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PRIDE: 5 Must Sees At Manchester Pride Fringe Festival

Manchester Pride Fringe Festival is a wide-range of events throughout August that are separate from main event: The Big Weekend. We’ve had a glance at the programme and chosen our five must see art exhibitions and cultural events:

by Antony Simpson | 31st July 2013

Gays Of Manchester

Gays of Manchester

Date(s) & Time: Tuesday 20th – Tuesday 27th August. Various times.

Venue: TBC

Cost: FREE


Gays of Manchester is an exhibition shown by George House Trust (GHT). Six gay men in Manchester founded the GHT in 1985 with the aim to support people living with HIV.

The exhibit brings together portraits of the diverse LGBT community of Manchester and pays homage to their support of people living with HIV. This exhibit is likely to be enlightening and leave you introspective.

Booking: Not required. Just turn up when it’s on.

The Polari Mission: Bona Eek

Date(s) & Time: Friday 16th August 2013 – Sunday 2nd February 2014.

Venue: John Rylands Library, 150 Deansgate. M3 3EH.

Cost: FREE


Polari is one of the world’s most endangered languages. This bold, yet secretive language has deep roots within gay history. Artists Jez Dolan and Joseph Richardson shed light on Polari and share their mission to save the language. An exhibit that is expected to be informative, ignite within you a passion for Polari or at the very least give you an appreciation the language.

Booking: Not required. Just turn up when it’s on.



Date & Time: Throughout August

Venue: Taurus Bar, 1 Canal Street. M1 3HE.

Cost: FREE


Nick Franklin, Manchester’s Artist of the Decade (2001-2011) presents his sixth art exhibition. Nick’s work is varied including traditional canvas paintings, cartoon stylistic works and post-modern multi-material 3D pieces.

Famous owners of his work include: Kylie Minogue, Peter Thatchell and Phillip Oliver.

Nick’s art is truly wonderful and inspiring. See some photos of his work. This is an exhibition not to be missed.

Booking: Not required. Just turn up when it’s on.

Loud and Clear

Date & Time: Tuesday 20th August 17:30.

Venue: The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Richmond Street. M1 3HF.

Cost: FREE


This is a lesbian & bisexual woman only event.

Attendees will meet a panel of inspirational women who will talk about: coming out, getting their voices heard and mental health issues. Free food and refreshments will be available, with women being encouraged to think freely.

Booking: Not required. Just turn up when it’s on.

Queer Music for a Desert Island

Date & Time: Saturday 17th August.

Venue: Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church, Chorlton. M21 0XJ.

Cost: £10


Peter Thatchell – human rights campaigner since 1967 talks about his life and work. Andy Braunston - Pastor of Manchester Community Church also talks about his life and work. Both choose ‘Desert Island Discs’ putting songs along with their stories. At the end of the day there is a question and answer session.

A fantastic opportunity to learn more about the gay rights movement from the veteran Peter Thatchell.

Booking: Tickets can be purchased through the Manchester Pride website.

For other Manchester Pride Fringe Festival events see the Fringe Festival website. Find out more about Manchester in our Manchester Guide.

NEWS: Carlisle’s First LGBT HQ Opened

The opening of Carlisle’s first LGBT HQ happened on Saturday 27th July 2013. His Royal Highness, (Mr Billie Raymond), officially opened the Centre.

by Newsdesk | 31st July 2013

Pam Eland, Glenn Anderson, Billie Raymond, Deputy Mayoress Christine Bowditch, Deputy Mayor Steven Bowditch, Chief Superintendant Steve Johnson and Martin Reeves.

A host of police officials, local councillors, church representatives and local dignitaries attended to show their support for the project. Members of the public and businesses in the local area also attended in large numbers to witness the ceremonial opening of the building.

People who attended were; Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Carlisle Councillor Steven Bowditch and his wife Christine, Vice Chair of Eden District Council Pat Godwin and Cllr David Wilson. Also Sarah Dimmock, Diversity Manager, Chief Superintendent Steve Johnson, Sergeant Mike James, from Cumbria Constabulary and Constable Ian Ashton and Chief Inspector Ralph Copley from Lancashire Police. The Dean of Carlisle Cathedral The Very Revd Mark Boyling and his wife Helen. Sam Brown who runs the Dumfries and Galloway LGBT Centre. Glenn Anderson founder of LGBT HQ premises, Pam Eland co-founder, owner of Sticky Bits Cafe and project worker of Pride in North Cumbria, Martin Reeves Chair LGBT HQ Steering Group, Ben Vollans Managing Director for Gay Older Brothers & Sisters, Richard Kavanagh from OutREACH Cumbria hosted the event.

Representatives from Gay Older Brothers & Sisters (GOBS), OutREACH Cumbria (ORC) and Pride in North Cumbria (PiNC) were there on the day to show people around the proposed plans for the upper floors of the building and how they would like to develop the idea of the LGBT Centre. The proposal includes offices for organisations, meeting rooms, counselling rooms, a health suit and room for the youth group. We aim to rent these office spaces, meeting rooms and counselling rooms out to the wider community to use. Organisations have been approached to provide specialised support for health issues too.

The proposed plan includes Pride in North Cumbria, a youth organisation aimed at helping people aged 13-25 who identify themselves as LGBTQ, by providing a safe environment for young people to socialise, take part in workshops and get involved in activities and events. In the sessions there is information and advice and a chance to discuss issues that affect individuals and the group. They encourage young people to get involved in project planning so they can direct the project in a way that suits their needs.

Gay Older Brothers & Sisters, who provide a mentoring scheme to people aged 13+ while identifying themselves as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) and ‘coming out’ to their family and friends. The individual is given a mentor to talk to, have coffee with, even meet up and go bowling with. Their aim is to help people that are struggling and need to talk to someone when dealing with being LGBT. They are there to help people prepare for life as an ‘out’ LGBT individual, which comes with its ups and downs. They believe that ‘coming out’ shouldn’t really be such a big deal.

OutREACH Cumbria currently works with the statutory and voluntary sector providing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality advice and facilitate consultation with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. ORC uses the intelligence gathered to address inequalities and other issues that lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people face, from homophobia to hate crime. ORC also provides support for LGBT clients, such as one to one sessions to the provision of advice and information. They also facilitate LGBT Equality training sessions and workshops.

Our main aim is to provide a safe place for the LGBT community to come to, to access services that are situated all under one roof. We are hoping to obtain local and national government funding, further private funding and sponsorship from local and national businesses.

NEWS: Petiton To Putin Reaches over 221,000 Signatures

A petition hosted on the website has reached over 221,000 signatures imploring President Putin to stop his crackdown against the Russian LGBT community.

by Newsdesk | 30th July 2013

Petition: AllOut

The petition that calls for President Putin to stop the ‘crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people’ has been signed by nearly a quarter of a million people.

With global attention now falling on Russia because of the Winter Olympics and it's harsh stance and anti-gay laws, the AllOut petition is promising to deliver every name to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) head office in Switzerland, a message which says the IOC cannot ignore.

The petition urges ‘leaders around the world and within Russia to work to eliminate all anti-gay laws and protect all citizens from violence and discrimination in Russia.’

In June President Putin signed a law that prohibits the promotional of 'non-traditional relationships' to anyone under the age of 18.

Concern is rising about how this law will affect visitors to Russia during the Olympic games, as it is unclear how the law will be policed and what constitutes a violation.

AllOut’s goal is for 300,000 people to sign the petition. The petition went live on the 7th June.

To sign the petition visit:

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NEWS: Vigil For Murder Victims To Link Liverpool And New York

Friday 2nd August marks the fifth anniversary of Michael Causer's death. Friends and family will gather for a vigil which will live link Liverpool with New York.

by Newsdesk | 30th July 2013

Michael Causer

Five years ago, Michael Causer, 18 was brutally attacked at a house party and never recovered from his injuries. A judge ruled the assault was not homophobic, but it had been investigated by police as a hate crime and his family believe Michael died because of his sexuality.

As well as remembering Michael, the vigil will also honour Liverpool teenager Anthony Walker, who was murdered in a racist attack in Huyton in 2005; Sophie Lancaster, who was murdered in Bacup, Lancashire, in 2007 for the way she looked; and Ali Forney, who was murdered in New York in 1997.

At the vigil, everybody will be invited to write a private, personal pledge to be a friend – not only to people they know, but to others, including those who may be considered ‘different’ because of race, gender, sexuality or membership of an alternative culture.

Friday’s event – Lean On Me: The 5th Anniversary Vigil for Michael Causer – will see the foundation join forces with three other charities to highlight prejudice and hatred, and encourage people to play their part in preventing and tackling it.

Liverpool Lord Mayor Gary Millar and friends of Michael, Sophie and Anthony are due to speak at the vigil. Organisers are also due to link live via Skype to the Ali Forney Centre in New York, which provides housing for LGBT young people in Ali’s memory.

The vigil takes place at 6pm in Temple Square, Temple Street, in the heart of Liverpool’s Stanley Street Quarter.

It has been organised by the Michael Causer Foundation, in partnership with the Ali Forney Centre, The Anthony Walker Foundation and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Gerry Proctor, chair of trustees at the Michael Causer Foundation, said: “Michael, like Anthony, Sophie and Ali, was a young person with his whole life ahead of him who was denied the chance to reach the great potential that he had.

“While much progress is being made, people continue to be victimised, attacked and killed because of who they are. We want this to stop. We believe that friendship is key – supporting our friends but also offering friendship, support and tolerance to people we don’t know.

“We are very pleased to be working with our partners to take a stand and we look forward to welcoming anybody who would like to join us at the vigil.”

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6 Of The Best Birthday Films

As TheGayUK (TGUK) celebrates its first birthday, we cast a light hearted look over some of the best films which are about birthdays or feature a birthday party, with varying results.

by Paul Szabo | 30th July 2013

All of the films would make a great birthday gift for someone or a little treat for you. So sit down, get out your paper hats, light the candles on your cake and enjoy six of the best. Happy Birthday TGUK!

Sixteen Candles

Sixteen candles – In this John Hughes 1980’s classic, Samantha goes from one disaster to another as everyone forgets her 16th birthday because her sister is getting married the next day. With all the focus on her sister, the birthday girl finds herself ignored by her family, and more importantly, the guy that she has a massive crush on doesn’t seem to want to know. Will any of her family remember her birthday? Will she get the guy of her dreams? Will she get to blow out the candles on her cake? And with the hunky Jake Ryan, do birthday wishes really come true?

Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Who would have thought that their first birthday would have involved a murderous, bisexual transvestite, cannibalism and a rather half-hearted attempt at singing happy birthday accompanying a celebratory toast out of jam jars and coffee mugs? Rocky, the creation of Frank N Furter, celebrates his special day by having some “alone time” with Janet and dining in the company of a geek, a showgirl and an incestuous brother and sister before rounding off proceedings by eating his organ donor. Happy Birthday Rocky!

The Birds

The Birds – Lots can go wrong at a birthday party. Your balloons can pop, your cake get dropped, your presents could be rubbish and that kid from your class turns up anyway, even though you didn’t invite him. But in this Alfred Hitchcock classic, a small town is inexplicably set upon by the birds around them, and for poor Kathy Brenner, her birthday party turns very nasty when her friends and neighbours are subject to a horrific attack by a group of seagulls. Bad luck, Cathy, you should have talked your parents into booking that pink stretch limo for three hours, just like you wanted.


Parenthood – Who hasn’t been embarrassed by their parents at their birthday party? In this delightful comedy ensemble piece, Parenthood, young Kevin’s birthday is potentially a disaster, when the balloon modelling cowboy turns up drunk (although let’s face it, who hasn’t wished for a tipsy cowboy for their birthday?) So, in steps his father, played by Steve Martin, who, complete with carpet chaps, gives his son a birthday to remember by making balloon models that resemble your lower intestines, and winning over his son and his friends by making an exit to remember. Way to go, Pilgrim!

The Game – In David Fincher’s dark thriller, Nicholas Van Orton, a wealthy investment banker, played by Michael Douglas, is a man who has everything. He is given a birthday gift by his brother which he would probably rather not have had. The gift is participation in “the game”, a series of staged incidents which intertwine seamlessly with his real life. As the lines between reality and the game become increasingly blurred, a huge conspiracy begins to emerge impacting not only on Van Orton, but on his family, friends and colleagues around him. But are his friends and family in on the game, or is there something more sinister at work out to ruin him? Perhaps a tie and cuff links set would be better received next year.

The Omen

The Omen – It’s your 5th birthday. You are a privileged little boy whose father is a powerful politician. You have a lovely house with big grounds and a couple of huge Rottweiler’s as your pets. Your birthday party is going well – balloons, a clown (not too so sure about that to be honest, I would still prefer the tipsy cowboy), and a handful of fairground rides. Your friends are all there and having a lovely time. So what could possibly spoil the day? How about if your nanny were to make a dramatic scene by declaring her love for you and then killing herself in front of all your guests - that would make even the antichrist shuffle in his seat. I bet that the “thank you for coming to my party” cards were a little awkward to write.

COLUMN: Stay Lucky

This month disco chart duo Daft Punk tweeted a picture their own range of condoms. The “Get Lucky” range is named after their recent hit and the packaging features the cover art from their latest album “Random Access Memories”.

by Barry Heap | 30th July 2013

No Excuse Project

At first it was thought that this was a promotion with Durex, however they have stated that they are not involved. This maybe a cheeky bit of self-promotion or clever marketing synergy however it has got people talking about the band.

This is not the first time musicians or bands have promoted condoms.

In 2011, glam rock icons Kiss launched a range of their own condoms. The initial design featured Gene Simmons legendary tongue across the- ahem- length of the product. Although they passed all the relevant safety tests and requirements that condoms are required to, they were very much a novelty item based around the link between rock and roll and sex. They were licensed as an official kiss product. Wills and Kate, David Beckham and Mischa Barton have found themselves on condom wrappers although these are unofficial products.

On the more serious side of the spectrum, Lady Gaga dressed as a giant condom on breakfast television in America promoting safe sex. Outrageous.

Popular boy band and reality TV stars JLS released their own range of condoms last year. At the time this certainly raised some eyebrows due to the young age of their fan base. The band were partnered with Durex for this campaign and saw each member of the group have their photo and individual colour scheme on a wrapper. In comparison to the other examples, The JLS condom range was released as part of the Just Love Safe campaign through the JLS foundation, a charity the band had set up to empower and excite young people. The sales from the condoms went back into the foundation. The press release at the time stated that the UK had the highest rate of teen STI’s in Europe.

Realistically we live in an age of celebrity, whether it’s for talent, ability or simply good positioning, ordinary people are elevated into positions of notoriety and that’s really what celebrity endorsements are all about, bringing attention to both the celebrity and the product being sold. Some will use that fame responsibly to promote important causes such as safer sex.

Celebrities maybe used as a mouthpiece to promote different causes because on some level we may respect them, but when it really comes to safe sex does it matter?

Realistically the only person you need to have respect for is yourself. Does it matter what a singer from a TV programme thinks about your sexual health? You are in control.

The Gay UK’s No Excuse project is about you having that control. It means that condoms, lube and sexual health screening are all available online. If you are self-conscious about buying protection or just struggle to afford them, the option for you to get help and support is there. It’s not about following trends. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks as long as you are protecting yourself.

Top Ten Things to do in Israel

By Sophie Needelman, Editorial Coordinator for

It is not every day that one gets the opportunity to travel to a culture-rich country in a controversial part of the world with a history and significance greater than most modern travel destinations combined! I was lucky enough to spend six weeks in Israel this summer getting to know the various sites, cities, and incredible features of what this beautiful country has to offer- and have tons of insights and tips to report back! Between visiting the big cities and exploring some local neighborhoods, towns, and off-the-beaten-path finds that are too good not to share, I have officially lived the full Israeli travel experience. While planning your next visit to Israel, be sure to add these incredible hotspots to your to-do lists!

Visit the Tel Aviv LGBT center, Tel Aviv

Among an overwhelming number of homophobic neighbors, Israel is a beacon of prideful light- with Tel Aviv as the heart center of this inspiring LGBT community. No matter where you go in Israel, it is perfectly clear that Tel Aviv is not only the most gay-friendly destination in the Middle East let alone Israel, but a city that paves the way in expression and equality of the LGBT identity and rights. Tel Aviv is the gay center of the Middle East, and the Tel Aviv LGBT Center is literally at the heart of it all! This incredible organization is housed in a cozy little abode complete with a café, gardens, and comfy places to hang out with friends. This center features a variety of events, workshops, and classes at any given day so no matter when you are in town pay a visit to this inspiring organization in its adorable home!

 View from the top of the Bauhaus Gardens, Haifa

There are a number of incredible sights to see throughout Israel, but the best view in the entire country is definitely the view from the top of the Bauhaus Gardens hill in Haifa. This lookout spot offers visitors panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the entire city of Haifa, the miles of Bauhaus Gardens spanning from hilltop to coastline, and neighboring towns and villages in the Israeli north. After walking the grounds of the Bauhaus Gardens themselves, be sure to make your way to the top of the Haifa hill to the Louis Promenade with a fully charged camera in tow! On a clear day you can see for miles as the sun sets over this incredible port city so make sure you don’t let this photo opportunity pass you up.

Snorkel in the Red Sea, Eilat

The city of Eilat is like the Vegas of Israel, with huge resorts and spas and plenty of tourist boardwalk attractions to go around! A unique aspect of this coastal city, though, is the incredible Red Sea that it borders. The Red Sea is not only historically- and biblically- significant, but it is also home to an incredible coral reef nature reserve that can only be experienced in the water. Water temperatures are warm and water quality is crystal clear, so this is a notorious city to practice water sports including snorkeling- and for good reason too! Some of the most colorful and exotic fish call the Red Sea home, and snorkeling is a great way to experience some of the Eilat locals.

Eat lunch at the Yemenite Cheese shop, Tsfat

There are many things the northern city of Tsfat is famous for- including being the founding site of Kabbalah. These days, tourist visit Tsfat for its incredible views of the Galilee as well as its proximity to the controversial Lebanese and Syrian borders. Others love to spend their time in Tsfat shopping for candles, jewelry, or art while perusing the winding cobblestone streets of this gorgeous city. Every time I visit this town, I make sure to stop at the Yemenite Cheese shop for their whatever their daily special happens to be. This hidden gem is a great place to experience often less accessible parts of Middle Eastern culture, with a great representation of Yemenite cuisine at its finest. If you are as sensitive to spicy food as I am be sure to order your cheesy creation on the mild side!

Attend a drag show at Evita, Tel Aviv

It is no surprise that Tel Aviv is the ultimate destination for LGBT nightlife in Israel, the Middle East, and the entire world for that matter! Of all of the gay bars and clubs, Evita is by far my favorite hotspot to hit up. This incredible venue offers great dance party tunes, incredible people watching, and even better drag show events multiple times a month. On any given evening you might find a famous drag queen or LGBT figure perusing the beautiful LGBT people hitting up this hotspot. I made sure I incorporated a drag show into my Israeli itinerary and I am so glad I did- the Evita drag show was the best drag performance I have ever seen both live and on the big screen. The fabulous Israeli drag queens especially loved tourists in the audience and I even got incorporated into their evening of routines and acts! They are also darling enough to throw in plenty of English into their usually Hebrew numbers to create a diverse and inclusive environment for locals and visitors alike. When you hit up this hotspot, tell the ladies that Sophie sent you!

Go antique shopping, Jaffa

The port city of Jaffa is famous for its rich history and coastal presence, long before Tel Aviv was even on the map. Jaffa is a gorgeous and ancient town just south of the big city of Tel Aviv- and even offers the best views of Tel Aviv from the many cute boardwalk restaurants and cafes lining the coast. You will definitely want to fuel up at one of these great eateries because there is plenty of great antique shopping around the entire area of Jaffa. Whether you are shopping for your own humble abode or just window shopping, the furniture and antique stores in and around this city are absolutely not to be missed!

Visit the new Science and Technology center, Be’er Sheva

At the cusp of the Negev desert, Be’er Sheva is a city rich with academic institutions and educational organizations fit for any and every age of local and visitor alike. This city leads the way in research and technological developments, and the best way to experience the progressive work done in around this town is at its brand new Science and Technology center right in the heart of town. This interactive center features a number of exhibits that make the Israeli science and technology that leads the world forward on a daily basis accessible to locals and visitors of any age. No matter who you are visiting with, be sure to make a trip to this eye-opening new site- complete with full size functional and educational sculpture garden that will teach you more about physics than you ever learned in high school!

Walk through the Old City right before a holiday, Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem is one of the most culturally and historically significant sites in the entire world. Various world religions and heritages come together all within the confines of a few square kilometers. Whether you are looking for authentic Israeli food, shopping, museums, or people watching, the Old City epitomizes the rich offerings of this incredible country. The Old City is busy all year round, but the best time to get an especially great feel for the heart of the Israeli people by visiting this heart of the country before a holiday! The streets are packed with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, which provides the ultimate people watching and fix for the senses as any site in this bustling country. Just remember, the closer to a holiday of any religion, the more exciting the Old City will be!

Shop at hidden second-hand stores, Tel Aviv

It is no surprise that some of the world’s best shopping is in the world, with European and Middle Eastern styles coming to a head in the most inspiring and unexpected ways possible. No matter what sort of garments or tzetchkes you are looking for, Tel Aviv will surely provide! A variety of vendors, from street stands to boutiques to full on department stores, provide locals and tourists with the latest up and coming fashions. And the best place to get the most fashion-forward finds is at Tel Aviv’s plethora of second hand stores and thrift shops scattered strategically around the city! The more off the beaten path places you can find, the better- think alley ways, side streets and tucked away corners for the best finds Israel has to offer!

Attend a Women of the Wall protest, Jerusalem

The Western Wall is one of Jerusalem’s most infamous and sacred sites, with countless visitors a day from all corners of the world. Visiting this irreplaceable gem is life changing no matter how many times you go there. One of my favorite ways of experiencing the Western Wall in the Old City is with the feminist group Women of the Wall. This group of feminist men and women of all nationalities and backgrounds gather at the Wall at the beginning of every Jewish month to protest religious constraints on women during worship and other practices held at this holy site. I am lucky enough to attend one of the most radical and progressive universities in the world, and the protest conducted by Women of the Wall far exceeded any other rally or gathering I had previously witnessed. This alternative and unique way of experiencing one of the world’s most coveted religious sites is absolutely not to be missed, regardless of background or belief.

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NEWS: Openly Gay Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw Has Footballer’s Legs

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter Nick Grimshaw and English singer-songwriter Olly Murs today prepared for the match of a lifetime at Perform, the world-class human performance, sports and exercise medicine and rehabilitation centre at the heart of the St. George’s Park, the FA’s National Football Centre.

by Newsdesk | 29th July 2013

Nick Grimshaw Shows His Moves On The Pitch

Nick and Olly, who both captained their 5 a-side-team, visited the Perform centre in preparation for their big match. They were put through their paces by leading trainers and sports and exercise medics who ensured they were in top condition when they hit the pitch.

As part of their warm-up, Nick and Olly took part in a range of pre-football training exercises. These included the Batak challenge, which tested their reactions, stamina and coordination, the Hydroworx underwater treadmill and various strength and conditioning exercises. They finished off their training by using the contrast pools – the hot and cold water pools helped reduce any muscle tightness ahead of the big game.

Olly and Nick Shake On It

Lining up with Nick for his team ‘Radio Onederers’, was former Welsh player Robbie Savage and colleagues from Radio 1. Olly’s teammates in ‘Olly Hot Spurs’, included former England player David May.

Perform is part of Spire Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading private hospital groups with 38 hospitals across the UK. Perform is open to all and can provide any visitor to St. George’s Park with sports science and training facilities to help them reach their physical and mental potential and perform beyond their expectations.

St. George’s Park is the training base for 24 England teams, the home of coaching education and a hub of activity for the local community. Over 800 elite coaches will be trained and qualified each year at St. George’s Park, helping to develop and nurture future talent.

NEWS: Gay Bars In Leeds Dump Russian Vodka In Time For Leeds Pride

Gay bars in Leeds have boycotted Russian produced Vodka in the build up to Leeds Pride.

by Newsdesk | 29th July 2013


Gay bars across Leeds have joined together in solidarity with the Russian LGBT community by boycotting Russian produced vodkas, a week before Leeds Pride, a statement from has announced.

"Although removing the lines of Russian vodka from the gayleeds scene won't make a massive dint in the Russian economy it will however prove that the LGB&T bars in our city care about the persecution that is going on against the gay community in Russia." the press release read

"Knowing which Vodka is produced in Russia is a tricky one as many that originated from Russia no longer have a connection with Russia at all.

"This is why the bars, clubs and other venues in gayleeds have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that only non Russian lines are available in time for pride and beyond".

The news comes days after American and London's Soho Bars started to announce their boycott of Russian vodkas.

The Leeds bar which have banded together are: Queens Court, Fibre, The Bridge, The New Penny, Blayds and The Viaduct Showbar.

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