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MARIAH: New Single #Beautful LISTEN

Mariah's new single #Beautiful made its radio debut on US radio today - and is now available to download

by Newsdesk | 6th May 2013

Mariah's new duet with R&B star Miguel is now available to download in the UK and the US. Mariah's last number 1 in the UK was in 2000 when she sang a duet with Westlife on 'Against All Odds'.

The glittered diva is reportedly working on a follow up album of her 2009 album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.

To listen to the track visit:

5 Reasons To Love Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto has made the world fall in love with him, from his devilish rise to fame in Heroes to his rather tasty Spock, here are the five reasons we love Zachary.

by Jake Simpson | 6th May 2013

He makes Clark Kent Glasses hot again. Just look at him.. So Purdy.

His boyfriend is Jonathan Groff from Glee, which makes him gay gay gay, which we love. Having any member of the Glee cast is enough to rocket you into gaydom. We're not shallow. Shuts!

He can make murder sexy... Sort off. Back in the day when Zachary played Sylar we just marvelled at his many, many powers. Wondering if any of them could magically take off our knickers.

He made Spock less geeky. Or made it acceptable to have a crush on a Star Trek Character that isn't Uhura in feathers.

He's one of the few Hollywood A Listers to be out and proud. Hurrah for Zachary.

5 Reasons To Love.... Kitty Brucknell

MADONNA: A Vintage Gay Icon Who Continues To Reign Supreme

A Westboro Picket Made Fabulous

BOOK REVIEW: Into The Flames by Mel Bossa

The kind people at Publishers Group UK sent me a copy of Into the Flames by Mel Bossato read and review on my blog. It’s written in the perspectives of the three main characters: Jamie, Dance and Neil.

by Antony Simpson | 6th May 2013

Jamie or Dr. Jamie Scarborough to his patients is a psychiatrist. But poor Jamie suffers with his own mental health – he has severe anxiety (which at times lead to panic attacks) with a bit of OCD thrown in. He’s recently split up from bisexual Basil his partner of five years, leaving behind Basil’s sisters twin children Mallory and Marshall.

Dance is an eccentric, loveable and very intelligent compulsive liar. He’s homeless and the only family he has is a twin brother Seth whose desperate to become a woman named September. September however has an eating disorder so can’t get the psychiatric pass to allow the surgery.

Neil is a fire fighter who has been suspended due to putting his colleagues life at risk. Neil is a loner with his only family being an old dog that has to be put down by the vet. Neil’s poor mental health worsens after this trauma, making him unstable, neurotic and a very sinister person later in the book.

Jamie, Dance and Neil all have mental health issues in this story, the root cause of which is childhood trauma. This heavy subject matter made Into the Flames difficult to read at times, but what encouraged me to read on was the genuine care and compassion that I felt for the characters.

The story was slow to get going and initially focused on the characters issues rather than the characters and their development. I’m not sure if this was deliberate from Bossa, wanting the reader to care about the main characters to the point of us wanting to rescue them. Bossa also took her time in building the links and associations between the different characters which also encourages the reader to read on.

Towards the end of the book tension builds and you become hooked. Neil starts to have a neurotic breakdown becoming dangerous and Dance disappears. Will Neil harm anyone? If he does will it be physical or psychological torture or both? Where has Dance gone? Will he be OK?

Bossa uses the twin connection cleverly throughout the book and for more than one of the main characters. The story concludes traumatically but leaving the reader with a sense that everything will be OK in the end. I did feel sorry for Matt (one of the minor characters) who I felt was a loose string that could have been tied up at the end.

Overall the story is well written with the use of the characters perspectives being pleasing; it is obvious that Bossa has a lot passion for writing queer literature. Into the Flames is available to buy on Amazon.

BOOK REVIEW: Franky Gets Real

NEWS: Iconic 'Some People Are Gay' Poster Gets The Star Trek Treatment

MADONNA: A Vintage Gay Icon Who Continues To Reign Supreme

Edmonton GLBT Pride Festival 2013

June 6, 2013toJune 16, 2013

Edmonton, AB

Edmonton GLBT Pride Festival

Edmonton’s first Pride celebration took place in 1980, and has grown from a small celebration of 75 people who enjoyed a baseball game followed by a campfire. Events added in the past 29 years have included rallies and fairs, poetry readings, art shows, picnics, croquet tournaments, baseball games, a film festival, the parade and Celebration on the Square.

The Festival is organized by The Edmonton Pride Festival Society (EPFS), which was formed in 1999. The Society is the official non-profit organization that manages the organizing and executing of Pride celebrations in the Capital Region each year. The society’s mission is to celebrate and bring together the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, their family, friends, co-workers, supporters, the business community and the community at large in a spirit of camaraderie, honor, pride and respect. And of course for some fun!!

The Society anticipates the Pride Festival to continue to grow in the years ahead, and we invite you to be a part of it!

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KEITH HARING: A Vintage Gay Icon Who Defied Boundaries

Openly gay Keith Haring was and still is a legendary artist, his iconic artwork at one time filled empty ad spaces on New York’s subways, his activism and creation was exhaustive. His expressions of birth, death and war are still to this day inspiring.

by Jake Simpson | 6th May 2013

Keith Haring | dmax3270

Haring would have been 55 on Saturday (4th May), however he died aged 31 of AIDS- related complications in 1990. He is best remembered for his visionary, cartoonish, vibrant and often politically charged artwork.

Born in Pennsylvania, Haring grew up with his mother and father. Allen Haring, his father, was a cartoonist.

Keith studied commercial art at The Ivy School Of Professional Art and at 19, in 1978 he moved to New York City – where Keith’s work would gain him recognition and catapult him into a landmark artist.

It was in the subways of NYC that Haring first achieved public notoriety and in the early years established friendships with other emerging artists such as Madonna and the more established Andy Warhol.

He was diagnosis with AIDS in 1988 and on hearing the news Haring said in an interview that it made him appreciate the little things.

'Appreciating things in a way that you never appreciated before. Every day when I walk out of the house and feel a warm breeze and look up and see the clouds in the sky, it's incredible.'

He set up the Keith Haring Foundation 1989, its mandate being to provide funding and imagery to AIDS organisations and children’s programs and to expand the audience for Haring’s work through exhibitions, publications and the licensing of his images.

Haring's Google Doodle

Last year, on what would have been Haring’s 54th birthday Google honoured him with his own Google Doodle.

You can find out more about Keith Haring at

MADONNA: A Vintage Gay Icon Who Continues To Reign Supreme

Buy A Copy of The Universe Of Keith Haring from Amazon

MADONNA: A Vintage Gay Icon Who Continues To Reign Supreme

Madonna gets a lot of flack these days. Whether it’s for flashing the flesh ‘at her age’ or dressing up as a Boy Scout, there are plenty of people who knock her. But referring back to the day that Madonna dressed up as a Boy Scout, many mainstream media outlets chose to ignore the reason why she did it, instead choosing to use it as an opportunity to have a dig at her.

by Daniel Browne | 6th May 2013

The incident I am referring to is when Madonna recently attended the GLAAD awards in a Boy Scout uniform to protest against gay people not being allowed to join the Scouts. It was a fantastic display of support and solidarity from someone who has long been a vocal supporter of gay rights.

In another moment of brilliance last year, Madonna also protested against Russia’s anti-gay laws, whilst also protesting about the incarceration of Pussy Riot. This led to a member of the Russian government calling Madonna an ex-whore and the great lady even received a court summons. What is great about that occasion and the dressing as a Boy Scout incident is that Madonna is very aware of what she is doing and knows that her doing something like that will bring focus on the issue.

In recent years Madonna has also criticised discrimination of gay people in Romania whilst on tour there, released a statement condemning the jailing of two gay men in Malawi who had celebrated their union with a ceremony, and urged people to support same-sex marriage in New York.

Turning back the clock and remembering what makes Madonna a vintage gay icon, one thing that stands out for me is the video for her 1990 hit Justify My Love. At the time the song was released, to critical acclaim, the accompanying video caused controversy and was banned by MTV, the reason being its sexual nature. The video features androgynous characters, bisexual romping, lesbian action and all sorts of other sexual delights. Nobody else was doing that kind of thing at the time, and I can’t think of anyone who has things like that in their music videos in the present day either. In terms of LGB visibility it was fantastic. It showed the world that we exist as sexual beings.

Looking at some of Madonna’s other songs, Deeper and Deeper from the Erotica album is about a gay person who is struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, Vogue is about the underground dance move that came from the gay bars and discos of New York, and another track on the Erotica album, In This Life, is about Madonna’s gay friends who died of AIDS.

Even before the release of those songs, Madonna was one of the first major stars to get behind AIDS causes. From the artist Keith Haring to the photographer Herb Ritts, many of Madonna’s friends were gay men and many of them were dying from AIDS. Madonna supported those people and causes when it was still taboo and nobody else would.

Ending the journey at the beginning of Madonna’s passage to becoming a gay icon, it was her ballet teacher Christopher Flynn who first introduced her to the gay bars of Detroit. Christopher Flynn also encouraged Madonna to move to New York to pursue a career as a dancer. Once in New York, Madonna began to make friends with gay people, drag queens and rent boys. The rest is history.

For me, Madonna is the ultimate gay icon. She may be a very obvious one, but the facts are there for all to see. Madonna may be knocked by many for showing her bum or a bit of boob, or for adopting African babies or having boyfriends who are young enough to be her son, but one thing that Madonna cannot be knocked for is her contribution to gay rights and culture. We have a lot to thank Madonna for and for me she is the ultimate ally for friends of Dorothy; a vintage gay icon who continues to reign supreme.

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