Day: May 18, 2013

TALLULAH BANKHEAD: A Vintage Gay Icon Who Defined Wild

You can't beat an old fashioned high camp bitch and Tallulah Bankhead was one of the wildest, most original and best.

by Chris Bridges | 18th May 2013

TALLULAH BANKHEAD Promo shot in 1941

She's sadly mostly forgotten nowadays. How can you not love a crazed bisexual woman who slept with hundreds of people, smoked 100 cigarettes a day (and even employed an assistant to wake her on the hour in the night with a lit cigarette at the ready) and drank bourbon and gin like it was water? She was also renowned for her great wit. I've quoted a few examples below.

"If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner."

"It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time."

"My heart is as pure as the driven slush."

"They used to photograph Shirley Temple through gauze. They should photograph me through linoleum."

"Cocaine isn't habit forming. I should know, I've been using it for years."

"I've tried several varieties of sex. The conventional position makes me claustrophobic and the others give me either stiff neck or lockjaw."

"I was raped in our driveway when I was eleven. You know darling, it was a terrible experience because we had all that gravel."

Her last coherent words reportedly were "Codeine... bourbon."

Tallulah went to Midnight Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City one Christmas Eve. Tallulah was already hideously drunk, so when the Bishop proceeded down the aisle in his finest vestments swinging a censer full of burning incense, through very bleary eyes, Tallulah took one look at him and shouted "Darling, your dress is divine, but your purse is on fire!!"

How’s that for an iconic wit?

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EUROVISION: Running Order Revealed for 2013 Eurovision

The official running order has been confirmed by the producers of Eurovision 2013.

by Newsdesk | 18th May 2013

France will kick off the marathon music competition, hosted in Sweden, which sees 26 participant nations from across Europe competing to win Eurovision 2013.

The United Kingdom is placed at number 15, just over halfway through the proceedings.

Last year the UK's entry Engelbert Humperdinck performed first - and came 25th in the competition. He sang 'Love Will Set You Free'.

Running Order













The Netherlands


United Kingdom












Yesterday the petitioning and human rights website, was encouraging people to sign a petition to empower Eurovision broadcasters, European Broadcasting Union (EBU) not to censor a woman on woman kiss during Finland's song 'Marry Me' after alleged fears that Turkish broadcaster TRT pulled the transmission of Eurovision because of the kiss.

The show starts tonight on BBC 1 at 8:00PM, TheGayUK have designed a scorecard, which you can download for free at

NEWS: Turkey Cancels Eurovision Broadcast Over Gay Kiss?

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