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Harvey Milk Day 2017

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Harvey Milk Day – Celebrated to honor Harvey Milk, assassinated politician, on his birthday, it is celebrated officially in California, Milk’s home state. Join thousands across the globe to honor his memory and celebrate his message of hope. Celebrate Harvey Milk’s life story, message, and legacy in celebrating globally on his birthday to give hope and inspire disenfranchised communities. May 22, 2017

Harvey Milk Day 2017

Our Equality Movement across the globe will celebrate the life story, message, and legacy of my uncle Harvey Milk. Join thousands across the globe to honor his memory and celebrate his message of hope. We are asking you to celebrate Harvey Milk’s life story, message and legacy in celebrating globally on his birthday to give hope and inspire disenfranchised communities.

Harvey was a pioneer of the 20th century. His struggle and his deeds will prove to history that there’s no such thing as a gay way, there is only one way. We can make Harvey live forever by continuing to do things his way, in the deeds and in the accomplishments of our daily efforts to make our world live.


He believed broad public education and dialogue was paramount to his life’s work as a civil rights leader and with your energy we hope you will work to inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to carry on his values in a timeless vision for a better world.

Seasons of Pride is pleased to present the Gay Pride or LGBTQ Pride Calendar for 2017.  You will find Gay Pride events, LGBT Film Festivals, and the Gay Travel Events like Gay Ski Weeks. We do our best to try and keep up with all the events, but sometimes we miss one or two.

If your event is not listed, just drop us an email to

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1 Song for Equality and Peace by Craymo

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( Orlando, FL 1/1/2017

Indie gay Orlando singer/songwriter Craymo releases an inspirational new music video for the re-release single of his reggae pop song One Love One World (We Are One). One Love One World is a heartfelt song promoting world peace, equality, love, tolerance, brotherhood and human rights.

With all of the recent incidents of terrorism, mass shootings and senseless killing of innocent people and children, Craymo wants to start 2016 with a message and vision of love for the world. The music video begins with children in Pang Liu Village in China who were taught English using One Love One World as a learning aid.

It is a thought provoking message of the power of a song to change people’s lives for the better. Craymo says “let’s all put our hands together to help make this world a better place for all of us.”

The music video is co-directed by Craymo along with Nathan McMahan of August Moon Productions. The Director of Photography is Brent Reynolds, also of August Moon Productions and was edited by Jason Barnes, all local central Florida film talents. One Love One World (We Are One) is co-written by Craig Stephen Raymo and Brandon Jarrett of Moho Productions. The song is produced by Brandon Jarrett.

One Love One World (We Are One) world premiere music video is released January 1, 2016 on YouTube and all social media.

One Love One World is from Craymo’s CD Cosmos available on iTunes


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West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio places travel ban on city-funded trips to Mississippi

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( – West Palm Beach, Florida) — In the wake of Mississippi’s enactment of HB 1523, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio became the first mayor in Florida — and the second in the nation after Seattle Mayor Ed Murray — to place a travel ban on city-funded trips to Mississippi.

HB 1523, which was signed into law yesterday by Mississippi’s Republican Governor, Phil Bryant, allows people with religious objections to deny services to lesbian and gays and permits employers to use religious beliefs as justification in determining workplace policies.

“For more than two decades, West Palm Beach has been in the forefront, protecting the civil rights and ensuring equality for the LGBT community,” said Muoio. “Until the discriminatory laws in Mississippi and North Carolina are repealed, West Palm Beach taxpayers will not subsidize legally-sanctioned discrimination against LGBT people.”

On March 28, Muoio became the second mayor in the nation — after San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee – to impose a similar ban on travel to North Carolina following the enactment of another comprehensive anti-LGBT law in that state.

Mayor Muoio implemented the two travel bans at the request of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBCHRC), a local civil rights organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.  Since 1990, PBCHRC has been responsible for the enactment of more than 100 local laws and policies which prohibit discrimination against the LGBT community.

“Once again, Mayor Muoio has taken steps to ensure that taxpayers dollars will not be spent in places that discriminate against LGBT Americans,” said retired judge Rand Hoch, PBCHRC President and Founder.  “We commend Mayor Muoio for putting her strong beliefs against bigotry into action by prohibiting taxpayer dollars being used in both Mississippi and North Carolina.”

Last year, Muoio was one of a handful of mayors who announced a similar travel ban to the state of Indiana, following the

wake of Indiana’s passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,

As the result of pressure placed on Indiana by civic leaders, businesses, and numerous other entities, the Indiana Legislature promptly amended the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,by specifying that the law could not be used as a legal defense to discriminate against patrons based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Following Muoio’s announcement this morning, travel bans to Mississippi have been implemented by the governors of Minnesota, New York, Vermont and Washington as well as the mayors of.San Francisco and Seattle

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Palm Beach County Strengthens Civil Rights Protections

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( (West Palm Beach, Florida) –  At this morning’s meeting, Palm Beach County Commissioners voted unanimously to expand civil rights protections for minorities by amending the definition of “places of public accommodation” in the Palm Beach County Ordinance for Equal Opportunity to Housing and Places of Public Accommodation.

“When I looked at the antidiscrimination ordinances that had been in effect in Palm Beach County over the years, it became clear that our law needed to be updated to better protect minorities,” said County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger. “In light of all that is happening with race relations across our nation, this is the appropriate time for the County Commission to take a strong, proactive stand against discrimination.”

While a majority of states have long prohibited discrimination of any kind in retail establishments, Florida is not one of them.

“Since there is no statewide law covering discrimination in retail stores, the ordinance passed today is clearly the most significant civil rights law passed in Palm Beach County in decades,” said Rand Hoch, the retired judge who provided the County Attorney’s office with the language used in the ordinance.

Hoch is President and Founder of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBCHRC), the County’s most prolific civil rights organization. Over the past twenty-five years, PBCHRC has succeeded in having public officials enact more than 90 local antidiscrimination laws and policies.

Palm Beach County first enacted an ordinance to prohibit discrimination in places of public accommodation in 1973.  Over the years, the ordinance has been rewritten to include discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, familial status, sexual orientation, age, marital status, and gender identity or expression.

However, for more than three decades, instances of public accommodation discrimination were strictly limited to only those which occurred in places offering lodging, food service or entertainment in the ordinance.

“The ordinance traced its roots back to civil rights laws written in the 1960s when it was legal to have ‘Whites only’ hotels, restaurants and bars and the County Commissioners only addressed inequities had occurred in very few places of commerce.” said Hoch. “As we know, discriminatory acts are not limited to those few places.”

“No one should be subjected to the humiliation of being denied service in a store open to the general public because of his or her race.” said County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor.

“Allowing store owners to choose their customers based on prejudice deprives shoppers of the freedom to walk into a store that seems to be open the general public and get served like everybody else,” said Hoch.

At today’s meeting, the County Commissioners widely expanded the definition of public accommodation to include retail stores, schools, day care and senior centers, medical offices, funeral homes, bakeries, laundromats and virtually all other places of business throughout the county.

“When the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council asked the County Commission to expand the definition of places of public accommodation last January, our main priority was to prohibit consumer racism in retail stores – a practice known as ‘shopping while Black,'” said Hoch.

The experience of people of color being refused service – or given poor service – is not uncommon.  “Shopping while Black” also includes black customers being followed by store clerks, wrongly detained, steered away from certain products, and being asked for additional forms of identification regarding credit applications.

President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey,  Condoleezza Rice, and other well-know Black Americans have publically discussed their humiliating experiences of shopping while black.

“There are very few African American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store,” President Obama said after the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. “That includes me.”

“Public accommodations must be open to all people equally. If you hang out a shingle and get a license to do business with the general public, you should be required to provide the same service to all of the general public – and that includes gays and lesbians.” said Hoch.

Since same-sex marriage has become legal, a handful of companies in the wedding industry in Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont and Washington have  refused to provide services gay and lesbian couples.

“Gay and lesbian couples planning their weddings are being refused service solely because of their sexual orientation,” said Hoch.  “Under the new Palm Beach County ordinance, if a bakery refuse to provide a cake for a gay or lesbian couple’s wedding, that baker may be faced with litigation, a fine of up to $50,000 and payment of attorneys’ fees.”

The new ordinance does take into account the special rights of churches and private clubs by exempting both religious and distinctly private organizations from the ordinance.

“Churches may be allowed to  exclude people of other faiths.  Private clubs may be allowed to continue to deny membership based on race and religion,” said Hoch. “However, in Palm Beach County, businesses engaged in commerce will no longer be allowed to refuse service based on a person’s race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other protected classes.”


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Indie Orlando LGBT Artist Craymo wins Best Song for Anti-Bullying Anthem in Worldwide Music Contest

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Be Myself CD Single Cover

( Orlando, FL 12/19/2017 Anti bullying song Be Myself
Indie Orlando singer/songwriter recently won Best Song for his anti-bullying dance pop anthem Be Myself in the 3rd edition of the original songwriting competition the Worldwide Music Contest out of over 1200 entries from songwriters all over the world. Be Myself is an inspirational electronic pop anthem about embracing your individuality. Craymo dedicates the song to anyone who has ever been bullied, teased or made fun of for being different.

Craymo is a LGBT artist and was bullied growing up for being gay and also for wearing glasses. Craymo says: “I grew up gay and was bullied and teased as a teenager and young adult and had to pretend that I was straight to keep from being bullied, verbally and physically. I wanted to give back and create a song about embracing your individuality, an empowering song about courage to possibly help those who may be going through the same things with their self-confidence. I want to let kids know that it is OK to be different, it’s OK to just be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.” Gary Root, reviewer for Skope Magazine summed it up: “Craymo makes musical magic with a message in this upbeat, dance party with passion and purpose. In music, breaking rules and challenging conventional wisdom are often deliberate efforts to establish a marketing niche, but for Craymo it probably feels more like natural state of mind and being.”

“Be Myself” serves up an inviting pop dance number geared to blending 1980’s pop like George Michael and some of today’s chart topping music like Olly Murs, Will Young, Ronan Keating, Robbie Williams and Maroon 5. Be Myself also won Best Pop/Rock Song in the August 2015 Akademia Music Awards and was a finalist for Best Pop Song in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards and finalist for Best Pop Song in the 2015 Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Be Myself also recently held the #2 position on the Euro Indie Music Chart.

Learn more about Craymo’s music and purchase Be Myself at


Craymo is an inspirational singer/songwriter that writes and performs uplifting alternative pop songs about life and love. His single One Love One World (We Are One) promotes equality, diversity, human rights and world peace. The song is a featured download on the UNESCO website New Songs For Peace and has been performed by children at their schools all over the world. One Love One World was also used as a learning aid to help teach English to students in Pang Liu Village in China. Craymo has been an opening act for Smashmouth and appeared as a male vocalist on Star Search ’89 with Ed McMahon. His songs have been licensed in several TV shows including The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC), Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada), The Orlando Citrus Parade (Synd) and many indie films including Lucky Dog,Culture Shock, Gabe The Cupid Dog, Miss Castaway and Paper Thin Immortals. Craymo’s song Moment won Best Alternative Recording in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards. Moment is a song that promotes suicide prevention awareness and he wrote the song after his first cousin took his own life with the hope that it might help prevent others from doing the same. The music video for Be Myself was directed by Stas Ivanov and is available on YouTube and Vevo.


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Talking Dating with Dr Frankie

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Recently, we caught up with lesbian matchmaker extraordinaire – Dr Frankie of Little Gay Book

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you became a matchmaker.

I grew up in a large Jewish family in Manhattan.  I had many wonderful relationships with my extended family including my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  From an early age I treasured these relationships and valued the time we spent together.  I have always been a people person and as I became older my interest in human behavior expanded.  After I received my undergraduate degree from Northeastern University I took the plunge and moved to California to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. After about ten years of clinical practice I really felt the pull to branch out and use my talents and training in a less formal setting.  My own long-term relationship with my partner and our relationships with our twins brought me so much joy I wanted everyone to have this experience.  This happened to coincide with so many of my friends having a really difficult time meeting a compatible partner.  I remember the day I told my partner that I wanted to become a lesbian matchmaker, and Little Gay Book was born!  I take a so much pride in the connections and matches I have made, as well as in the company that I have built.

What’s the difference between matchmaking and online dating?

You really can’t compare the two.  When done properly, matchmaking is a very personalized experience.  It is the matchmaker’s job to track down potential matches and screen them for compatibility, which includes red flags.  I often tell prospective clients that it is my job to get stood up, and to go on the bad first dates.  My clients are busy professionals who don’t have time for that nonsense, that’s part of what they pay me for!  A good matchmaker personally knows his or her clients and understands their personalities, dating histories, must-haves, and deal breakers.  A great matchmaker not only understands their clients but also has a strong understanding of human behavior.  They identify their client’s unsuccessful dating patterns and guide them away from repeating that pattern.

How do you decide a good match?

A good match is really based on a myriad of variables.  I look at the compatibility of personality types, interests, religious beliefs, and cultural backgrounds are just a few.  Relationship histories, socio economic status, intro-extro version, sex drive (top-bottom-switch), are also important factors.  And sometimes even when things look great on paper there just isn’t any chemistry.  That’s something that is difficult to quantify, so that’s what makes a matchmaker’s intuition so important!

When should you consult a matchmaker?

I think a great time is when a person is truly ready to be serious about her love life.  Dating, especially online dating, can be such a time drain.  We screen everyone that we consider introducing our clients to during a 90 minute consultation.  This consultation is essentially the professional equivalent of the first date.  I am able to save my clients a great deal of time and energy when they try and meet people on their own.  Many of my clients hire me for both relationship coaching and matchmaking.  I have found this is almost an unbeatable combination.  In general I would suggest hiring a matchmaker when someone feels they have exhausted their dating pool, are fed up with blind dates and online dating, and are serious in their quest to find a life partner.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, my partner and I are coming up on our tenth anniversary actually!  We have a strong bond based on love and mutual respect.  Like any couple, especially with children, we have seen our share of ups and downs, but we are both committed to our relationship and family.

What do you think of shows like Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger?

I think Patti is good at what she does and I find her show really entertaining.  She makes some really insightful observations and reads between the lines.  She and I have different styles when dealing with clients, but that’s natural.  I think my client’s would say I’m a bit more…tactful, shall we say?

What is your best matchmaking tip?

My number one piece of advice is to not limit yourself by creating excessive must-haves, obstacles and deal breakers.  Understand the difference between a “must-have”, a deal breaker and a preference.  For example, if you are a very accomplished athlete hoping to date someone similar, dating a kayaker, a long distance runner or a snowboarder is a preference.  To maximize your chance of finding someone really compatible, think of the broader category as athletic, and place that in your “must-have” column.  And on a side note, finding love is not a race, it’s a path of self-discovery that will hopefully eventually lead to love.  So if you’re ambivalent about your feelings after one date, give it a second shot and see where things go.  As Oprah says, women are slow cookers and it takes us a while to warm up.  Maximize your chance for success by keeping your heart and mind open.

What should we avoid when first dating?

Two common pitfalls people often find, which both stem from anxiety, are excessive drinking and inappropriate self disclosure.  Limit your alcohol consumption to a maximum of two drinks.  Anything more than two drinks might cloud your judgment and make you sloppy.  Also, have compassion for yourself and try and remember that we all have baggage. Don’t attempt to deal with your baggage by “laying it all on the table” or full disclosure, on the first date.  It can also be a form of self-sabotage, but that’s another issue althogether.

What do you think of online dating?

I think online dating has seen its heyday.  It can be a good way to meet people, but it is also very time consuming.  My friends have told me how they spend hours and hours sifting through suggested profiles, crafting the perfect email that stands out from the slew of other emails without coming across as if they’ve spent too much time trying to make the email special, only to never hear from the person.  I think also that people can get sucked into a cyber relationship with the fantasy of who they want to meet.  People sometimes spend weeks and more communicating back and forth, disclosing very personal information, and ultimately creating a fantasy of what the other person is.  My suggestion to online daters is to keep the emailing, texting and calling minimal and to the point.  The point after all is to meet in real life and hopefully cultivate a relationship, right?

Where can we learn more?

Great question! I encourage everyone to check out my website at  There are links to my radio interviews, magazine articles, and my blog.  I also hope all the single ladies will fill out a confidential profile!  It’s free to be in my database and your profile will never be browsed by clients.  Like I love say, fortune favors the bold!

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Rainbow Toastmasters

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Recently, I was invited to The SF Rainbow Toastmasters.  It was a fun-filled evening as members presented and critiqued three speeches.  In addition, there was a round of table topics where members stand up and have 1-2 minutes to offer their best to response to impromptu topics.

We sat down with Rainbow Toastmaster, Michael Platania to learn more.

Rainbow Toastmasters

How did the Rainbow Toastmasters begin?

Ken Stram was the founder. He started the club about six or seven years ago. He was the Economic Development Director at the SF LGBT Center and thought this would be a good program to have. He eventually left the center and Rainbow, but we are very excited that he has recently rejoined Rainbow!

Why an LGBT chapter?

To give us a safe space to speak and share our stories without fear or worry about what we say.

I’ve been to a lot of other toastmaster clubs, many are very good, but none quite like the group at Rainbow. We have had many guests visit us from other clubs, who also say Rainbow is unique in Toastmasters.

What does a member experience in Toastmasters?

You learn how to be a better communicator and how to be a better leader. It is a self-paced program, so everyone gets to learn and progress at their own pace. One of the unique parts of the toastmaster experience is the supportive, encouraging atmosphere. It’s all about building people up, focusing on their strengths.

Is Toastmaster a level like a black belt? Does one earn their Toastmaster status?

Yes, there are various levels. The first in “Competent Communicator” which is achieved after giving your first 10 speeches. There is also a “Competent Leader”, after filling a certain number of roles at meetings. (every meeting has a variety or roles – speakers, times, evaluators, etc) From there, you go on to a Bronze level, Silver Level, and ultimately DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) – the top level. Many people, once they achieve their DTM, then start all over and go through the process again. Some people are working on their 2nd or 3rd DTM.

Sounds like grad school

hehe – for some it can be. The people who are on their DTM are very motivated. Some people just do a few speeches.

What about the contests?

We have contests twice a year – one in the spring and one in the fall. The fall contest is a humorous speech contest, and an evaluation contest (evaluating a speech). When someone wins at the club level, they proceed to the Area Contest (an area is 4-5 clubs). From there is the Division Contest (a division is 4-5 areas) and from there to the district contest. We are in District D – from SF to Monterey.

In the spring is the International speech contest which involves winning speakers from around the world competing. This year, it will the International contest will be held in August, at the international convention in Orlando.

Have you had Rainbow members go onto upper-level contests and how have they done?

In 2010, I made it to the District Humorous Speech contest. There were eight competitors from the District – I did not make it into the final three. We’ve had others get to Area and Division levels, but I think I am the only one that made it to the District.

Rainbow Toastmaster Mike Barsul was the 2010-2011 (our calendar year is July 1 to June 30) District Governor. He is now running to be on the Toastmaster International Board of Directors, representing Region 2 – the Pacific Northwest). The election will take place at the International Convention in Orlando, in August.

If someone is interested but afraid of public speaking, what advice would you offer?

Come check us out. You can just sit and watch, have a fun night, maybe learn something, without any pressure or obligation.

If someone wants to learn more?

They should come check out a meeting. It’s free and all they have to do is show up – no prior registration is needed. They can observe how the club work and have some fun without any obligation or commitment or need to speak. If they have questions, they can email to us

Are there any other LGBT Toastmaster Chapters?

I know there is a LGBT chapter in New York Pride Toastmasters– probably a few others but not sure. Also, people can check out our website, or for more general info – website.

Rainbow Toastmasters San Francisco

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Gay Heroes and LGBT Comics

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Introducing LGBTQ heroes

GAYSAR Comics is a company that has created a line of gay heroes with the purpose to not only entertain the public, but also raise awareness and to fight for gay rights. The first comic book entitled “The Cure” will be released on November 7th and will have a cost of $4.99 a copy. While they will only be publishing their first issue, GAYSAR Comics has already created a wide variety of gay heroes.

Gay Heroes and LGBT Comics

Gay Heroes and LGBT Comics

A representative from GAYSAR Comics was quoted as saying, “At GAYSAR Comics, we have created gay characters with special powers known as gay-heroes. They may be fictional, but they will help create real life heroes. How? GAYSAR will donate 2% of  comic book issue sales to international and national gay nonprofit organizations.”
Though the characters and story lines may be fictional, they are based on the life experiences of our LGBTQ community. Before each of the characters were created, representatives from GAYSAR Comics met with high school students members of the LGBTQ community to discuss various issues that they face on a daily basis. Many of these issues and discussions inspired the stories in the GAYSAR Universe.

“Each character represents current issues that affect each of us, inside and outside of our community. For example, transgender issues; what these people are going through and what they have to face in a daily basic. Also, in Uganda gay people are being punished with life imprisonment or with death penalty. Kids in Honduras are exploited and used by drug cartels. The global political issues we cover also include social justice, AIDS/HIV, love, awareness, and acceptance.”says a representative from GAYSAR Comics.

Some of the unique gay heroes created by GAYSAR include: Dr. Neveah, a transgender super genius who can  transform into other people. Eron, a latino hero whose brain gives him the power to do unexplainable things; his overall skills become limitless as his brain percentage goes up. Queen Izar a Drag who has the power to give and take life. Nami, a twink who can communicate and become one with technology. Kian, a gay bear motivational speaker for the gay community who has the strength and senses of a bear. Jaseri, a lesbian who has the ability to control the elements of nature. GAYSAR attempts to represent all the members of the gay community such as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, and sub-community as Bigender, Leather, Butch, Bear and Drag Queen.

In order to find out more about GAYSAR comics, their unique brand of gay heroes, about the goals that the company is trying to reach, or to learn how to get a copy of their first issued comic, visit their website right here. GAYSAR Comics, has also launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to give the first comic book a collection item to those who contribute. If you would like to be part of the success of GAYSAR in our community, please share or contribute here to the campaign and help towards the dream of many LGBTQ artists.

Also, to find out which gay-hero are you with a fun game, click here.

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Day of Silence 2017

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Day of Silence – GLSEN’s Day of Silence is a student-led national event organized in thousands of schools, bringing awareness to the silencing effects of anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying, and harassment in schools. Students from middle school to college take a vow of silence in an effort to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBTQ behavior by illustrating the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on LGBTQ students and those perceived to be LGBTQ. Apr 21, 2017

Day of Silence 2017

GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”) was founded in 1990 by a small, but dedicated group of teachers in Massachusetts who came together to improve an education system that too frequently allows its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students to be bullied, discriminated against, or fall through the cracks.

Over 25 years later, that small group has grown into the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ students.

We face a pervasive problem with a set of new challenges. 8 out of 10 LGBT students are still harassed at school each year because of who they are.

We are working to change that.

At GLSEN, we want every student, in every school, to be valued and treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We believe that all students deserve a safe and affirming school environment where they can learn and grow.

We accomplish our goals by working in hallways across the country — from Congress and the Department of Education to schools and district offices in your community — to improve school climate and champion LGBT issues in K-12 education.

  • We conduct extensive and original research to inform our evidence-based solutions for K-12 education.
  • We author developmentally appropriate resources for educators to use throughout their school community.
  • We partner with decision makers to ensure that comprehensive and inclusive safe schools policies are considered, passed and implemented.
  • We partner with dozens of national education organizations to leverage our shared expertise into creating great schools and better opportunities for every student.
  • We empower students to affect change by supporting student-led efforts to positively impact their own schools and local communities.

Every day GLSEN works to ensure that LGBTQ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment. Together, we can transform our nation’s K-12 schools into the safe and affirming environment all youth deserve.

Gay Pride or LGBT Pride is the celebration of who we are.  Pride allows us to take a stand against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and to promote self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increased visibility, build community while we celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

If your event is not listed, just drop us an email to

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Gay Pride 2017

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Day of Silence 2017

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Queer and Comics 2017

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LGBTQ Cartoonists and Comics Conference – Queers & Comics features two days of discussion panels, workshops, readings, and comics galore, along with a multitude of off-site events. This year we will spotlight international and emerging LGBTQ cartoonists, the role of the San Francisco Bay Area, and the future of queer comics. Monreal, San Francisco, CA; Apr 14-15, 2017

Queer and Comics 2017

Queers & Comics is the first-ever university-based LGBTQ comics conference. Queer comics offer readers a unique visual literature that reflects and critiques queer culture. The Queers & Comics Conference brings US and international LGBTQ cartoonists, comics writers, and artists together with scholars and fans in order to document the history and significance of queer comics.

The conference format allows participants an opportunity to document the history and significance of LGBTQ comics, discuss the craft of cartooning, and promote queer creators in the comics industry in an intellectual and education capacity, and provides queer cartoonists a unique environment to learn from each other and to inspire exciting future work.

The first Queers & Comics Conference was created and organized by cartoonist Jennifer Camper – assisted greatly by andré carrington (CLAGS Board Member), the CLAGS staff, Prism Comics, and many volunteers.

The inaugural Queers & Comics Conference was presented on May 7-8, 2015 by CLAGS (Center for LGBTQ Studies) at The Graduate Center, CUNY, in New York City and hosted renowned keynotes Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby, Gay Comics) and Alison Bechdel (Dykes to Watch Out For, Fun Home).

The profound success of the first Queers & Comics Conference demonstrates the need for future conferences. Presenting the conference in different geographic locations provides more cartoonists and scholars an opportunity to attend. The San Francisco Bay Area has a long cartooning history, active comics and scholarly communities, and a vibrant LGBTQ population.

California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA, is thrilled to host the 2nd biennial Queers & Comics Conference in April 2017.

Gay Pride or LGBT Pride is the celebration of who we are.  Pride allows us to take a stand against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and to promote self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increased visibility, build community while we celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

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Queer and Comics 2017

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