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How To Add Your Business To The Profile Search:

To Add your business to our business profile search you must first be a member our Connect Social Network.  If your not already a member you will find a link in the right column of this page to join.

Here Is What To Do:

1.  Once you are become a member sign in to the site.

2,  After your signed in look up to the top right corner of the site.  The very top where the black bar is.  mouse over where it says ” Howdy, With Your Name”.

3. Scroll down to where it says “Profile”.  Another box will open,  Find and click on “Edit”.

4. Your “Edit Base Profile Group” will open.  These are the questions you completed when you joined the social network.  You can edit them if you wish.

5. Look for the box above the questions that say “LGBT Company / Organization”.  Click on the box and it will open another set of profile questions that will ask you about your business.  These will be added to your profile page and it will add you to our Gay Business Directory Listings.  Be sure to pick the best Business Categories the explains your business.

6.  You must also make sure your base profile questions are complete and you have uploaded a photo the represents your business.


Help and Rules For Business Accounts please go here:

Link Notice:

If you are placing external links on your profile page or in directories on our site you must link back to from the page you are linking to. We don’t charge you to place links on your profile page on our site so we ask for a link back from your site. You can link to our home page or any where on our site, even your own profile page. However, when we click on any external link that you have posted on our site we need to be able to see your link to We will not go searching for it. If you have not linked back we will remove your external links and suspend you from posting links on our site. If you don’t want to put links of on your site, then don’t put links to your web site on ours.

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