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Pridelines Youth Services to Celebrate 30th Anniversary with Fundraising Gala

( Pridelines Youth Services, South Florida’s oldest LGBTQ youth services organization, will celebrate its 30th “Pearl” Anniversary on Saturday, August 18, from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at The Villa by Barton G. on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.  Over the past seven years, the Pridelines Gala has helped Pridelines raise significant funds to continue providing safe spaces, social support, skills building, and referrals services for the youth it serves.

This year’s Pearl Anniversary promises to be Pridelines’ most spectacular, with an open bar courtesy of GREY GOOSE® Cherry Noir Vodka and delectable hors d’oeuvres by Barton G. The 250 guests will be entertained by DJ Nancy Starr and singer/songwriter EnVee, and can bid to their hearts’ content on amazing silent auction items, including seven nights for up to two rooms at the luxurious St. James Club in Antigua, seven nights for up to two rooms at the five-star Palm Island in The Grenadines, seven nights at The Veranda Resort and Spa in Antigua, restaurant gift cards, massages, and much, much more.

Originally built in 1930, Casa Casuarina, Ocean Drive’s most renowned mansion was exquisitely restored, expanded and embellished in 1992 by a world-famous Italian couturier…and remains the country’s second-most photographed home next to the White House.

Events impresario/restaurateur Barton G. Weiss took over the property in 2009, and reopened it as a as The Villa by Barton G. The venue will provide an amazing – and enticing — backdrop for Pridelines Youth Services’ 30th Anniversary “Pearl” Celebration.

Space for this incredible event is limited, so reserve your tickets now at or

Pridelines Youth Services is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by gay youth for gay youth and their allies in the wake of Anita Bryant’s “Save Our Children” campaign.  Pridelines’ mission is to support, educate and empower South Florida’s LGBTQ youth in a safe and diverse environment as well as to foster dialogue and cultivate social change.  For more than 28 years, Pridelines has provided safe space, social support, skills building, leadership development and referrals to mental health, health care and support services for LGBTQ youth and their straight allies between the ages of 13 and 24.

Pridelines is located at 9526 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 104, in Miami Shores.  For more information about Pridelines, call (305) 571-9601, or visit

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954 GLOW movie series to screen South African film



WHAT:( FORT LAUDERDALE GAY & LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL MONTHLY MOVIE SERIES:   “GLOW”The Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (FLGLFF)   is continuing its monthly movie series “GLOW” (Gays & Lesbians on   Wednesdays) by presenting “Beauty”   (“Skoonheid”), directed by Oliver Hermanus.

“Beauty,” set in South Africa, lends a morose look into the life of a middle-aged   and unhappily married man named Francois. Angry and emasculated due to his   closeted homosexuality, he listlessly pursues momentary satisfaction with   older men, but these attempts at soothing his suppressed sexuality do not   satiate his desires. In a quick turn of events, he becomes fixated over a young   man studying law in Cape Town and begins stalking him. As his obsession   heightens his façade of normalcy rapidly deteriorates. With a provocative,   yet emotionally restrained plot, viewers are thrust into the examination of   one’s path to self-identification and eventual discovery.


Please note, this film contains graphic sexual content.


View the trailer   at:


Hermanus, who previously   helmed the award-winning Shirley Adams, ratchets up the tension with long   takes, awkward pauses and exacting camerawork that places viewers   uncomfortably alongside the voyeuristic Francois. Offering the flawed   Francois a final haunting glimpse of the life he might have led, Beauty is a   complex and highly challenging drama about sexual repression.”

—       Steven Jenkins/Frameline


The FLGLFF “GLOW” series consists   of a monthly program filled with feature films and documentaries produced   with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in mind. The   films chosen are produced and directed by prominent independent filmmakers from   across the globe.







Wednesday, August 8, 20128 p.m.

Gateway Theater

1820 E Sunrise Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


Advanced:  $9 Members / $11 Guests

Box Office: $11 Members / $13 Guests


Member Code: 954glow


Available at:

Or 800-927-0939












September 12,   2012






(305) 531-5720

Richard Murry

Shayna Marcos



About the Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival:

The mission of the Ft. Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is to produce events and programs that bring the South Florida LGBT community together through film.  Coming into its fourth year as a stand-alone Festival, the 2012 Festival will expand its schedule to include food and music components as well as more short films, documentaries and feature films by, about, and of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.  Dates for the 2012 Ft. Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival are October 4 – 7, 2012.  For more information, visit, or call 305-751-6305.

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GayTVone broadcast LIVE Stockholm Pride 2012

Watch Stockholm Pride 2012 LIVE, on the web at , in your mobilephone and in your SmartTV.
GayTVone broadcast LIVE from 31 of july to 4 August from the different happenings and shows and the Pride Parade.
Install our iPhone or Androidapps for smart watching in your mobile device. Aviable on ITunes, Google Play and SlideME/SmartTV.

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For The Record Nancy Pelosi Prefers Kentucky Fried Chicken Over Chick-Fil-A

You have to love a politician with a sense of humor and is willing to stand up for our gay community.  As Nancy Pelosils calls herself “The Democratic Leader, focused on strengthening America’s middle class and creating jobs; mother, grandmother, dark chocolate connoisseur.”  Nancy Pelosi twitted on July 27, 1012,  “For the record, I prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken. #ChickFilA
Nancy Pelosi is added to the long list of politicians like  Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl who supports mayors’ stance against Chick-fil-A.
I love when people make a statement against gay marriage and then say they are not trying to offend anyone and they love everyone, even us gay people. Well, damit you offend me and I don’t love you so much right now! Why? Because As I wrote in a previous blog, your actions cause others to act stupid.


Daveo also known as Mr. Congeniality on said “I thought I would put an end to this little rumor once and for all!”. He knew it could not be true that Chic-Fil-A does not like gays. So.. he decided to give them a call and ask them for a job. They said yes, he could come in for an application. : )


Ok.. that is a really funny video but the truth of the matter is this really is not all that funny. Not my friend Daveo’s video but the fact that a large corporation would take a stance against gay people asking for the same equal rights that they have.


In case you have not heard, the Presdent of Chick-fil-A recently said he was not in favor of gay marriage. It has been all over local and national news coverages. Several mayors from big cities and I mean really big cities has spoken up for the gay community and flat out told Chick-fil-A what their doing is wrong.


Chick-fil-A has even lost business partnerships because of the statements .  The company that supplied toys for children’s meals pulled their product. reported Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is standing behind stances taken by mayors in Chicago and Boston against Chick-fil-A after the company’s president said he was not in favor of gay marriage.


Like I said it all over the news. reported in a post about this very topic that “Across the Bible Belt, where most of the 1,600 restaurants are situated, Christian conservatives have thrown their support behind the Atlanta-based company, promising to buy chicken sandwiches and waffle fries next week on “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.” and that “former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister, declared next Wednesday “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” to support a business “whose executives are willing to take a stand for the Godly values.” Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who like Huckabee ran for president as a darling of social conservatives, joined the cause along with religious leaders.”


I love when after people make a statement like this they come out and say that they are not trying to offend anyone and they love everyone, even us gay people. Well, damit you offend me and I don’t love you so much right now! Why? Because your actions cause others to act stupid. What do I mean?


Because, when people like Blake Shelton make comments on twitter like “Re-writing my fav Shania Twain song.. Any man that tries Touching my behind He’s gonna be a beaten, bleedin’, heaving kind of guy…” or when 50cent twitts “Perez hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better” oh and you have that other famous twit the 50cent posted “If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol”


I could go on and on here like when Kirk Cameron Tells Piers Morgan Homosexuality Is ‘Unnatural,’ ‘Ultimately Destructive’ or when Adam Carolla said: “When did we start giving a sh*t about these [transgender] people?”


Your hate and yes it is hate, is what causes all the bulling that we see being reported in mainstream news. You are the cause of this hate. Because of the statements and the stances that you have taken.


The reported that “The Rev. Roger Oldham, spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention, said many Christians want to support businesses owned by fellow believers, and the loyalty intensifies “when Christians see a fellow Christian being persecuted.” “They will come out of the woodwork when a theologically based position is being politicized by individuals for their own purposes,” he said.


Who here is really being persecuted. I think the Rev. Oldham needs to think about that. If you are saying we are persecuting Chic-Fil-A by not eating their Awesome Chicken Sandwitches.. and yes they are awesome sandwitches.. I do miss them.. but back on topic.. the reason we are not eating the Awesome Chicken is because the people making it does not think we should be able to love who we love. Not so many years ago these same people where the ones saying that people like the parents our own Presidents of the Unitied States could not marry. Did you know it was once illegal for a white person to marry a black person. If you look back to that date, I bet you will find some of the same agruements against it.


I will close this opinion blog with a couple videos . They are older videos but some of the best I have ever watched. No gay man could ever say it better then these two straight men! Just sayin!





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Georgia Youth Theater Group Reflects on production of The Laramie Project

Last week the Newnan Theatre Company of Newnan, Georgia producedThe Laramie Project as a part of their 14- to 21-year-olds summer theater program. Susan Burk, Laramie Project Specialist for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, worked closely with the production as they prepared to present such an emotionally mature play. Our Laramie Project support staff continues to enjoy working closely with casts of young actors who connect directly with Matthew’s story.
“I feel truly blessed to have performed a show with an amazing cause,” Kaley Bunce, a cast member of the show shared on our Facebook page. “I have learned so much from it. It has truly changed me. I feel proud to say that I have shared Matt’s story and what his community has been through… I will remember this for the rest of my life.”
“I am proud to help share Matt’s story and I hope future generations will continue to do so as it is so moving and inspiring!” cast member Yasmeen Griffin added to the Facebook discussion. “It has really opened up new doors for me, and I truly love this show.”
“Both teen shows this summer contain mature content,” said NTC Artistic Director Paul Conroy in an interview with local media. “We want to give this age group an opportunity to perform in challenging shows that they would not normally be able to do.”
MSF Denver Office Intership Opportunity
The Matthew Shepard Foundation Denver office is currently accepting resumes for our internship program. We are looking for a passionate and hard-working high school or college student who is looking to receive course credit and is interested in our work to replace hate with understanding, compassion and acceptance.
Our future intern will assist staff in the day-to-day operations of the office as well as take the lead on special tasks for the Programs and Development departments.  At this time we are only able to accept interns that can work in our Denver office.
If you or someone you know is interested in working 8 -10 hours a week in our Denver office, please have them contact Robert House, Programs and Outreach Manager
Spirit of Matthew Award Nominations
Still Being Accepted
The Staff and Board of the Matthew Shepard Foundation are still accepting nominations for the Spirit of Matthew Award to be presented at the 11th Annual Bear to Make a Difference Gala and Celebrity Teddy Bear Auction.

MSF Supports Chicago Youth Theater Group in Laramie

“It really is life changing.”
So says a member of the American Theater Company’s Youth Conservatory as the group researched in Wyoming for their production of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later . This talented group of young people traveled from Chicago to Laramie in June, and met with the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s Laramie Project Specialist Susan Burk, Matt’s childhood friend Zach Schneider, and several of the “real people” who are characters in the Laramie Project plays. In the shadow of Matt Shepard’s memorial bench on the University of Wyoming campus, Susan and Zach shared their experiences and answered questions about the play, Matthew, and how their lives had been affected by Matt’s death.

The Laramie Project and
The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later are theatrical works which document the aftermath of Matthew Shepard’s brutal murder in an anti-gay hate crime in Laramie in 1998. The works were created by Tectonic Theater Project, and the young cast of ATC’s production said the subject matter can be emotionally difficult. “It opened my eyes,” said Janyce Caraballo. “I guess I lived in a bubble where I was used to people being loving and supportive it’s actually taken a toll on me.”
Judy and Dennis Shepard to Address
Tel Aviv LGBT Conference
At the invitation of the National Israeli LGBT Task Force, Judy and Dennis Shepard will visit Tel Aviv from July 31 to August 2 to speak at a conference marking the launch of The Nir Katz Center for Violence, Discrimination and Homophobia Reports.
Judy Shepard will participate as a keynote speaker at the official annual assembly commemorating the still-unsolved 2009 shooting attack on Bar-Noar, the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Association center. That crime took the lives of 26-year-old Nir Katz and 17-year-old Liz Troubishi and injured 15 others, mostly teenagers.
The national Task Force this year is launching a center in Katz’s name to “map in as much detail as possible the phenomena of violence and abuse directed at the LGBT community. This mapping will be the basis of intervention and prevention plans that will lead to minimizing the scale of the phenomena,” according to an announcement.
“The center will advance the integration of the fight against LGBT directed violence into the framework of both government organizations and civil organizations that act to prevent violence in Israeli society as a whole,” the center explained.
Judy Shepard will be joined in addressing the conference by Ayala Katz, the mother of Nir Katz who went on to chair Tehilla, an Israeli group for the parents of LGBT children.
For a comprehensive look at Tel Aviv’s LGBT community in the wake of the 2009 attack, visit Zeek, an online magazine chronicling Jewish thought and culture.
Thanks to the San Francisco and
Denver Gay Men’s Choruses
A very special thank you to all those who supported the “Love Can Build a Bridge” Concert benefiting the Matthew Shepard Foundation this past weekend. This event would have not been possible without the wonderful talent of both the San Francisco and Denver Gay Men’s Choruses and all the volunteers working behind the scenes. Each of you taught us that ‘your voice really is the most powerful tool in erasing hate.’
Thanks to Simon O’Mahony for use of these photos.

Boy Scouts: Stop the secrecy! Allow your Board to VOTE to end the ban on gay scouts and leaders

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have announced that a “secret committee” has confirmed the Scouts’ long-standing policy barring openly LGBT individuals from involvement in its organization, either as youth participants or adult leaders. This shocking “announcement” comes on the heels of a three-month campaign against that policy by various groups — including Scouts for Equality, of which I am a co-founder — and people like Jennifer Tyrrell, a gay den mother ousted from the Boy Scouts in April.

A pention was stated on and they are reporting that it was started by Zach of Iowa City, Iowa.  “I am a proud Eagle Scout. I’m also the proud son of two lesbian moms. It’s time for those two things to stop being contradictory.”

Secret committees do not speak for three million Scouts.

Last month, I delivered nearly 300,000 petition signatures to the Boy Scouts’ annual convention, and days later, a resolution was introduced that could allow openly gay scouts and leaders for the first time in the history of the BSA. But instead of allowing that resolution to be voted on by the executive board, the BSA instead decided to maintain their anti-gay ban without a vote. Because a secret committee said so.

Above all, what’s most disappointing is the secretive nature surrounding how this “decision” was reached. The very first value of the Scout Law is that a Scout is trustworthy. There is absolutely nothing trustworthy about unelected and unnamed committee members who are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

In June, an Associated Press story said that BSA spokesperson Deron Smith indicated that “the process would likely be completed by May 2013” at the next annual BSA convention. But that was before two prominent BSA executive board members — Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson — announced that they would oppose the ban and work to overturn it. 

Something here doesn’t add up.

We need transparency. We need accountability. More than 3 million individuals deserve more than the one-off musings of a subcommittee that has supposedly existed for more than two years but has not published a single report, has published no minutes and has, as far as anyone can tell, no official documentation.

That’s why I’ve started this petition demanding that the Boy Scouts of America allow the resolution to allow openly gay scouts and leaders to come to a vote at the next BSA convention, in May of 2013.

A secret committee should not silence the voices of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Let the BSA Executive Committee decide–let the resolution come to a vote in May 2013.

Click here to sign Zach’s petition, “Boy Scouts: Stop the secrecy! Allow your Board to VOTE to end the ban on gay scouts and leaders”.

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