Day: May 13, 2013

NEWS: Crowd Funding For New Gay Short Film ‘Rudie Can’t Fail’

The producers of Rudie Can't Fail are just 3 days away from ending their crowd source funding.

by Newsdesk | 13th May 2013

The Film

The film is called Rudie Can't Fail you'll find our website here:

This is a 10 minute film. A simple domestic conversation. The first conversation is between a mother and her daughter. The daughters husband, Rudie, is at an interview. He's been unemployed for 4 years and the daughter is planning how she'll spend that first pay packet. Rudie can't fail.

That conversation is 5 minutes - then we see it again. Word for word, shot for shot. But it's a mother and son chatting. The son is planning how he'll spend Rudie's first pay packet. Namely he's taking the whole family, the kids and parents, on holiday. Rudie can't fail.

We’re shooting in June.

The Concept

We never meet Rudie. We only ever meet Annie and Keli while they chat in their back gardens. Mum (Annie) is drinking a relaxed Yorkshire brew. Keli is drinking from a mug but its definitely not tea.

We see the same conversation twice. Each time the audience will hear the same script, see the same scenes and watch the same characters. But in the first version Keli is Annie’s daughter. In the second, Keli is Annie’s son. Rudie is Keli’s partner and is male in both versions.

Crowd Funding

We’re in the final days of our crowd funding campaign - just 6 days left to raise our budget! Any support in promoting that would be very welcome. We’re almost halfway funded; at the time of writing this we need approximately £3,000. Our campaign can be found here:

FASHION: Top 5 Sunglasses


By Jack Baxter | 13th May 2013

With the sun out, and as part of our Vintage month, we thought we’d bring you this Summers Top 5 Vintage and Retro inspired Sunglasses.

Top 5 Sunglasses For Men

Many guys stick to the same pair of Sunglasses for years on end, but why not try something new this year. Before you go and panic about trying to find that ‘safe’ place that you put your Sunglasses, why not have a look at what other styles, shapes and colours are available to you. You never know, you might find your new favourite pair!

For more fashion visit:

Black Komono Two Tone Round Sunglasses | £40 | River Island

Tom Ford Alexander Tear-drop Frame Sunglasses | £1,600 | Only @ Selfridges


Square Metal Sunglasses | £19.99 | Zara Man

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses | £123 | House of Fraser


Aviator Style Sunglasses | £6.99 | H&M


1. Black Komono Two Tone Round Sunglasses | £40 | River Island

2. Tom Ford Alexander Tear-drop Frame Sunglasses | £1,600 | Only @ Selfridges & Co.

3. Square Metal Sunglasses | £19.99 | Zara Man

4. Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses | £123 | House of Fraser

5. Aviator Style Sunglasses | £6.99 | H&M

Fab Four From Fossil

FASHION NEWS: Thom Evans In Seamless Underwear by D. Hedral

FASHION: Top 5 Swimwear

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