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To Post Your Blog, Please Read The Directions Then Follow This Link.

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If You Can Not Post A Blog You May Not Have Full Access To The Site Yet.  You must first complete your profile and upload a profile photo before we give you full access to the site.  Contact us if you are having any issues posting on the site.  See our help area to learn how.  You can contact us at: 


How To Post A Blog:


You can click on any link on this page that says “Post A Blog” or while on any page on the site you can go to the top bar of the site and look for (“+ New” then to “Post”).

Once on the Posting page..  Add A Title to your post, write your post and pick one blog category (that best fits your blog).  Read our example post below, it is also the rules for posting.

Example of a post:

Blog: Why Do All These Boys Have Attitudes

Then type your blog here.  It must be at lease two paragraphs long.  Be sure to add the word Blog: before your title as we did above.  Do not copy stuff from other sites or portals.  It must be in your own words and your work.

If you wish to share a link on your blog to another site you can, however you can not use their material in your post.  You can use their headline and then link to it.  You can also add one sentence that describes what the post is about.  Do not link to any web site that does not give you permission to do so.  You are responsible for what you post.

Your link can be something like this:  Just read on the that Sam Champion Engaged: ‘GMA’ Weather Anchor Comes Out, Plans To Marry Rubem Robierb: Read more at:

Your blog must be about a lgbt topic, opinion or news of some sort.  It can not be advertising or promoting something without our permission.  If you submit something that is 2 sentences we will delete it.

Would You Like Us To Add A Category?  Ask!

No Adult Content Permitted.

Your blog Will Be Pending Until We Verify It Meets Our Content Rules.


Rules For Blogging: Read the example of our blog above.  It is also our rules for posting a blog.

After You Write Your Blog Pick One Category That It Best Fits.

This is important as if you do not do this it will not show up with the other blogs.  Only Pick One.. lets say that again.. Only pick one.  If you check them all off then we will pick one for you and you might not like the category it goes into.  Look to the right column while posting your blog.  You will see a lot of different category as this page is use for all post not just blogs.. just go to the blog categories and pick the best one.


Note:  If your blog is newspaper or magazine worthy consider joining our Gay Media and Press Network. The rules for posting there are more strict and your post must be professionally written.  Its will also be auto published to this network and be available for syndication to gay media and press.

If You Think You Wrote A Really Good Blog On This Site Tell Us About It In The Comments Area.  Maybe we will feature it on the site for you.

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