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The player on this page offers music from artist who offer a free download.  Not all artist do.

We have more playlist.  See All Playlist here.

Would You Like A Free Song Download From A Featured LGBT Indie Music Artist?

Tell Your Friends About The Artist & They Will Give You A Free Song Download!

We Have Free Music Downloads Right From The Artist!
How?  Because They Are Members Of Our Network and Thet Need Your Help.

You are welcome to download a song from above. The artist is giving the download for free for your personal listening use.  However, they need your help. Most of the artist and bands from our LGBT music network have not hit it big yet.  In exchange for the free song they ask that you tell your friends about them.

How can you tell your friends?

We have supplied a link below to each artist’s profile page. We ask that you share the link on your twitter and / or facebook page and tell your friends to check them out.

To Download Your Song”  Click on the song that you like.  Then click on the download link.  Follow the directions that pop up.  Enjoy the song.  Then go tell your friends how awesomely cool the artist is that they giving away a free song that you love so.. much.  Then find the artist you like below in the list.  Copy the link to Artist’s page on GayWebSource.com.  Post the link in your twitter or facebook page or both.  

Thank’s for supporting our independent artist.  Oh.. and be sure to stop by their page and say hello cause they would love to hear from you .    : )

Artist Name:

Linqmusic – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/linqmusic/

Anna-Gutmanis – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/anna-gutmanis/

Mark Barnes – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/markbarnesmusic/

Jaysing – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/jaysing/

Sandy Rapp – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/sandyrapp/

ikp4president – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/ikp4president/

Jay Aquarious – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/jayaquarious1/

King I’Wante – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/diamondofcomedy/

Paul David – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/pauldvd69/

Jon Alkalay – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/jalkalay/

michael m – http://www.gaywebsource.com/connect/members/michaelm/


You Can Even Get A Free iTunes Download
Apple iTunes

You are in Featured Music.. Go To Music Main Page

Artist Can Submit Music Here

After You Share The Link On Your Page You’re Welcome To Share A Link To Your Twitter / Facebook Page In Our Comment Area Below.  We would luv to see your link and you need some Luvin To.   I’m sure the artist would love to see it and they might just follow you back!  : )  Most of our Artist have links in their profile to what social networks they belong to.  If you go to their profile page you can follow them on other social networks.

Music Copyright Notice:  All music streamed from our site is supplied to us by the artist who owns the music.  He or She is a member of our GayWebSource.com and has a profile on this site.  They have given GayWebSource.com  a non-excessive license to use the music they have submitted.  They have also given us permission to offer a free download to you.  All music is copyrighted by the artist who owns it. It is for your personal use only.

Embedded Music streamed from 3 party platforms such as youtube, reverbnation and others are subject to the terms of that platform.  We have no control over that content.

Share The Free Music With Your Friends.

Tell your friends about us.

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