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( New York, NY, October 29, 2012 – GLAAD today announced Thom Reilly as Chair of its National Board of Directors, as well as Sheri Fults as Vice Chair of Development, Kevin Oldis as Vice Chair of Governance, David Hedley as Treasurer, Professor Jennifer Finney Boylan as Secretary, and Steve Warren and Craig Zodikoff as Members at Large. Professor Boylan becomes the first transgender Board Member appointed to the leadership of the organization.

It was also announced that Mike Dillon, Bruce C. Miller and Tiffany R. Warren joined GLAAD’s National Board of Directors.

Mike Dillon is currently a PwC Partner and Market Assurance Leader for San Francisco. He has been with PwC for over 25 years, earned a B.S. in accounting from New York University and is a C.P.A. in both California and New York. Dillon is also on the board of Project Open Hand and serves as the lead partner on the PwC LGBT Partner Advisory Board.

Bruce C. Miller, Executive Vice President at BNY Mellon, is a senior executive in the Platinum Client Group. Miller earned an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. He is a member of BNY Mellon’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Council and Executive Chair of Prism, the company’s LGBT Affinity Network. Earlier this month, Miller received BNY Mellon’s inaugural Fugio Award for Outstanding Client Focus, recognizing his leadership of Prism along with his contributions toward establishing the Platinum Client Group.

As SVP, Chief Diversity Officer for Omnicom Group and President, ADCOLOR, Tiffany R. Warren oversees all diversity and inclusion efforts for Omnicom Group including the Omnicom Medgar Evers College Associate Program and Omnicom Diversity Initiatives Group. In 2005, Warren founded ADCOLOR which has launched the ADCOLOR Awards, The ADCOLOR Industry Conference, ADCOLOR Futures and ADCOLOR University. She served as Event Chair for the 2012 GLAAD Amplifier Awards and is also the co-founder of the Roundtable of Advertising Diversity Executives (RADE).


About GLAAD: The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping grassroots organizations communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality. For more information, please visit or connect with GLAAD on Facebook and Twitter.

Rich Ferraro
Vice President of Communications, GLAAD
(646) 871-8011

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HRC Statement on Upcoming Supreme Court Conference

Justices to decide whether to hear Prop 8, DOMA and AZ benefits cases


( – Washington – Today the Supreme Court announced that at its conference on November 20, it will consider a number of LGBT rights cases including the Perry challenge to California’s Prop 8 banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples, a number of cases challenging the federal government’s ban on recognizing legally married gay couples known as the Defense of Marriage Act, and a challenge to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s decision to rescind domestic partner benefits to state workers.  The court is expected to announce its decisions on which cases it will hear on Monday, November 26.

HRC President Chad Griffin, who is also the co-founder of American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which brought the Perry case challenging Prop 8, released the following statement:

“For generations, Americans have looked to the Supreme Court to uphold the fundamental tenets of our constitution and on November 20th, the court will face those questions once again for the LGBT community.  Never before have the Justices confronted so many cases critical to the lives of LGBT people and our families.  With truth and justice on our side, I know that we will prevail in knocking down the dark walls of discrimination known as Prop 8 and DOMA.”

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

If you are a member of the media, you can reach our press office at: (202) 423-2885 or

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Florida Based Poet/Author Yolanda Williams Interviewed About Her New Poetry Book Hot Dogs & Cole Slaw

( Los Angeles, California – Poet/Author Yolanda Williams is Interviewed by Author Toni Newman about Her Poetry Book, Hot Dogs & Cole Slaw, available now.  Hot Dogs and Cole, With all of the ingredients needed to be nice and passionate. To form a prosaic flavor of enticement. Phallus and the pudenda refined the seductive desires and the passion to savor.  Ms. Williams is writing poetry about living life in the light not the darkness and to be passionate about life.  Life is precious and rich and should be enjoyed to the fullest without hesitation and doubt.   Her work speaks to being free and independent and able to express one self in love and relationships fully.

Her other book, Illumination Idyllic Comfort to Opt, is Poetry of the soul and the depths of the living. A reflection of truth, comfort and views, mirrors of choices with a single voice to opt. Life over lies, kisses and visions from eyes. The brightness of emotions and wisdom to speak through, the changes of soothing comfort.

During the interview Yolanda Williams discusses why she writes poetry and what she hopes the reader gets from her works.  Her writings are unique and different than most poetry writers.  Her goal is to stimulate and arouse the mind of the reader and to stimulate thoughts of passion.

Listen To Interview Between Poet/Author Yolanda Williams and Toni Newman: find out more about Author Yolanda Williams and her wonderful poetry books published by Moore and Poesy Publishing go to and to contact Author Yolanda Williams email


Acclaimed Director Lana Wachowski Opens Up About Her Journey as a Transgender American

Wachowksi delivered a moving speech while accepting the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award


( – Washington – Lana Wachowski, the critically acclaimed director of the Matrix trilogy and the new movie Cloud Atlas, opened up about her journey as a transgender woman while receiving the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award in San Francisco this past weekend. Wachowski’s emotional speech included heart-wrenching stories about her inability to fit in as a child and her suicide attempt during high school. Wachowski shared her highly personal story with the goal of making conditions easier for other transgender youth to feel confident about their futures.

The video is available at:

“It took great courage for Lana to share her personal story,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “The impact of people like Lana and other high-profile figures who talk openly about their journeys sends an incredibly powerful message to youth who, on a daily basis, feel like they are broken simply because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. No one should ever feel like their dreams cannot be achieved because of whom they are, and Lana is a shining example of how we are at our best when we are true to ourselves.”

In her remarks, Wachowski touched on the painful isolation that is all too familiar to many LGBT youth: “…without examples, without models, I began to believe voices in my head — that I was a freak, that I am broken, that there is something wrong with me, that I will never be lovable.” Those feelings led her to consider suicide while in high school.

Wachowski closed her remarks by stressing that she wants to a beacon of hope for youth struggling with those same feelings of isolation: “I am here because when I was young, I wanted very badly to be a writer, I wanted to be a filmmaker, but I couldn’t find anyone like me in the world and it felt like my dreams were foreclosed simply because my gender was less typical than others.”

Wachowski’s new film, Cloud Atlas, opens in theaters this weekend. The film, already garnering high praise, stars Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, and received a 10-minute standing ovation following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political organization with members throughout the country. It effectively lobbies Congress, provides campaign support and educates the public to ensure that LGBT Americans can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.

If you are a member of the media, you can reach our press office at: (202) 423-2885 or

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Mitt Romney Rejected Birth Certificates for Massachusetts Children Born to Same-Sex Couples

Governor Romney’s calculated discrimination against gay and lesbian parents creates documentation struggles for kids


( Washington – The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, is condemning steps Mitt Romney took as governor of Massachusetts to discriminate against families headed by same-sex couples, including demanding that his administration personally review every request to revise birth certificates for children born to same-sex parents. According to a report in the Boston Globe, Romney rejected a request from the state’s Registry of Vital Records and Statistics to revise birth certificate forms to apply to same-sex parents. Instead, Romney insisted his lawyers investigate every single request for birth certificates for children born to same-sex couples. If Romney’s team decided a request was worthy of revising a birth certificate, officials could then write-in, by hand, the term ‘second parent’ on the legal document. In some instances, Romney denied parents proper birth certificates for their children.

The state’s Department of Public Health warned Romney that his intervention placed children at a disadvantage, particularly later in life as they tried to obtain various forms of identification such as a passport or driver’s license, or as they registered to vote. The same DPH official also warned that allowing officials to alter birth certificates by hand – as opposed to simply revising the forms, as the state’s Registry of Vital Records and Statistics had recommended – was tantamount to a violation of statutes, and would impair efforts to keep organized state records.

Romney, who has a significant track record of deriding LGBT families and speaking out against relationship recognition, appeared not to care what impact his close oversight of same-sex families had on the law. The Globe reports that emails between Romney officials and the Department of Public Health contained details about the marriages and births of dozens of families.

“It’s appalling that Mitt Romney would create so many additional obstacles for same-sex parents, particularly when the path to starting a family is already so hard for LGBT people,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Romney prioritized his own distaste for LGBT people over the well-being of children in Massachusetts. Mitt Romney didn’t care that these children would face a lifetime of obstacles in obtaining legal documentation for things like getting a driver’s license or registering to vote; he only cared about making sure same-sex parents felt abnormal and isolated simply because they wanted to start a family.”

This isn’t the first time Romney has shown utter disregard for the challenges LGBT families face. Earlier this year, he tried to deflect from his discrimination against LGBT people by saying that adoption for same-sex couples was legal in all states but one. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Same-sex couples face overwhelming legal challenges in starting families – in fact, laws in seven states restrict same-sex couples from adopting altogether. And in the vast majority of states, adoption by LGB individuals and families is unclear and left to the discretion of judges, state agencies and adoption agencies who may discriminate.

Romney also has publicly sneered at LGBT families. During a 2004 meeting with Julie Goodridge, a plaintiff in the historic case that led to marriage equality in Massachusetts, Goodridge asked Romney what she should tell her little girl about why her two moms couldn’t marry. Romney coldly replied: “I don’t really care what you tell your adopted daughter. Why don’t you just tell her the same thing you’ve been telling her the last eight years.” And at an event in South Carolina, Romney bemoaned marriage equality in his state, and said of same-sex couples: “Some are actually having children born to them.”

“Mitt Romney has stood before the American people multiple times and said he does not support discrimination against LGBT people – and that is an outright lie,” added Griffin. “Denying birth certificates to children is just the latest in a long list of efforts Romney has undertaken to disenfranchise LGBT people. Support for equality is mainstream, and as a result Romney is attempting to deceive the American people – but his long history of discrimination speaks for itself.”

Birth certificates weren’t the only LGBT issue on which Romney went up against the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In 2006, DPH put the brakes on an anti-bullying guide after consulting with Romney’s staff – because the guide contained terms including “transgender” and “bisexual.”

Learn more about Mitt Romney’s anti-LGBT track record at

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political organization with members throughout the country. It effectively lobbies Congress, provides campaign support and educates the public to ensure that LGBT Americans can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.

If you are a member of the media, you can reach our press office at: (202) 423-2885 or

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