Dallas Celebrates First Teen Gay Pride Festival

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Haleigh Clark, 12, and Shawna Kirkham, 17, celebrated Dallas Gay Teen Pride with their lesbian mothers

DALLAS — Saturday afternoon, Antionett Thomas celebrated something that was two years in the making: the first teen-focused event during Dallas’ gay pride weekend. As a matter of fact, Thomas said it was the first teen gay pride in the country.

“We were attending prides in Atlanta and D.C. and New York and we noticed that there were no events that were, specifically catered fro the teens,” said Thomas, who co-organized the event with her wife.

The couple started Real Live Connections, an organization focused on educating, developing, and connecting LGBT teens. They plan to spread to other cities across the U.S., but It’s starting in Dallas because that’s where Thomas is from.

“I came out here when I was 14 years old. I know there was nothing for us to do. I know it’s one of those things that’s dear to me, being able to provide something for these kids,” said Thomas.
The festival included live music, speakers, games, and giveaways. Oh, and no booze, but there was a lot of Red Bull.

“An event like this gives them an opportunity to be proud if they have to be in the closet when they’re at home. For that one moment they can celebrate who they are as individuals, and then they don’t have to be paraded around the booze,” said Thomas.

Real Live Connections will also host a teen pride event next June in New York.

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