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How To Post A Music Playlist Blog

Here is a good example of a video posted that you can get ideas:

Here Is How To Post Them Here!

If you have music players / playlists on reverbnation or other like network you can post it on GayWebSource as a music playlist blog.  Please do not post the same player twice.  When you post your music playlist you need to write a story to post with it.  You can post what ever you want but some ideas could be:  How you made the music, where it took place, who helped you, was it hard, how much fun was it, etc etc.  Just tell us a little store about your music in the playlist.  When you post your playlist you will be using the same posting page that is used for posting everything else on the site.. so it’s important that you check off the music playlist blog category so we know what your sending us.  You will find the list in the right column of the posting page.  Please look at the other playlist blogs already posted to see how they are done.  We want all post to have the same format

Your post should look like this:

LGBT Music Playlist: Put The Title of Your Playlist Here

( Type your blog story about the music.  Your story needs to be at lease a 2 paragraphs long. Make it read like some thing you would find in a magazine.  Click on the html tab and add the html code for your player.  You will not see the player until we publish the post. But you should see a box outlining where it will be.

(Then Add Your html Embed Code)

You can add more story under your playlist if you want.  After your playlist we suggest adding a link to your profile page because it will not show up in your post.  We only give a link to all your post on our site.  Do not put any external links in your post.  Link to your profile as you have links there that are permitted.

Post Your Music Player Now

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  1. Johh, this comment area was left open for people to ask questions if they needed help. This is not the area to post your content. Please read this page it will explain how to post your music player. You can not post a link to it. You need to embed your music player via your html code and add a description about what your posting. Your description should read like something you would read in a magazine. Please read the entire page then click on the post link in red.

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