh girl has landed her very own TV show, Private School Girl.

By Newsdesk | 30th October 2013


It was announced earlier in the year that comic genius Chris Lilley was working on a new project, but he kept very secretive about what the project actually was.

After the huge successes of Summer Heights High, We Can Be Heroes and Angry Boys, he returns with one of his most demanding of characters Ja’ime, the single most, hottest girl on the planet.

Ja’ime the slut, well not slut, kinda semi slut is set to land here in the UK on BBC 3 in the Spring 2014.

We kinda wanna be besties with her.

Are you ready for this Ja’imazinginess?

HALLOWEEN: 8 Of The Gayest Halloween Costumes We Could Find

We love a good costume. Something a little bit Dolly Parton suits us best. We scoured the net, yes we did, for 8 of the gayest* Halloween costumes we could find.

by Newsdesk | 30th October 2013

Not everyone can look as perfect as Neil Patrick Harris and family for Halloween but there are certainly some people who try - bless 'em.

So in an attempt to give you all some ideas if you're heading out for a Halloween Party tomorrow - here you go:

If you're looking for something a little understated, but still want to get the point across that you're a big gayer, then this little singlet could be for you, I'm told it comes in a number of colours. Whoop de flip.

YooooooWhooooo! Hello Jail Boy. A take on this year's chic incarcerated styles of Orange Is The New Black, you can totally rock this costume, just don't drop the soap... No wait, totally drop the soap...

This year Bert and Ernie sort of came out for marriage equality. So why not show your support for gay marriage by dressing up as some muppets. Nothing and I mean nothing is sexier than two grown men dressing up as muppets. (never done it before... lies...)

Hummm... Pizza boy's here. And Naked. Does your Dominoes boy look like this? We thought not.

Feeling brave? Okay, this isn't exactly a costume. But we give it 100% gayness, because we're absolutely sure there isn't a straight man in the world who'd wear this. Or maybe he would... We're pretty sure that only gays and gals will truly appreciate the sheer brilliance of this costume.

This one doesn't need explaining.

This one might make you gag.

This one is so gay. It's a priest. Nuff said.

•by gayest we mean tacky, campy, glizty, showy, blowjob worthy.

If you're still looking for a costume head over to AMAZON to have a look

9 Of The Best Films For Halloween

* Contains descriptions and images which some readers may find upsetting *

Now the clocks have gone back, there'sonly one day left till Halloween. As the leaves are blown from the trees and dance across the road in the breeze, rain pelts against your windows and the wind howls, it’s the perfect time to settle in, open a bottle of red and creep yourself out with a good horror film. So in this special extended edition of Six of the Best, we have a few suggestions for something you can watch from behind the cushions…..

By Paul Szabo | 30th October 2013


Halloween | © Compass International Pictures

Let’s start with an absolute classic. Malevolent monster Michael Myers has become a horror icon, but it all started with this low budget slasher. Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is stalked by a seemingly unstoppable man who lurks in the shadows before attacking her and her friends on Halloween night. This film slowly winds up the tension by crafting a feeling of paranoia before culminating in a memorable ending. What makes this film so good is its urban setting and it’s “this really could happen” this story. Forget the inferior remake and stick with the original and best.

Buy it here


Maniac | © IFC Midnight

Elijah Wood gives a brilliant performance in this exceptional remake of an 80’s slasher flick. A young man struggles with his mental health which leads him to stalk and murder women on the streets of LA. But he falls in love with a beautiful young photographer, which slowly develops into an obsession. This excellent film is shot entirely from the point of view of the murderer and has an outstanding soundtrack, graphic violence and is beautifully filmed. This hidden gem is a more cerebral horror which plays on primal fears.

Buy it here

The Strangers

The Strangers | ©  Rogue Pictures/Intrepid Pictures

A young couple (played by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) find themselves trapped in a nightmare when their home is invaded by a group of strangers in masks. Who they are and why they are terrorising the couple is unknown, but this film proves that you are not even safe in your own home. This tense film is full of suspense and will make you check you have locked the door before you go to bed.

Buy it here

The Descent

The Decent | © Pathe/Lionsgate

In this claustrophobic British horror, a group of friends go caving and discover more than they could ever have imagined when they find themselves trapped following a tunnel collapsing. As they head deeper and deeper into the cave system, they are clearly not alone as they are set upon by something in the dark.

Buy it here

Trick ‘r’ Treat

Trick R Treat | © Warner Premiere

Four tales of Halloween are intertwined in one night of horror. A group of children play a trick on a young girl based on a local legend which goes horribly wrong, some teenage girls are stalked by a masked man through a Halloween street carnival, a school principal has a secret life and a man is terrorised by a very special Trick-or-Treater. The stories all combine in this enjoyable anthology horror.

Buy it here

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus | © Buena Vista Pictures

In this camp classic, three witches are accidentally resurrected on Halloween by a group of teenagers. With the help of a talking cat called Binx, the friends battle the witches in an attempt to save the town. With the entire cast camping it up and Bette Midler singing “I Put a Spell on You”, this family film is great fun.

Buy it here


Frankenweenie | Walt Disney Studios /  Motion Pictures

When Sparky, a young boy’s beloved dog, dies, his grief stricken owner bring him back to life in his makeshift attic laboratory. But when his friends find out, the young boy is blackmailed into bringing other pets to life, which escape and cause havoc. Using beautiful stop motion animation, this gentle Tim Burton animation is both touching and funny. If you loved The Nightmare before Christmas, then you’ll love this too.

Buy it here

La Horde

La Horde | ©  Le Pacte

In this French new wave horror, a group of people are trapped at the top of a high rise building which is besieged by the living dead. Making their way down the levels, they are relentlessly attacked by the fast moving monsters. This film is like “28 Days Later” on speed and is full of gore, fast paced action and terrific set pieces.

Buy it here

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

The Hills Have Eyes | © Fox Searchlight Pictures

In this modern remake of the 1970’s shocker, a family on a road trip across the dessert find themselves besieged by a group of cannibals. When their baby is stolen by the cannibals the family revert back to their own tribal instincts to fight back. This graphic and violent film is one of the better remakes of the last few years and has blood, guts and shocks aplenty.

Buy it here

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Top 10 Homoerotic Scary Movies

6 Of The Best Torture Films

BOOK REVIEW: The Magician’s Assistant, by Ann Patchett

Pleasure & Pain are this month’s theme here at The Gay UK and The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett has got plenty of both. It is one of my favourite all-time books, one that I have read time and time again.

by Antony Simpson | 30th October 2013

The Magician's Assistant

The story is about Sabine who we meet when she looses her gay husband Parsifal unexpectedly. Sure she knew he had HIV, but expected it to be a few more years before his death.

Parsifal was a great magician and Sabine his loyal assistant.

Parsifal had been in love with Phan who just a short time ago had died from AIDS.

Parsifal knowing that he was HIV positive and that he had no family decided to marry his life long friend Sabine. This was so that she would be entitled to his inheritance and because on a deep level he truly loved her.

After Parsifal’s death the lawyer explains to Sabine that Parsifal has family in Alliance, Nebraska. Sabine is grieving and shocked at this revelation. Why didn´t she know about them? Why did he never talk about them and deny all knowledge of having a family?

We join Sabine on an emotional journey as she meets this family and discovers more about Parsifal´s childhood. During the days Sabine learns more about Parsifal, and in the nights she dreams meeting first Phan and eventually Parsifal.

Along the way Sabine learns more about herself and realises that Parsifal has given her a most precious gift, more precious than money and security she thought he´d left her.

This book becomes an absolute page-turner as we connect with Sabine and need to know what will happen next.

The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett is available to purchase on Amazon and is essential reading for anyone whose ever loved and lost and then found love again.

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